Warranty Claims

How does the warranty claim process work?

Submitting a claim



The reported complaint is handled by our specialists. They are the ones who, thanks to their experience and professional service, will make sure that your application goes smoothly. We guarantee professional service and advice.

How to submit a warranty claim?

You can submit a warranty claim for tyres or rims:

1 Via email


When submitting the claim via e-mail, please send us the photos,
which will be needed for further stages of the claim.

2 By calling the helpline or via email.

01 699 4151
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What does the examination consist in?

Examination of the claimed tyres or rims is carried out by the manufacturer or its designated Warranty Service Centers. If it is possible, the complaint is reviewed on the basis of photos sent with the application.

How will I find out about the decision?

You will receive information about the decision by email (document in .pdf format).

What kind of decision can I receive?

  • Positive, in the case of confirmation of the product defect by the Manufacturer's Warranty Service Point and a credit of 100% of the value of the goods.
  • Partially positive, in case some of the reported goods receive confirmation of the product defect (e.g. 3 out of 4 claimed) or the Manufacturer applied a percentage credit (according to the terms of the warranty).
  • Negative, in case the complaint is rejected or tests do not show a product defect.
In the case of a positive or partially positive decision, you can ask for a refund or replacement of the product with a new one. In case of a negative answer, the goods can be sent back to the indicated address for an additional fee. It can also be disposed of at the expense of the guarantor (it will be destroyed at the site in accordance with applicable environmental regulations).

Are there fees associated with a warranty claim?

You will not incur any costs related to transportation and examination of the claimed product. If the complaint is rejected, there is an additional charge for returning the goods.

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