Delivery with fitting

Tyre fitting

We deliver the ordered goods directly to a fitting station of your choice:

  • You can choose from 74 fitting stations nationwide

  • Free delivery to fitting stations.

Delivery to a chosen
fitting station or garage

  • Find tyres or wheels, alone or with our expert.

  • Choose the closest garage.
    You have 74 garages to choose from.

  • Book fitting at the garage.
    Delivery is always free of charge!

Comprehensive customer serviceOnly at you can arrange fitting of the tyres near home.

Convenient shoppingNo need to wait for a courier. Your new tyres will be waiting for you at the nearest garage.

Free deliveryFree delivery to fitting stations in the UK mainland. You only pay for products and you pay separately for the fitting at the place of assembly.

Great pricesYou don't have to fight to get the lowest price service. We have negotiated the best tyre fitting cost for you.

Convenient locationWe cooperate with 74 fitting stations across the country.

Comfortable and cleanKeep your hands clean and let the tyre fitters do the fitting.

73 Fitting stations nationwide

On the map, you can see the current number of available fitting stations in each country. Click to find the fitting facility in your area.

Buy tyres and have them fitted to your vehicle!

Should you have any questions, feel free to give us a call!

Our sales team are always eager to help.
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New customers in your garage.
Free of charge!

Grow your business. Become a recommended tire pick-up and fitting station.

You can also choose a fitting station through the order form.

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