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Summer Tyres

Summer Tyres

Buy a new set of summer tyres for safe, economical and comfortable driving.


Summer tyres are designed to be used in both dry and wet road conditions all year round. If you are not sure which summer tyres to install in your car, take a look at our Top Three. This list represents the best selling summer tyres, which combine the qualities of longevity, quality and affordability, while still maintaining excellent grip levels for those summer months.

Summer tyre ranking

The best summer tyres have been ranked using stats from our online shop, meaning that it’s you that have decided what ranks in the Top Ten. Check out the best rated tyres below.


Right now there are over one hundred tyre manufacturers. We compiled the top tyres of the most popular tyre makers, including Continental, Michelin or Goodyear. Check our offer for summer tyres listed by brand.

What are summer tyres?

What are summer tyres?

For many, a one-size-fits-all approach to their tyre choice is the natural way forward – swapping tyres with the seasons may not make economic sense unless you’re driving in the more extreme climes, but having summer or winter tyres fitted could help improve your motoring experience.

Summer tyres have a number of different qualities over a winter or all-weather tyre; they are designed to be used in temperatures exceeding 7°C (anything less and the compounds aren’t achieving their optimum working temperature). They generally have fewer sipes and grooves in them as water dispersal isn’t key to their performance and thanks partly to that (larger contact area) and the compound used, offer a greater degree of grip.

Despite not having the same water clearing ability as their winter counterpart, they are surprisingly efficient and offer good grip levels in the inevitable summer showers.

It should also be noted that road noise is generally lessened, especially when compared to more extreme winter tyres, and you may even find better fuel consumption, although comparisons can be difficult because of different driving styles needed.

While some summer tyres may improve the ride and comfort of your vehicle, you should also remember that the more ‘sporty’ versions will generally have a stiffer sidewall, which could lead to a slightly firmer ride.

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