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Tyre width before fitting to the car.


Tyre height as a percentage of width.


The diameter of the rim you will fit the tyre on.

The width, profile and diameter make up the size of the tyre.
Load capacity

The load index describes the maximum load the tyre can be driven with at the maximum speed permitted by the tyre manufacturer.

Speed index

The speed index shows the maximum speed allowed for a given tyre.


Reinforced tyres have an increased load capacity. As a result, they better meet the requirements set for tyres used in vehicles, e.g. delivery ones. Usually, reinforced tyres are marked with the letters XL (extra load); however, other symbols can be found, depending on the manufacturer.

Run on flat

Run on flat tyres allow you to continue driving even after a complete loss of air. This way, it is possible to cover an average of 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50 mph.

Where to find the tyre size?

On every tyre

On every tyre

In the vehicle's manual

In the vehicle's manual

On the fuel filler flap

On the fuel filler flap

In some cars, this information can be found on the driver's side sill or on the pillar behind the driver. The size information is sometimes provided on the inside of the driver's door.