The best summer tyres 2019 in size 195/60 R15 according to drivers

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Good tyres are an investment that not only improves our safety and comfort, but also saves money. In order to make sure that a given model meets individual expectations, it is advisable to consult those who have had the opportunity to test it in a variety of conditions.

We present a list of the best-rated summer tyres in size 195/60 R15, thanks to which searching for the perfect set will be easier.

195/65 R15 is commonly used on urban cars and vehicles used for longer journeys

195/65 R15 is commonly used on urban cars and vehicles used for longer journeys.

Summer tyres in size 195/60 R15 are fitted in urban passenger cars of many manufacturers. Depending on the generation or version of equipment, these include Vauxhall Astra, Toyota Avensis, Toyota Corolla and Volvo V70.

If you don't know which tyre size fits your car, use our configurator.


The best summer tyres 195/60 R15 by Oponeo users

When preparing the list of the best rated tyres, we took into account the highest average score and the number of reviews given. It turns out that drivers rely on proven solutions, and this year's ranking includes the same models in the top five as in the previous year.

Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance (4.6) – see reviews

Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse (4.5) – see reviews

Uniroyal RainExpert (4.3) – see reviews

Fulda ECOCONTROL HP (4.25) – see reviews

Dębica Presto (4.2) – see reviews

As of March 2018. The tyres are rated from 1 to 5, where 5 is the highest rating.


Long-standing leader – Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance

Another year in a row the Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance wins the best-rated summer tyre in size 195/60 R15. This premium model is appreciated not only for its excellent handling characteristics, but also for its economic aspect.

The key to success has been the asymmetric tread with wide longitudinal and transverse grooves. Thanks to the solutions used, the tyres are characterised by a great level of grip - also on water-covered surfaces.



Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance is a high performance tyre that our customers consider reliable and economical. Less rolling resistance reduces the fuel consumption of the car and the tyre's durability allows for a long service life. In the long term, this is a profitable investment, as drivers confirm:

  • “I highly recommend Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance tyres. The best summer tyres I've ever used. The rolling resistance is low, reducing fuel consumption by around 2 litres per 100 km. When it rains, the car stays well on the road, draining the water at the highest level. I recommend this product to those who are looking for tyres where quality goes hand in hand with the price.” – (CeK)

  • “For me the choice was obvious. My previous tyres were also Goodyear. I wasn't surprised by the smoothness of the car. The very low rolling resistance makes the car flow. The car slows down gradually  once it's released from the accelerator. The tyres are quiet, even on uneven roads. It's hard to break off grip despite dynamic driving. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to drive safely for the next few years”. – (Luk)


Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance


Sports solution – Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse

The second place in the ranking belongs to the tyre, which is also in the premium class. Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse is a sporty tyre designed for drivers who prefer dynamic driving. The engineers have managed to achieve maximum performance without compromising the comfort and safety.



Drivers rely on a refined design that translates into top-level grip and steering - parameters that are essential at higher speeds. Dunlop's excellent performance is also the result of effective aquaplaning protection and effective braking. Interestingly, the brand belongs to Goodyear, the company's winner in this ranking.

This is how the Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse is described by tyre customers:

  • “Probably one of the best tyres I've had in terms. It's very hard to make the car slip. It's stays on track in all conditions”. – (Woy)

  • “I already use these tyres on my second car and don't even look at the others. Cool and sports tyres, adhere nicely to the asphalt and feel safe when driving, especially on the highway on bends”. – (Simon)

  • “I bought these tyres by accident - good promotion and availability. I drove 30,000 km on them in the summer season, there is no evidence of excessive wear. I was never disappointed in emergency situations. I highly recommend them, sometimes it's worth paying a little extra  and purchasing better  branded tyres”. – (Peter)


Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse


Unreplaceable in the rain – Uniroyal RainExpert

The podium is completed by the Uniroyal RainExpert rain tyre, which is second to none in the wet driving conditions. Compared to last year's ranking, it has moved up from fourth to third place.



The model is known for its above-average properties when driving on wet roads. The directional tread is extremely effective in draining water from underneath the front of the tyre, which is helped by a system of grooves and notches. Uniroyal RainExpert allows you to cover the next kilometres safely and steadily, even in the tougher summer conditions.

Drivers also appreciated the durability, very good handling on dry roads and optimal rolling resistance. The attractive price, characteristic of the medium segment, was also rewarded with very good opinions:

  • “I decided to use these tyres thanks to the feedback from other users. I needed tyres that would be good on wet roads, because  I previously had been disappointed with several different types and brands. Now the ride on the ruts filled with water on our wonderful roads no longer arouses such emotions, because the water is drained off perfectly. And it also works very well on dry surface. Fully satisfactory purchase. Worth every penny”. – (nosjed)

  • “I bought a set of these tyres because of the large number of positive feedback from Tyres. I have to admit that the tyres have exceeded my expectations! The tyre is extremely quiet. Even at higher speeds. It has a great rolling performance. And on wet roads it performs perfectly. It feels like I'm driving on a dry surface. I recommend these tyres to all of you”. – (Mike)


Uniroyal RainExpert


Quality for every budget – Fulda EcoControl HP

Fourth place went to Fulda EcoControl HP, an economy class tyre that boasts an excellent price-performance ratio. Its advantages also include high manoeuvrability and good handling on dry and wet roads.



It is also important to mention the reduced rolling resistance, which results in lower fuel consumption. This is beneficial both for the wallet and for the environment, which receives less carbon dioxide. How do drivers rate the Fulda EcoControl HP model?

  • “The tyres are great, I often take corners at high speeds, I love aggressive driving, but I haven't had any slippage even on wet roads with the Fulda tyres, they also perform extremely well when braking, and can be compared to the much more expensive tyres on the market!”. – (Martin)

  • “I recommend Fulda to all, especially to those who often carry their children. My boys (motorization fans just like daddy, of course!!!) quickly noticed that the new tyres were super quiet and praised my choice. All fathers know how important the children's opinion is in this case. I must note that the tyres have a  lot of flexibility and resistance to mechanical damage”. – (erma 73)


Fulda EcoControlHP


Again awarded – Dębica Presto

Polish manufacturer enjoys unwavering popularity among drivers - and no wonder! The budget model Debica Presto is perfect for everyday travel, so it is a great alternative to more expensive tyres.



Dębica Presto is a tyre that wears evenly, so you can enjoy its full potential for a long time. Rapid rainfall drainage, optimal dry traction and precise handling all contribute to the tyre's success.

What else makes the model enjoy positive reviews?

  • “The Presto tyres fully meet my expectations. I admit that my driving style is far from being called the "speed daemon", but I have had driven fast on  the highway (within reason). I never experienced any slippage, although my passengers notoriously point out that I take corners at a speed which is to high. Braking, especially on dry roads, is a pleasure. After 7,000 km, they still look like new”. – (SLW)

  • “In my opinion, these tires have very good driving characteristics at this price, they hold the road as well on dry and wet surfaces, and they are quiet. As far as aesthetics is concerned, they have a nice appearance :)”. – (Rob)

  • "The Presto Dębica tyres allow for a very decent dynamic ride. In terms of price, they definitely compete with others while maintaining similar parameters on dry and wet roads, while at the same time being economical in terms of fuel consumption and quiet. I recommend it”. – (Jan)


Dębica Presto


How do I choose the best tyres?

Tyres are of great importance for the quality of travel. They determine the course of travel as well as the comfort of the driver and passengers. It also influences the fuel consumption and technical condition of the vehicle. That's why it's so important for everyone to find a model that meets their expectations.

Start your search for a new set by determining your needs. First of all, check which tyre size fits your car. Then consider whether you prefer a calm or more dynamic driving style, as well as the space on  which you usually travel (city or highway).

Then take a look at the results of tests carried out by automotive organisations such as the ADAC. These lists highlight the best models for the season.

Your attention should also be paid to the label. There you will find information on wet grip, fuel efficiency and noise levels. Remember that the values may vary within the same model, as the results vary depending on the size.

Don't forget to read about the tyre. Other drivers who have shared their experience will advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of the tyre.

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