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Wheel configurator

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It’s not as easy to choose steel or alloy wheels for your car as it is to choose tyres. Why is that? Wheels have more parameters which may be incomprehensible to those who don’t know much about them. These include size, spacing, offset (ET), and the centring hole. If you’re not familiar with these parameters, you won’t be able to properly choose wheels. You don’t have to be a wheel expert to use OPONEO services. That’s what we’re here for. All you have to do is to choose a design, and the rest will be handled by our experts using our unique alloy and steel wheels configurator.

The configuration tool makes selecting steel or alloy wheels easy and user-friendly. Just select the make, model, body type, generation (production year) and engine capacity of your car. Our system will instantly provide you with a range of wheels matching your vehicle. You can also compare different wheel models and choose the one that suits your needs. Our huge selection means that you will certainly find the right wheels for you.

Purchasing steel or alloy wheels on OPONEO is just as simple as choosing them. For your convenience, the process has been simplified as much as possible. We guarantee transaction security as well as fast and free delivery. We exclusively offer original wheels which are produced by reputable manufacturers and which have all the necessary certifications.

Choosing wheels has never been so easy! Happy shopping!