2018’s best 195/60 R15 size summer tyres according to drivers.

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Expert rankings and advertisements can help you to choose the right tyre, but they’ll never be as useful as advice given by another driver. Are you looking for the best 195/60 R15 option? Yes, then use the experience of Oponeo users. We have summarised their reviews and have ranked the recommended models. Read the article and check which tyres are the best according to drivers.

195/65 R15 is commonly used on urban cars and vehicles used for longer journeys

195/65 R15 is commonly used on urban cars and vehicles used for longer journeys.

195/60 R15 summer tyres are often installed on large urban cars such as Opel Astra, Toyota Avensis, Toyota Corolla or Volvo V70 (depending on the generation, trim version, power, etc.). 


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The best 195/60 R15 summer tyres according to Oponeo users

We have made a summary of five highly rated 195/60 R15 tyres by our users, taking into account the highest average rates and the number of reviews. The ranking includes two premium models, two medium-class tyres and one budget model.



Rate (read the reviews)

Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance

4,5 (see the reviews)

Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse

4,4 (see the reviews)

Fulda EcoContol HP

4,2 (see the reviews)

Uniroyal RainExpert

4,2 (see the reviews)

Dębica Presto

4,1 (see the reviews)

* As of March 2018. The tyres are rated from 1 to 6, where 6 is the highest rating.


1. Goodyear still on the podium

It’s another year when Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance is among the best 195/60 R15 tyres according to Oponeo users. Its unique parameters are provided by the ActiveBraking technology, which reduces braking distance on wet roads by up to 8% compared to its competitors. The state-of-the-art rubber compound allows for the reduction of rolling resistance (by up to 18% relative to the previous generation). It is undoubtedly one of the best choices for spring and summer.


Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance


Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance has already received over 1,000 reviews and the vast majority of them are extremely positive. When it comes to the 195/60 R15 variety, the tyre was assessed by 71 drivers and the parameter rated highest was its behaviour on dry surfaces.

  • I praise these tyres almost every time I drive. I feel safer when travelling. The strongest positive impression was just after replacing the tyres, but I can still feel the difference. The improvement in driving comfort is very high, meaning that you don’t need to buy a Mercedes to feel like you’re driving one. You can just exchange your old tyres for Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance. (Satisfied user)

  • Before I bought them, I also considered other getting other tyres, both cheaper and more expensive ones. Now I know I have made the right choice. The tyre sticks both to dry and wet roads very well and dynamic cornering doesn’t affect travelling comfort at all. I was quite positively surprised by the noise level. You won’t hear anything up to 120 km/h and at 140-150 km/h the noise is acceptable compared to winter tyres. It’s like half the scale. The fuel consumption with these tyres is also admirable, especially when the car is heavily laden and going on a long journey. Low rolling resistance becomes apparent in these situations. […] (Piotr)


Did you know…

Charles Goodyear, who gave the name to the American group, did not have any direct influence on the company foundation? The name was only to honour the inventor, who laid the foundations for the contemporary tyre market.


2. Dunlop – tyres with a sporty nature

In the segment of tyres designed for dynamic driving, the most important thing is performance, but premium-class manufacturers also don’t forget about the basic parameters such as driving safety or comfort. With its unique tread pattern, Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse ensures a braking distance shorter by as much as 2.8 metres on a wet road and by 3 metres on a dry road.


Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse


How does Dunlop SP Sport Blueresponse perform according to our users?

  • A very, very low noise level. You get the impression that you are driving a high-end vehicle. You only hear the swoosh of air that surrounds the car. Very good dampening of road irregularities and stability on bends. According to the computer, the average fuel consumption dropped by 0.3 l/100 km, and I drove mostly in the city, in Silesia. Well done! (Andrzej)

  • The tyres perform wonderful. Most of all, they have excellent driving properties such as a very good grip on dry and wet roads, a low noise level, and additionally they look great on the wheels. I can drive quickly and safely on corners. I can definitely recommend them to other drivers. (Piotr)

  • I can recommend these tyres. At the beginning, I was suspicious about the advice given by the salesperson from Oponeo (he was so enthusiastic about the tyres, and I had already chosen the Goodyears), but I trusted him and now I don’t regret it! I am a salesman myself, so I was very careful and compared the parameters with other tyres. I can really recommend them! (Emil)


Did you know that…

The company founder, John Boyd Dunlop, developed the first pneumatic tyres in the world. The invention was made for his son's bicycle using rubber, a ball pump, and the top part of a kids’ bottle.


3. Fulda EcoControl HP – a model for thrifty drivers

Do you care about the environment and want to reduce car operating costs? Fulda offers you a great solution that will allow you to combine these two things. With its modern EcoTread technology, the tyre considerably reduces rolling resistance, thus minimising carbon dioxide emissions and limiting fuel consumption.


Fulda EcoControl HP


Fulda EcoControl HP was especially appreciated by drivers who prefer a moderate driving style. Our customers have already travelled over 6 million kilometres with this model and have given it over 700 reviews. You can read some of them here:

  • Again we chose Fulda and again we don’t regret it. The tyres perform well both in urban driving and on long routes. We didn’t hear any excessive noise caused by the tyres and they are fitted on our  family station wagon. We are quite satisfied with our choice. (Voytek) 

  • Very good tyres. I have them fitted on my company car, so it can have a hard time occasionally. On corners, it sticks very well, in both dry and wet conditions to. Also, I don’t have any problems with sudden braking. Generally, these are great tyres for reasonable money. I can definitely recommend it! (Krzysztof) 

  • Excellent tyres. They perform excellent both in town and on longer routes. This year, I’ve had the opportunity to test my car in the mountains and I have to admit that the tyres performed wonderful on those mountainous switchbacks. I can recommend them. They are a great choice. (Kamil)


4. Uniroyal RainExpert – rain tyres from a leading manufacturer

For many years, Uniroyal has been regarded as the leader in tyres designed for wet surfaces. Due to the applied technologies, the tyre perfectly protects the car against aquaplaning and unexpected skidding. The crucial elements are the characteristically notched sides, which support the tyre with quick water drainage. 


Uniroyal RainExpert


The great parameters of RainExpert, which has been present on the market for many years, were noted by our users who gave it an average rating of 5.2.

  • I appreciated them even more in the rain, when I was rushing to hospital with my sick kid. They stuck to the road and I could get there in good time. (Tommy Lee)

  • Anyone who buys them will certainly say it was a good purchase and the price was worth it. Safe and durable tyres. (Logo)

  • Genius tyres. They are excellent in all conditions. I have no reservations and I’m sure that I will buy the same tyres in a few years. Anything else just seems out of the question now. (Potek)


Did you know that...

The first Uniroyal factory (set up in 1877) was jokingly called a harem, as the majority of workers there were women.


5. Dębica Presto – a Polish player in the budget segment

The asymmetric tread with versatile performance and the special silica-based compound make Dębica Presto an excellent alternative to more expensive models. Unique technologies powered by Goodyear and great design experience are the factors that make for the exceptional quality of products by Dębica.


Dębica Presto


At 195/60 R15 size, nearly 140 drivers have described their impressions from using Dębica Presto. Here are some of the most interesting ones:

  • On dry and wet roads, the tyres behave perfectly. On wet surfaces, the ABS did not turn on even once and the tyres don’t slip (even after the first rainfall). A sensational model for this price. I have a benchmark, because at work I drive cars supplied with different Korean tyres; the ceiling for these models is a floor for DĘBICA. There is no competitor at this price. I have used Dębica before and I’ll certainly buy them again. (Robert)

  • I am very pleased. I have travelled half of Europe on them and it was great, nothing bad happened. Generally, I have no comments but on wet roads they are definitely good. I don’t have any benchmark, though. With my previous tyres, the wheels were getting blocked all the time while braking, as I don’t have the ABS, but with these tyres it didn't happen even once. (król)


How to buy good summer tyres?

Step 1: Read driver reviews about the tyres you are interested in (if you read this article, this step is already completed).

Step 2: See whether the tyres you have chosen participated in tests organised by automotive magazines or car clubs. You can see the results of each model by entering the tyre description on our portal.

Step 3: Check the parameters provided on the tyre's label, available also on Oponeo. You will see how the tyre brakes on wet roads, what its rolling resistance is (which affects fuel consumption) and you’ll also find out the level of external noise.

Step 4: In case of any doubts, trust the advice of experts. Contact us (52 341 88 00), and we will help you choose the best summer tyres for your car.

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