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Use of Cookies


Our webpage uses technical, functional, commercial and analytical cookie files, which are being stored on user’s computer.

In order to be able to use the full functionality of our webpage it is necessary to use cookies. There are two types of cookie files that user should be informed about. These are files, necessary for executing our orders and those, which appear when the product is added to the shopping cart.
Cookies can be used for storing such elements as identity data or users’ preferences.
The respective webpage can save a cookie file in a web browser if the user’s preferences allow to do so. This kind of information will let our webpage to remember the user’s preferences and adjust the web to his individual needs. We explain the purposes of using cookie files below.

Own cookies: they are installed on the user’s computer and come directly from the server or domain, administrated by the provider.

Third party cookies: Some cookies, coming from the third parties, might be installed on your web browser during browsing the webpage in order to determine e.g topics or information that you are interested in at most. Companies, from which such cookie files come, have their own privacy policy.

What are the cookies files used for?

You shall find all cookie files used on our website below, with the exception of the following:

  • User entry cookies
  • Session cookies verifying user’s identity
  • User’s safety cookies
  • Session cookies playing multimedia files
  • Cookies responsible for the personalization of user’s interface
  • Plug-in cookies for information exchange in social media
  • Shopping cart cookies
  • Form-filling cookies

The users of our webpage are informed of the following cookies files:

Name of cookies filesDomainDescriptionTypeSupplier
ASP.NET_SessionId, BIGipServeroponeo_es_pool, bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb, f5_cspmoponeo.ieUser’s session identificator (ASP. NET, load-balancing, measuring the time of webpage loading )Analytical and S.A.
__WUGUID, TLV_FIRSToponeo.ieIdentifier of user’s history of viewed itemsAnalytical and S.A.
_cookiePolicyoponeo.ieCookies policyAnalytical and S.A.
rwdWidthoponeo.ieInformation on width of user’s screenAnalytical and S.A.
__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmzoponeo.ieAnonymous statistics for Google Analytics. Know more about these cookies and find out about the providerAnalytical and commercialGoogle Inc.
NID, and options of Google Maps.  Know more about cookies and find out more of mapsAnalytical and commercialGoogle Inc.
id.doubleclick.netDoubleClick uses the cookie files in order to improve ads content. They help to adjust ads content to user’s expectations. It is used for making reports on reliability of company and avoid displaying ads once viewed by the user. It a service of third parties‘ domain. Read more about these cookies and their provider  .Analytical and commercialGoogle Inc. cookies are used to collect information about customers who have been to the site and not purchased a product. We use the information to serve ads to customers based on prior visits to our website. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form.  Read more about these cookies and find out about the provider.Analytical and commercialMicrosoft Corporation

You can configure your web browser, so that your screen can display the warning about the cookie files and you could prevent their installation on hard drive.

You can accept, block and delete cookies installed on your computer by the proper configuration of web browser installed on your computer.