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Reduced braking distance on snowy roads


Reduced fuel consumption in winter conditions

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Which winter tyres to choose?
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Which winter tyres to choose

Looking for a new set of tyres that can cope with cold temperatures and snowy surfaces? Deciding what winter tyres to choose depends largely on your driving style, the car you drive and the budget you want to spend. It is worth thinking carefully before buying, as it will affect not only your comfort but also driving safety.

Winter tyres tests

Press winter tyre tests Press winter tyre tests See more >
Winter tyres ADAC tests Winter tyres ADAC tests See more >

When choosing winter tyres, it is advisable to refer to the results of seasonal tests carried out by motoring organisations and magazines. One of the most famous organisations, the German automobile club ADAC, tests winter tyres on dry and wet surfaces, driving on snow and ice, noise, fuel efficiency and the wear resistance of the various models.

This season, the ADAC organisation tested passenger car winter tyres in two sizes - 185/65 R15 and 215/60 R16. In the first of these, three models - Continental WinterContact TS870, Goodyear Ultra Grip 9+ and Semperit Speed-Grip 5 - scored equally well, followed closely by the Michelin Alpin 6. In the larger size, Continental WinterContact TS870 and Dunlop Winter Sport 5 won with the same score.

Winter tyre ranking

We have been selling tyres online for over 20 years. We offer both all-season and summer and winter models. We regularly collect feedback on them to understand our customers' needs well. Below is the ranking of winter tyres that have been best rated by drivers.

Low-price winter tyres

Many drivers may ask themselves –  what low-price winter tyres will cope on snowy roads? Weather conditions in winter are the most challenging. Even if your funds are limited it is worth looking for some good quality winter tyres.

It is not worth to get some unknown tyre makes from unverified retailer or to get used tyres or remoulded tyres either. We have got huge selection of low-price winter tyres from well established manufacturers.

"Winter tyres are designed for use in specific weather conditions. One of the most important factors taken into account from a technological point of view is the temperature. It has a significant effect on the flexibility of the tyre tread and, in simple terms, this means the tyre's ability to grip the road. In addition to a superb rubber compound, a suitable tread pattern is also required, which is designed to dig into the snow and increase grip on ice as well."

Michał Kaczmarek, Product Manager Bridgestone
Logotyp Bridgestone

When to change to winter tyres?

Winter tyres should be fitted when the temperature falls below 7 degrees celsius

Winter tyres are used by nearly 90% of drivers

When to change to winter tyres?

Seasonal tyre replacement causes minor problems for some people. Not only does it involve additional costs, but it also requires knowledge of when to change to winter tyres. Being aware of the weather factors you need to pay attention to is key to ensuring that you and your passengers are safe on the road and do not get caught out by winter, especially on the road. By keeping an eye on the weather outside the window, we can also avoid queues at the fitting station, which are bound to be very busy as soon as the first snow falls.

Winter tyres from A to Z

Driving on summer tyres in winter

Matching tyres to the season and thus to the road conditions is extremely important. It directly affects not only the comfort, but above all the safety of the driver, passengers and other road users. That is why driving on summer tyres in winter is not a good idea. A slight change of weather is enough for, if anything, the car to be unable to start.

Braking distance with winter or summer tyres fitted

Winter tyre markings

Tyres used during winter must meet the necessary requirements. The compound used for its manufacture should maintain the right flexibility at very low temperatures. The tread, however, must be able to handle difficult surfaces, guarantee grip and short braking distances on snow and mud. Fortunately, tyres dedicated to use during the colder part of the year can be recognised very easily. Just check the car tyre markings to find a product designed for winter driving.

How to read winter tyre markings

Winter tyre tread depth

The tread depth of a new winter tyre is around 8 mm. As the mileage increases, this tread depth will decrease, which affects safety and driving comfort. Due to the season in which these tyres are used, they have to cope with very difficult surfaces. Snow, slush or simply wet roads are an everyday occurrence. It is therefore worth checking what the minimum tread depth of a tyre should be, and then ensuring that it does not exceed this value. This way, you can count on good grip and a short braking distance.

What should be the tread depth of a winter tyre?

Correct pressure inside winter tyres

During the winter months, it is a matter of safety to check tyre pressure more frequently. If it is too low, it can lead, for example: to a deterioration in the car's handling, longer braking distances and reduced grip. Therefore, it is worthwhile, when visiting the petrol station, at least 1-2 times a month, to connect the tyres to a compressor in order to check whether the air has leaked out. Simply by finding out what the correct winter tyre pressure should be in your car, you can improve your comfort and safety practically for free.

Correct pressure inside winter tyres

Winter tyre prices

In our shop you will find new tyres in different price segments: from the cheapest economy models (optimum performance, very attractive price), to mid-range tyres (good value for money), through to premium models (highest performance, but higher price). Take a look at our wide range of winter tyres to choose the ones that meet your needs best.

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