The best 195/65 R15 size winter tyres according to drivers

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When the days get colder and road conditions become more difficult, many drivers start their search for winter tyres. One of the most popular sizes is 195/65 R15 . If you belong to the group of drivers that use such models and you’re about to buy new tyres, then this article is for you. 

In our ranking based on the opinions of drivers, we present five 195/65 R15 size winter tyres, which got the highest ratings. This tyre size is fitted on cars like Volkswagen Passat, Opel Astra, Renault Megane, Ford Focus, Skoda Octavia and Kia Cee’d (depending on the version, body type, engine power etc.).


The tyre performance varies depending on the size.

The tyre performance varies depending on the size.


The best 195/65 R15 size winter tyres according to drivers

                         TYRE MODEL



1. Michelin Alpin 5

                      5.5   (see reviews)

      See the price

2. Nokian WR D4

                         5.45  (see reviews)

      See the price

3. Dunlop SP Winter Response 2

                         5.45  (see reviews)

       See the price

4. Goodyear UltraGrip 9

                         5.3    (see reviews)

       See the price

5. Continental ContiWinterContact TS850

                         5.3    (see reviews)

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* rating and number of comments applies to this tyre size, the overall assessment of a given model may slightly differ from that presented, as of September 2017.


Highly rated Michelin 

The leader in our ranking is the Michelin Alpin 5, one of the best winter tyres on the market. ADAC tests from 2015 showed that the tyre ensures excellent handling (traction) in the snow, wet grip and very good braking on ice. It also maintains low fuel consumption (the tyre has low rolling resistance).

The high performance of the Michelin Alpin 5 is a result of its innovative tread pattern and hi-tech rubber compound. This model is perfect for winter conditions.


See Michelin Alpin 5: 


The very high performance parameters of the Michelin Alpin 5 are confirmed by the opinions of our users. They include statements such as "This was a very good decision. I wouldn’t take any other tyres into account now. They coped very well with snow-covered roads, where a thick, compacted layer of snow caused no problems at all", "They were fantastic, especially in the mountains on dry snow and slush", "They’re very quiet for winter tyres", "Nothing is perfect, but this tyre is as close as you’ll find".


I want to buy Michelin Alpin 5 !


Nokian ideal for difficult conditions 

Nokian WR D4 is another tyre from the Finnish manufacturer, which is well suited for the Polish winter. It is not surprising either, as the model was designed for the road conditions of Central Europe. It employs solutions that adapt it to variable weather and, as a result, it maintains maximum grip on snow, wet, dry and icy roads. It is worth mentioning that for wet roads, the Nokian WR D4 carries the Class A mark on its European label.


See Nokian WR D4:


Reviews of Nokian WR D4 include the following arguments: "In my mind, I had visualised my car hitting the vehicle in the front of me, but despite the slippery surface and the brake pedal being fully applied, the ABS interrupted only once and the car stopped without any problems", "Very good behaviour in slippery conditions, there is no problem with pulling away on ice or snow. They really bite into it. Faultless braking, even smooth and reliable", "On dry roads, no complaints, but on wet roads they are perfect! They stick like glue." Nokian provides the highest winter quality and will certainly not disappoint you.


I want to buy Nokian WR D4!


A strong team from Goodyear-Dunlop 

Among the 195/65 R15 size winter tyres, other highly rated models include the Dunlop SP Winter Response 2 (Dunlop belongs to Goodyear) and the Goodyear Ultra Grip 9. These models use solutions that noticeably improve safety in harsh weather conditions. They include flexible rubber compounds that retain grip at low temperatures and precise treads that allow a smooth ride, regardless of the surface. At the same time they provide comfort and maintain a rolling resistance that keeps fuel consumption at a satisfactory level.


See Dunlop SP Winter Response 2:


This model is appreciated by many drivers, who have visited They submitted many opinions on the Dunlop SP Winter Response 2, including "Driving on wet roads is easy, ESP is activated occasionally, mainly on sudden starts, but this happens even in dry conditions... These tyres saved me on icy roads", "After using them for 3 months on snowy and icy roads I can say that they grip well, with no slipping during cornering. The car had no problems pulling away in the snow".


I want to buy Dunlop SP Winter Response 2!


In turn, the Goodyear Ultra Grip 9 gained opinions such as: "I drive mainly on motorways and, in my opinion, these tyres are very comfortable and perfectly adhere to the asphalt, both dry and wet", "On long routes, fuel consumption was significantly lower than in the summer - advantageous rolling resistance", "Great grip in the snow (uphill sections) and on slush".


See Goodyear Ultra Grip 9:


I want to buy Goodyear Ultra Grip 9 !


With Continental through the winter  

The German quality guaranteed by Continental convinced many drivers to award ContiWinterContact TS850 with the high grades. The model was reviewed on our website by more than 550 users and 97% of them recommended the TS850 to other users. Excellent steering precision and adaptability in demanding winter weather earned the tyre the average score of 5.4/6. 

The model was designed for drivers of passenger and compact cars travelling mainly in city traffic. It is also ideal at higher speeds on highways and snow-covered suburban lanes.


See Continental ContiWinterContact TS850:


Drivers appreciate this German manufactured tyre for its safety and reliability. This is a product you can rely on in any situation. "Tyres tested both in the town, on the highway and on the lanes of tiny villages. I could always depend on them", "No slipping during cornering and no skidding when pulling away". 

The model is reliable in different winter conditions, on wet, dry and snow-covered roads. "They are perfect for snow and slush. On wet roads, control was very confident and comfortable." 

"A superb tyre with excellent grip, quiet and very economical." These features of the ContiWinterContact TS850 are the most frequently repeated by users of our website. It is certainly a recommendable tyre.


I want to buy a Continental ContiWinterContact TS850 !


How to choose the best winter tyre? 

Selecting one model from several similarly rated tyres may be difficult. Fortunately, there are several sources of useful information about tyres. Use the them to knowledge about a potential model. 

Take into account the power and the weight of your car and your driving style. See if the tyre was assessed in tests organised by prestigious automotive magazines and organisations. This would enable you to compare opinions of drivers with the assessment of professionals. 

More information is presented on labels attached to the tyres. Although they do not provide information about their winter performance, you will learn more about wet braking, noise emission and fuel efficiency. Still not sure? Contact us! We would be pleased to advise you!

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