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All Weather
52 / pc.
Rating: Good 11110 55 reviews

Kumho SOLUS VIER KH21 features

Technical description of the product is not available yet.

Kumho SOLUS VIER KH21 reviews

Summary: 4.0 Summary: Overall rating is a weighted average of individual performance, not the arithmetic mean. Some of a tyre’s features have a greater impact on the overall assessment, while some will have a lesser impact. 55 reviews

  • Costs: Influence of the tyre on car running costs. 11110 4.0
  • Comfort: Influence of the tyre on driving comfort. 11110 4.0
  • Drivability: Influence of the tyre on drivability. 111900 3.9

55 customers have rated this tyre

  • 5 14 people
  • 4 27 people
  • 3 13 people
  • 2 1 people
  • 1 0 people

90% of users recommend this tyre


We have been collecting information about this tyre for 3290 days. In that time we have received 55 reviews.
The total distance driven by our customers is 436000 miles.

The highest rated parameter is: dry surface.

This tyre was reviewed by users driving usually outside the city.

This tyre was reviewed by drivers who assess their driving style as moderate.

Latest Reviews:

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  • rafal
    Rating: 4.6 111160

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    Tyres r good even better than good, very good grip on wet and dry, there is no sign of quick wear and they are quiet, I would recommend this tyres.
  • Translation This review has been automatically translated from another language and is awaiting verification by a professional translator.

    Opinion from outside IE user: Kudłaty
    Rating: 4.2 111120

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    1 people 0 people

    Let me leave comments on these tires on OPONEO, despite the fact that the tires purchased another reliable source in 2011 as an annual occasion. I do not know how then. Currently the conduit 28000. km. They founded a small car (Hyundai i20), a low power engine, front wheel drive, quiet driving, and major attractions and cities. Past three winters and three summers. And now for the tires. WINTER. In winter, the city fits me very beaver. There were times when you had to go at night, when freezing rain (route previously plowed and well saline) or leave kopnego nieodśnieżonym snow in the parking lot. Give advice. Here I must confess that I have not encountered a situation of emergency braking. Also, never attempt to check their maximum potential. Generally, in winter tires work well, very well. But reason must be preserved. As always. SUMMER. On dry pavement. Tires perform very well. I will not dwell on the question of the duration of braking from a speed of 100 km / h, it will fall in comparison with seasonal tires the top shelf. But on a scale of 1 to 10, I give them a strong 8.5. I had some emergency braking situations and advice. In general, good maneuverability, even at high speeds. Or quickly get a fairly gentle curves. I have never been surprised by a strange unpredictable behavior. Even with a sharp deceleration in curves corners. The wet. Well here you have to very careful when braking. They can slip. ABS is really what to do. At high speeds without surprises. Even with heavy rains. I did not know aquaplaning`u. Maybe it's because I'm going up quietly and never understand the attempt to attack the large puddles at high speeds. CONCLUSION. I'll write it. So far I have not had experience with the tires of the season, so I have to admit, that surprised me with its very, very positive versatility. The tires are quiet in summer and winter. In summer, "float" it. Oh, and do not wear out quickly. I do not know what the general education courses are (as I mentioned, I bought stimulants), but it currently has a depth of about 5 mm of tread. 2014/2015 winter and summer have yet to do. About these tires can be found on the web a lot of tests. Appeared in tests multigrade tires made by the same magazine "Motor" or "Auto World", which came out very well. I agree with the experts in the tire test. Multigrade tires are dedicated to people with small cars with small engine capacities, moving mostly in the city and prefer the style of moderate driving. For people with large and powerful cars, who love fast, sporty and dynamic driving, living in regions or localities where there are situations that the roads are not plowed mountain, however, are dedicated seasonal tires. I would add that, according to the tests above-tire season of highest quality has significantly improved the performance and efficiency that the budget (Chinese) seasonal tire. I personally recommend these tires, and I confess that I wonder to buy them again. Of course, new. Thinking about buying them just makes me a perfect score multigrade tires Goodyear Vector 4season that, compared with the tires brands renowned seasonal fare very well. Only the price ...
  • Translation This review has been automatically translated from another language and is awaiting verification by a professional translator.

    Opinion from outside IE user: maciusb
    Rating: 3.7 111700

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    0 people 0 people

    Adventure with the Kumho brand started three years ago in search of special tire size for my wife's car. It was one of the cheaper .. this proved that the choice was perfect. Clio tires wives are perfect car handles like a go-kart. The durability of the tire is ideal ... But the thing: KUMHO to the Mondeo is my first-round tires. The main advantage is no need to replace twice a year and the price is lower than 1000PLN ... It is difficult to judge the appearance of the wheel, because it does not matter. The tire is more like winter, because it has many small fins. It really is incredibly quiet and comfortable. Car runs steadily, but 2 times the balance between 100 and 115 km / h may feel a slight "beating". This will be checked by week after replacing the suspension and subsequent balance wheels. WEATHER: Dry Roadway: extra driving, braking - good - hard to introduce solid car to start the ABS, the acceleration - no reservations at 115 Winter Roadway power CV - pośniegowym snow or mud: the additional embodiment, the inhibition good turn for a typical high-quality winter tires. No complaints. Here I am full of praise !!! Wet floor was: Here, unfortunately, a feather ... In September, two days ago in the rain - and automatic Budge on gear 1 and 2 falls into a spin during acceleration, but nothing is on ... 3rd speed 60 km / h and the accelerator pedal to the floor - the traction wheels break !!!! The braking is definitely better. Yesterday I arrived thinking that same directional tires vulcanizer wrong direction and cause of these symptoms ... unfortunately everything is ok. After recommend all these tires because of the price. If you have a Maserati and the new series of BMW, and buy these tires you are a classic moron. But if you have a compact car, calmer driving and appreciate the savings and in perfect condition - go ahead and buy !!! Only after the rain keep the foot on the same leaves Kia Picanto with a power of 65 hp :)
  • Translation This review has been automatically translated from another language and is awaiting verification by a professional translator.

    Opinion from outside IE user: Wojtek
    Rating: 2.7 117000

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    0 people 0 people

    On a dry surface to the size 205 / 55R16 tires as truly sensational up during braking. Unfortunately, moist drama accomplishment - the car slips tirelessly especially with changes in direction, braking is as much about that all the time I feel that I do not fully control. The wet cube really does not tack. After the first snow still a pleasant surprise - Tires do very well on snow and slush, even at very low temperatures, I have a sense of control over the car, a certain behavior during braking. In fact, I see no difference compared to winter tires. The biggest flaw is the noise - at a speed of more than 100 kmh is very strong, basically have not yet met so hard tire. Summing up the tires only recommended for people who move around the city and have a moderate and calm driving style. Then there are really sufficient for the entire season, while outside the urban or mixed cycle definitely choose different tires.
  • Translation This review has been automatically translated from another language and is awaiting verification by a professional translator.

    Opinion from outside IE user: Corsa
    Rating: 4.3 111130

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    0 people 0 people

    Hello you. All season tires advised me against myself also had objections, because something about all this for nothing. I'm surprised they wanted once the tire riding in a heavy rain in the countryside, is not afraid to enter directly into the puddles, not even a little jerked the wheel speed of 80 km / h, with 100 slightly felt that his struggles. The snow also a pleasant surprise - the spawn car chassis, and he was driving. There was also the problem of a possible moving car in the snow, on ice knows no spikes tires. The tire is soft, it will sound less in the summer, I think the sooner you wipe. But he gives advice and our terms are not even asked if I buy again. Vulcanizer said he looks solid, and I will add that firmly on their travels.

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2012 Auto Bild test in size: 175/65 R14 rating: highly recommended