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x Reinforced tyres

Every single tyre has its load index. This index is determined by the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation. Reinforced tyres have higher load capacity than standard ones. Therefore, they can easily meet the requirements that they are faced in cars that carry heavier loads.

x Run Flat tyres

Run on Flat tyres allow driving ater a pressure loss, eg. as a result of tyre puncture. Driving on a punctured tyre is possible for about 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50 mph.

Nokian Tyres

Tyres Nokian

Nexen is a South Korean tyre brand with great potential. From year to year, it enjoys growing interest from drivers. Its tyres, which are produced using modern technology, are available at affordable prices.

The degree of advancement of Nexen tyre technology comes from the fact that the company patented silicone rubber nanocomposites in 2005. Because of this, the brand's tyres boast better grip and are more reliable under varying weather conditions.

As a brand, Nexen offers summer tyres, winter tyres or all-season tyres for passenger cars, SUVs and vans. These tyres, despite their affordable price, work well in difficult conditions and at higher speeds.

Interesting facts:

The company name is a combination of the words "next" and "century".

Nexen tyres are known in 120 countries around the world, including the United Kingdom. Annual sales total 600 million dollars and the company employs thousands of workers around the world.

In recent years, the share of Nexen tyres on the domestic market has increased from 8% to 20%. The brand's technological advances go hand in hand with its popularity among drivers. Nexen tyres receive very positive feedback.

The company is the main sponsor of one of the leading baseball teams in South Korea, the Nexen Heroes.

It is worth noting that the company was founded in 1942, and it started producing tyres for passenger cars in 1956, which was extended in 1985 to include radial tyres. Until 1999, the company operated as Woosung Tire. After the financial crisis and restructuring, the name was changed to its current version.

Summer tyre ranking Nokian

Summer tyre ranking is a list of the best rated tyres. It is based on our user reviews. Up to now we have over 50000 opinions. Below you can see the best models according to this list.

summer tyre Review 5.0 11111 (1 Review)
summer tyre Review 4.6 111160 (1 Review)
summer tyre Review 4.6 111160 (2 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.5 111150 (41 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.4 111140 (425 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.3 111130 (75 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.3 111130 (224 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.2 111120 (81 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.1 111110 (237 reviews)

Winter tyre ranking Nokian

Winter tyre ranking is a list of the best rated tyres. It is based on our user reviews. Up to now we have over 50000 opinions. Below you can see the best models according to this list.

winter tyre Review 4.7 111170 (5 reviews)
winter tyre Review 4.6 111160 (6 reviews)
winter tyre Review 4.6 111160 (1 Review)
winter tyre Review 4.5 111150 (338 reviews)
winter tyre Review 4.4 111140 (38 reviews)
winter tyre Review 4.4 111140 (622 reviews)
winter tyre Review 4.3 111130 (75 reviews)
winter tyre Review 4.3 111130 (428 reviews)
winter tyre Review 4.1 111110 (1 Review)

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    Tyre details: The tyre easily handles any conditions found on Polish roads during the summer. ...

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    Nokian zLine

    Tyre details: The tyre easily handles any conditions found on Polish roads during the summer. ...

Most recent reviews

Summer tyres Nokian

Tyre Summer Nokian Line

Very Good tyre
Rating: 5.0 11111

Tyres fitted to Ibiza 1.9 TDI FWD, 62-38 weight distribution of the driver, size 195 / 50-15. I would definitely recommend Nokian Line! Great hold and on dry and wet conditions. Sides walls are not too stiff but not exaggerated soft. In hard cornering tyre slightly loos a grip, but not so much that it was not a lot of discomfort. Comfort very good resistance to low. Petrol consumption low if it were stiffer side walls would be even lower. I will not be compared to previous ones, which I had before. Those were cracked Michelin Efficient Grip of the same size. They ware harder than Nokian Line. As for the grip is similar to a dry and a little worse in the wet, but cracked tyres caused a suspension damage. at the same time changing tyres I have fitted a sport suspension. Far improved traction also car tilt is not so etc. at my preferences are about the only thing I would change is the increased stiffness of the sidewalls little because I have a preference for a little more comfort than sport. As for the grip I have no objections if I had a choice to buy tyres today I had a dilemma between these Nokians a Michelin. Nokian Line won! Price in this size per set somehow however, convince each other that the one can forget, at least according to the manufacturer of the seasonal changing tyres. Just we assume, and go no matter whether snow or rain or heat. The tyre maintains very good by the manufacturer in all conditions and I like it and how will 100% tests show. Nokian under my preference judge to 9 to 10 to complete 10 missing greater rigidity side walls but as it says more people who value comfort on poorer road surfaces consider it an advantage, appearance, do not judge does not play a role for me. As for the tyre price only driveability, consumption or not the assessment I have no comparison to that made them only 1000 km approx. and for now eye "zero" wear and tear), moreover, this can be read in the tests.

Tyre Summer Nokian zLine

A good tire in the dry and very very good in the rain.
Rating: 5.0 11111

I have recently switched to trying these after nearly 10 years of using mainly Goodyear tires and i was very happy with everything to do with them except the life of them. My car is very heavy and it is loaded quite a bit so i always need a decent tire, something i can trust and i am more happy with a tire that grips perfectly than has an amazing mileage but the Goodyear Eagle F1s were getting a little expensive so i read all the reviews i could find on the Nokian Z Line and i said i would try them. I am very happy so far, they are just as good in the rain as an Eagle F1 and MUCH quieter! They seem to be wearing better than the Eagles and my God they are quieter. I am going from Ireland to Italy in 5 weeks so i will see how they hold up to motorway driving, i have a feeling they will be ok. They are a good price and my Saab 95 Aero Combi drives very well on them. I would recomend them for my type of car, they may not suit all cars but maybe they are better on large heavy cars as i see a few reviews with people running them on smaller cars. I will definatly be buying them again.

winter tyres Nokian

opona Winter Nokian WR D4

Very good tyres!
Rating: 5.0 11111

I had the Nokian WR D4 tyres fitted over 2 months ago. I drove a little more than 750 miles on them with a 150 bhp car weighing 1.5 tons. Usually in the city. First thing that got my attention was the smell of rubber compound. That's very unusual. From what I've read Nokian added canola oil to the mixture, maybe this caused such an unusual effect. These tyres really smell like no other. I don't pay much attention to the appearance of the tread, for me it's completely irrelevant. For me, the tyre needs to be effective when it comes to draining water, mud and snow as well as breaking distance. On second place I put the noise level and the third thing is rolling resistance. But I must admit that this tread is unique in appearance and looks quite nice. As for traction; On the dry the tyre firmly grips the road and is very quiet, not squealing on curves. At high speeds on the highway tyre noise did not bother me at all, it is minimal and for that Nokian is to be commended. I had the opportunity to ride in the city during really heavy rains which turned roads into rivers and so I am delighted how well this tire can cope with the water. At 45mph in such conditions, I only heard sough of traversed water, and the car felt like it was stick with a glue. Rut with water? For those tyres it does not matter. Braking? At the 45 mph, in these rainy conditions, the car felt like if it was driving on the dry road. As for the winter conditions of snow it was maybe a couple of days and the tyres were good. On the slush also all great. But it is not enough to somehow verify their effectiveness and to issue reliable opinions. As for the rolling resistance is not noted a higher combustion When you change summer tires (Pirelli) with these winter tires, but I refrain from evaluation because of a small run on these Nokian WR D4. I won't judge their durability neither because of distance. In my opinion premium tires all have similar parameters. If you have a slow 300-400 pounds and wish to buy winter tires then I honestly recommend them. If not, try Barum , but in my opinion it is worth investing in Nokians, in the end is the only part of the car which directly connects it to the surface ... Final statement - since I usually have little time to get to work in the morning I’m very glad Nokian WR D4 can take me there swiftly and safely.

opona Winter Nokian WR D3

Best tyre I have found after years of searching.
Rating: 4.9 111190

A serious tyre, I am living in Ireland and have a 100 mile round trip commute on country roads and motorway. The back roads go untreated all winter. I first tried Nokian tyres on my old Merc 190E, the WRA3 were a super tyre even in heavy snow in an old rear wheel drive car. I am running these WRD3 on my wifes Citroen C3 hdi, I had a 2005 Subaru Outback that had them as well. The Citroen really holds the road fantasically well in all conditions. We run winter tyres all year round on both our cars as the heavy rain we get here can only be displaced safely at motorway speeds by a good quality winter tyre. In frost and snow these tyres are superb, so good in fact that now my wife is off on maternity leave if it is very icy or snowy I will use the Citroen for my commute as I know it will literally go anywhere. I have Hankook Winter ICept Evo on my 2002 Audi A4 Avant 130 TDI, I couldn't fincially stretch to the Nokians when I was buying tyres for my car, in hindsight I should have spent the extra €150 as I have little faith in the Hankook's, they are good in heavy rain and when the tempetature in below 7deg but nothing like the quality of the Nokian WRD3's. So far we have put 20,0000 km's up on our current tyres, the wear is excellent but I maybe could have rotated them sooner, the front show significantly more wear than the rear so I will run them until October 2015 then replace them, rather than cheap out and have the better ones on the front and an average pair on the rear. Incidently in summer I raise the pressure up to 42psi to reduce wear, now its winter I'm running them at 32psi. I will change my Hankooks in October 2015 for a set of Nokians that I will have more faith in. Tyres can be costly but they are the only thing seperating us from the road, people in Ireland think I am mad running winter tyres and have no real idea what they are but given our low winter temps and heavy rainfalls coupled with untreated, poorly maintained back roads they make perfect sense.

Average rating of the tyres: 4.20 based on 4454 reviews

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