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Federal Tyres

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Federal is the most famous tyre manufacturer in Taiwan. Federal has been working with the world’s leading tyre manufacturers for many years, using the latest technology and producing high quality products.
Federal Corporation was established in 1987. Previously, the company was called Tayfeng Rubber and Tayfeng Tyre Co, and operated under this name for 33 years.. TRI’s first diagonal tyres appeared on the market in 1958.
The Taiwanese company worked for many years with large tyre companies such as Bridgestone, which provided the company with technological and distribution support. After 20 years, the contract with the Japanese giant expired, so Tayfeng Tyre Co. was able to start cooperation with Sumitomo, a tyre manufacturer owned by Dunlop Tyre Japan.
The biggest expansion of Federal happened in the 80's. During this time, Federal tyres entered Europe and Australia, where they are still very popular to this day.
Federal’s tyres are great for sports, passenger and off-road cars. The most emphasised advantages of this brand are comfort, quietness of tyres and maximum safety. The materials used are of the highest quality and give Federal tyre users full control of the vehicle.

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Opinions of our clients about Federal tyres:

The opinions about Federal tyres may help you choose the right model. Check what their clients think about them, who had the opportunity to test their performance on the road, economy and driving comfort.

  • Alan Cassidy 5.0 11111

    Federal SS595

    I've been buying these tyres for few years now and had 235 45 17 on an Mitsubishi Evo 9 and without a doubt the best reasonable priced tyre before I downsized to a saab . I wouldn't use anything else to be fair for the price . €64 a tyre delivered to the door with Openeo the preferred retailer by far . Quick delivery to Ireland with no hassles . Highly recommended 👍👍 More >
  • makuxxx14 4.4 111150

    Federal 595EVO

    I bought a parka at the time of the test, I told them about three thousand. miles, and I am very happy, on a dry stick is ideal for wet skid like to enter but more controlled. Sustainability not judge because it does not make sense to evaluate tire abrasion after low mileage. Toyo Proxes T1-S and jumped personally say that the difference is small, given the aggressive driving. More >
  • Rob Bell 4.9 111150

    Federal 595RS-R

    While the site might think that Oponeo MG no longer exists, I mounted a set of tires in my MGF back track. The brief conclusion is that I am delighted with my choice and will definitely buy these again! I'm not sure how they can be beaten for value for money. The mid-engined MG are extremely sensitive to tire but on road and track, I have absolute faith in these federal RSR. Even in the rain, and semi-flooded track conditions, the tires seem to find much more than you allocate to follow the purchase rubber biased. They are predictable, and have a nice progressive breakaway when grip levels are eventually met. After a season of hill climbs, sprints and a few track days - plus any mileage More > driving to and from these events, I am amazed that I still have left bearing 5mm after 3,000 miles not so sweet. Truly, I do not think I could ask for more !!!
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