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Nexen is a South Korean tyre brand with great potential. From year to year, it enjoys growing interest from drivers. Its tyres, which are produced using modern technology, are available at affordable prices.

The degree of advancement of Nexen tyre technology comes from the fact that the company patented silicone rubber nanocomposites in 2005. Because of this, the brand's tyres boast better grip and are more reliable under varying weather conditions.

As a brand, Nexen offers summer tyres, winter tyres or all-season tyres for passenger cars, SUVs and vans. These tyres, despite their affordable price, work well in difficult conditions and at higher speeds.

Interesting facts:

The company name is a combination of the words "next" and "century".

Nexen tyres are known in 120 countries around the world, including the United Kingdom. Annual sales total 600 million dollars and the company employs thousands of workers around the world.

In recent years, the share of Nexen tyres on the domestic market has increased from 8% to 20%. The brand's technological advances go hand in hand with its popularity among drivers. Nexen tyres receive very positive feedback.

The company is the main sponsor of one of the leading baseball teams in South Korea, the Nexen Heroes.

It is worth noting that the company was founded in 1942, and it started producing tyres for passenger cars in 1956, which was extended in 1985 to include radial tyres. Until 1999, the company operated as Woosung Tire. After the financial crisis and restructuring, the name was changed to its current version.

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Our customer's opinions:
  • Wojtek 5.0 11111

    Nokian WR D4

    Tires are very quiet, and in addition to their "softness" absorbs bumps in the road. When the first snow fell a bit of a potestowałem them in a remote instance. I gained speed 50 km / h, and the brake as if I were an obstacle in front of you. I was surprised by the effectiveness of these tires, so I normally inhibited on dry asphalt. Another time, in the morning ice on the subdivision road to beat the hill (where cars still slip) without any effort. I recommend to everyone these tires. More >
  • AceLevy 4.9 111150

    Nokian WR D4

    It is true that I do not have Nokian WR D4 for long, but I managed to do 1500 miles already. I tested it both out and in the city, because I travelled a lot lately. On a dry surface they behave really well. For wet (and a lot of rain recently) I was very pleasantly surprised, because I did not feel much of a difference. But most surprised me is how the tires allow you to correct mistakes on the slippery surface whether it's snow or soft ice. I have repeatedly made the mistake of giving too much gas while cornering (at this point it's probably just the spikes would have helped), the car began to fly, but after rapid correction of gas and counterattacks on wheels - Nokian WR D4 immediately More > caught traction again. Really highly recommended Nokian - I will recommend them to my family and friends
  • Prezes 4.7 111150

    Nokian Line

    After about 3 billion. km tires operate at no cost. Previously rolled on Michelin and I think it has to compete with dignity Nokian brand. I checked the possibility of tires in different conditions, I might add that I drive a tylnonapędowym rather dynamic car. I have not managed to get reasonable speeds in an uncontrollable skid, both wet and dry conditions. Regarding noise, for me at no charge. The only drawback I had problems with the balance of these tires. Founded were on the original alloy wheels (after a complete renovation, painting or straightening) and you do not hide in the vulcanization little worked very hard not to put the weight of 80g. Tire rotation relative to the rim a More > little help, but as I said, was the difficulty of balancing. Overall Rating 5 +. I recommend.
  • viggen 4.5 111150

    Nokian WR A3

    My car has 260HP and a great time. I needed a tire that will give me a good performance, even in winter. I'm not talking about race, but in emergency situations, so I can rely on them. I found it. When starting and braking does the job, even on icy roads. Unfortunately, after driving 7tys miles I spent 1.5mm tread - but something for something. Some people write on tire noise. He is strong, but the car segment D I did not hear anything. It may well sound booth? Eliminating inequalities also can not properly assess because the car has hardened suspension and evaluation are unreliable. I bought this tire because of the good value for money. Dunlop / Pirelli / Goodyear are overrated. Pay More > attention to whether the tire is produced in Russia or Finland for MNEI it mattered.
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