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Car Tyres

Car Tyres

Are you looking for new car tyres?

If you are after high-quality tyres for your car, look no further. We stock a vast range of car tyres for nearly all car makes and models. We offer the best in tyre products and services available online at a competitive price. We sell top brand tyres in premium, mid-range and economy class such as Bridgestone tyres, Avon tyres or Dunlop tyres, respectively.

Our offer comprises one of the largest collections of tyres for sale in the UK. It also covers everything you’ll need for new car tyres, including tyre fitting, tyre tests and reviews so you can see just how the tyres stack up against each other in the real world. Whether it’s summer tyres, winter tyres or all season tyres, we have the right tyres for your vehicle. To start with, check out our Top Three Bestsellers:

Winter season
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Best rated car tyres

The best tyres have been ranked by actual users, which means they were checked and assessed by real people in real road conditions. Take a look at the list below for more details and select new tyres which are going to work best for your car.

Summer car tyres


(1027 reviews)


(880 reviews)


(624 reviews)


(554 reviews)


(476 reviews)

Winter car tyres


(574 reviews)


(401 reviews)


(340 reviews)


(266 reviews)


(623 reviews)

Choosing car tyres

Choosing car tyres
When it comes to choosing the right car tyre for your vehicle, there are many things you must consider. Aside from summer, winter or all-season products, there are also different tyre tread patterns. This includes asymmetric tyres, symmetric tyres and even directional tyres. All of these have their own unique properties, greatly influencing your driving experience.

Summer tyres, for example, should be used between spring and autumn, when the temperature is above 7°C. When the temperature is lower, the effectiveness of these tyres is reduced, which is why it is better to fit winter tyres through the colder season. These have a unique rubber compound to cope with the cold, as well as tread patterns to ensure safety and grip in wet conditions. Winter tyres have more grooves and sipes, to help combat snow and aquaplaning.

All season tyres, on the other hand, feature qualities from both winter and summer products. These tyres are usable throughout the year, regardless of the weather. These are best used by motorists who are calmer behind the wheel and who travel at least 3,700 miles a year. Summer products, however, would be more suitable for faster, more dynamic drivers who do less than this per year. If you feel you belong to neither of the two, you may need to determine your driving style - it will let you choose the best tyres to support how you drive.

Of course, regardless of which type of tyre you choose, all manufacturers strive to produce tyres with excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions, as well as providing an effective braking distance, fuel economy and driving comfort.

When browsing through the collection of Oponeo tyres, you can find various products with reasonable prices. We offer a wide range of economic and cheap car tyres, as well as medium and premium class products, ensuring there is a perfect choice for every UK driver. Check out the size of the tyres you need for your vehicle, place your order today and have your tyres fitted in one of our fitting centres.

The most popular tyre diameters

Car tyre brands

There are plenty of car tyre manufacturers - check out our popular car tyres online listed by brand below. Depending on what car you use, where and how you drive, choose budget or premium tyres. We have a huge collection of Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Dunlop or Goodyear on offer.

Select the most appropriate model of tyres for your car using our tyre configurator - it will help you opt for the most suitable alternative. For the right tyre size, check the tyre markings on the sidewall of your tyre.

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