Wondering which tyres to choose for the upcoming winter season? See which models in the popular 195/60 R15 size are recommended by our customers. Choose tyres that have been proven and tested by real drivers and you will find the perfect model for your needs.

Which type of cars does the size 195/60 R15 fit?

15-inch winter tyres in this size are most often fitted as standard in larger passenger cars. This is one of the most popular sizes that can be found in a wide range of vehicles. They are mounted, among others, to models: Opel Astra, Toyota Avensis, Toyota Corolla or Volvo V70 (depending on generation, equipment version, power, etc.).

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The best tyres 195/60 R15 according to the drivers

From the hundreds of models available each season, it's hard to choose the best ones. When making a decision, it is worthwhile to use reliable sources of information. However, nothing can replace the opinions of real drivers who use the model on a daily basis. Thousands of kilometres driven in our climate will provide you with reliable information about tyres.

When compiling the list, we took into account the number of reviews and the average of driver ratings between January 2018 and September 2019. Here are your favourites:

Nokian WR D35,4
Nexen Winguard Snow'G WH25,35
Imperial Snowdragon HP5,15
Dębica Frigo 25,1
Zeetex WP10005

* As of September 2019. Tyres are rated on a scale from 1 to 6, where 6 is the highest possible grade.

Nokian WR D3 (note 5.4)

Our list opens with one of the most popular premium winter models. The WR series from the Finnish manufacturer continues to attract the interest of drivers. Tested in demanding circular climate conditions, the WR D3 is reliable on snow-covered roads. Thanks to its modern rubber compound, it remains flexible even at extremely low temperatures, and numerous laths and grooves help maintain perfect grip regardless of the weather conditions. 

However, our customers appreciate not only the performance of the directional tread, but also its visual appeal. It looks great in combination with most car silhouettes and offers an attractive, slightly predatory look.

The WR D3 scored an average of 5.4. 97% of customers would recommend the tyre to other drivers.

The drivers of Nokian WR D3 have the following opinion:

  • I consciously chose the tyre model for my car. I cover a lot of kilometres with my car, often with full load. I wanted good quality tyres that would give me a feeling of safety and control in winter. After this season I am completely confident about the next one. The tyres do not generate too much noise and the wear is more than satisfactory. [Ogotay]
  • I have driven two winter seasons with these tyres and I have done about 20,000 km over this period, 50% on the road and 50% in the city and with a clear conscience I can recommend these tyres. They perform really well, the car drives safely and steadily, and what's more, the consumption after this distance is about 2mm. I recommend it. It's really worth it, because the tyre is awesome. [Ariel]

Nexen Winguard Snow'G WH2 (note 5.35)

Our customers rated the Nexen Winguard Snow`G WH2 only slightly lower than the Finnish company's proposal. A total score of an impressive 5.35 for the Korean model can certainly be a surprise for drivers less familiar with the market.  However, it is not worth judging the book by its cover. The Nexen Winguard is one of the best economy class winter tyres.

The model's designers focused mainly on two aspects: driving precision and safety on winter surfaces. For this purpose, the tread was created on the basis of directionally arranged blocks, which were then covered with numerous sipes. Thanks to this, the car accelerates and brakes much more effectively on snow-covered surfaces, allowing you to drive more dynamically without losing grip. In addition, the reinforced carcass reduces distortion during fast driving, making it easier to manoeuvre at high speed.

Customers who bought Nexen Winguard Snow'G WH2 tyres say so about the capabilities of the model:

  • Tyres do a great job. They perform very well on both dry and wet roads. They are perfect on snow, there's no problem on any hill, and there's plenty of them in my country. Very high quality of workmanship. I am very pleasantly surprised by the tyres. I recommend them to anyone looking for a good tyre with very good performance at a reasonable price. I'm sure no one will be disappointed. The transaction on oponeo.pl is very fast and professional. A complete positive! [Chriss]
  • I live in the countryside, roads are often white. In addition, I have quite a steep exit from the property and these tyres had no problem with the driving departure. In the second car I have another brand of tyres and it wasn't so good. I generally recommend these tyres, they are safe, relatively quiet and inexpensive. [Tommy]

Imperial Snowdragon HP (note 5.15)

Imperial is a relatively young brand, which quickly reached the top of the sales lists in many European markets. Both winter and summer products, as well as all season variants, are very popular due to their excellent price/quality ratio. Thanks to the support of the Belgium company Deldo, Imperial reaches thousands of satisfied drivers every season, offering economical products made with great attention to detail.

Snowdragon HP model is a representative of the flagship series of the brand. It uses a very modern, open construction of the directional tread, in which longitudinal grooves intersect in the central zone. Thanks to this type of construction, the tyre retains its flexibility and is more efficient in dealing with snow and mud on the road. Combined with a rubber compound that maintains its full properties over a wide temperature range, it allows you to drive safely even in harsh winter conditions.  

As much as 97% of our customers who bought Imperial Snowdragon HP tyres recommend them to other drivers. This is what they write about this model:

  • I bought these tyres out of curiosity, but I was sceptical. Today I can say that with a clear conscience I RECOMMEND them. The tyres grip the road very well in difficult weather conditions. I drive a lot, often outside the city, without sparing either the car or the tyres. I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the workmanship and properties of this tyre. I will definitely buy one of these at the next replacement. [Peter]

    I strongly recommend these tyres to everyone. The price in terms of quality is too low - for the first time I found tyres where during heavy snow, frost and ice there was no problem with going up the mountains (and I drive them a lot for work). After one season, the tyres look like new. I recommend them to anyone who hesitates to order them - they are really great! [Marta]

Dębica Frigo 2 (note 5.1)

Just behind the podium there is a regular guest among the highest rated models by the drivers. The model of the Polish brand Debica Frigo 2 is regularly awarded by the users of Oponeo for its excellent price/quality ratio and good properties when overcoming winter roads. The latter was particularly appreciated by our customers, who rated snow and ice driving the highest among all the parameters of the model.

The tyre is manufactured from a rubber silica compound. Thanks to this admixture, the product is characterized by adequate flexibility even in low temperatures. The excellent organisation of the tread grooves means that the risk of aquaplaning (breaking the grip on wet surfaces) is reduced to a minimum.

What opinions can be found on the Frigo 2 Dębica tyre?

  • I highly recommend these tyres for several reasons. Excellent grip on dry and wet roads, as well as on snow and mud. Low price of tyres, as for such a high quality. I recommend them to anyone who wants to feel safe in their car during their travels. They have served me reliably throughout the winter. [Stan]
  • The tyres did a great job. Compared to the old ones, it's a leap that's not comparable. The car kept to the road, the problem of trembling at higher speeds disappeared. Compared to the winter tyres I've had so far, these are relatively quiet. I can't say anything bad about them. I recommend it! [Monica]
  • I recommend buying tyres from this seller. I have bought summer tyres, I drive for 2 years and they will still serve me. Winter tyres are doing well, and I live in a difficult terrain. I feel safe riding on these tyres, and that's the most important thing. The service is exemplary, fast and efficient. I had no complaint, because they work perfectly in different conditions and on varied terrain, mainly outside the city, which is easier to drive, especially in winter. Greetings. [Agatha]

Zeetex WP1000 (note 5.0)

Zeetex products create their own subclass in the economy segment. The manufacturer from the United Arab Emirates invests in advanced technological solutions, previously associated only with the highest premium class. In combination with a relatively low price, this makes the Zeetex models stand out as one of the most interesting options for drivers with a slightly smaller budget.

The winter Zeetex WP1000 is built on a directional tread that performs well in all winter road conditions. Wide grooves and a system of channels efficiently drain the water even in heavy rainfall, and the 3D sipes system allows the tyre to "stick" to the snow on the road, protecting against loss of grip.

Excellent value for money was appreciated by drivers on our website, who gave the Zeetex WP1000 such an opinion:

  • I bought tyres with just one winter season in mind, but I'm sure I'll be using them in the coming seasons. The tyres didn't let me down, either in the snow or on the nice road. I can recommend them to everyone without worrying about losing money. A really positive surprise. [Bart]
  • The price is sensational and the behaviour on the road is pleasantly surprising. Better grip on snow than on my previous winter tyres.  Quiet and flawless grip on dry surfaces. I replaced them late for summer, but I didn't see any more wear. I recommend it for moderate driving, for sure. Very good price-performance ratio, for townsmen like me. [ah-64]

How to choose the right tyres?

Selecting tyres that meet all individual driver requirements is not an easy process. The most common routes, the weather conditions at home, the intensity of driving in undeveloped terrain and much more must be transferred. However, when we manage to determine the basic parameters to be met by the model, it is worthwhile to use reliable sources of information that provide accurate and reliable data.

It's a good idea to start by reviewing the opinions of Oponeo users who share their thoughts about different models. Although these results are not backed up by expert research, comments from real drivers who come into contact with tyres on a daily basis can provide valuable tips before making a choice.

It is also worth following specialist tests organized by magazines and automotive associations. The more well-known and respected the test organizer, the better. First of all, it is best to check ADAC, ACE or AutoZeitung tests.

We also encourage you to read the labels attached to your tyres. Although they do not indicate the tyre's winter performance, you will find information on fuel efficiency, noise and wet braking.