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Motorcycle Tyres

Our most popular motorcycle tyres

Want to find the very best tyres for your motorbike? We stock a wide range of motorcycle tyres for different makes and models. Whether you ride a motorcycle on a daily basis, or just to enjoy longer motorcycle trips, we can find the right tyres for you.

With Oponeo, you can buy the most popular motorcycle tyres online. Take a look at the best-selling motorcycle tyres and see if they meet your requirements.

Find motorcycle tyres online

Motorcycle tyres

Shopping for motorcycle tyres online doesn’t have to be difficult. You’ll want to take a tyre set’s classification, durability, and roadway responsiveness into account to better customise your motorbike.

Why should you invest in motorcycle tyres?

While you can continue to use the tyres that came with your motorcycle, purchasing your own motorcycle tyres allows you to identify which safety features, tread patterns, and other unique features you want to invest in. Not only that, but you’ll be able to purchase tyres that better fit your unique bike and riding style.

Choosing your motorcycle tyres

You’ll want to start shopping for motorcycle tyres in the UK by specifying what type of bike you’re kitting out. Our catalogue includes a range of motorcycle tyres for all manner of bikes, including: classic bikes, scooters, mopeds, sportbikes, choppers or cruisers.

After you’ve determined the limitations and boons of your bike, you’ll be able to shop for your tyres by axle. Distinguishing between front, rear, and universal fit will help you maintain control over your motorcycle while you’re on the road. You’ll need to shop carefully, though. Both axle-fit and bike-type can influence your motorcycle’s ability to handle roadway aquaplaning. You’ll want to be certain that you’re purchasing tyres that can adeptly handle both wet and dry surfaces.

Finally, be sure to examine the durability of your chosen motorbike tyres before completing your purchase. There are some motorcycle tyres that are more safety-oriented than others. However, these tyres are often more expensive than average. They can also disrupt what may have otherwise been a smooth ride. Think carefully on how you want your tyres to impact both your ride and your safety, and you’ll be able to more ably explore your options.

Don’t feel constricted by your tyre options. Browse the features you enjoy most and see how you can improve your ride.

Motorcycle type

Motorcycle tyres are classified according to the types of motorcycles on which they are to be used. Tyres for the various motorcycle types differ in terms of their construction and other properties.