ADAC summer tyre test 2017

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Not sure what tyres to buy for the coming season? Wondering which model will provide you with safety and comfort regardless of the weather? The ADAC test will help you make the right decision.

The ADAC German automobile club carries out tests each season which allow you to select the best tyres available on the market. These tests provide you with information on how certain models behave in specific conditions, making it easy to choose the best tyre for your needs.

Tests conducted by ADAC have enjoyed popularity among motorists for many years. (Photo ADAC).

ADAC are not alone in organising specialist tyre tests. Such tests are conducted by various other prestigious organisations and car magazines every year.

See last year's ADAC tyre tests:

If you’re curious what other drivers think and want to see how specific tyres behave in everyday use, check out the tests prepared on the basis of feedback from our customers.

What is ADAC involved in besides these tests?

ADAC tests are considered to be one of the most prestigious tyre tests in the world. Although the results sometimes cause controversy, models recommended by ADAC enjoy unflagging popularity among motorists.  
The German automobile club doesn’t limit itself to the publication of automotive magazines, atlases and maps. A roadside assistance network and training centres specialising in road safety courses also operate within this organisation. ADAC is also involved in testing cars, checking the safety of ferries and tunnels, and they also offer motor insurance.

Tests conducted by professional organisations and magazines are extremely helpful when choosing tyres. However, there are other sources of information out there. Before you buy tyres, read the opinions of drivers about the model and check the information on the label attached to the tyres. In case of doubt, please contact us (076 604 27 03) and we will help you choose the best tyres for your car.

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