Tyres for a car transport trailer need to be able to withstand heavy loads. Transporting loads as heavy as other vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles or quads, requires proper preparation. It is therefore advisable to think carefully when buying tyres to ensure not only driving comfort, but above all safety for yourself and other road users.

car on a transporterTyres for a car transporter must be very durable.

Car transporter tyres – why is it so important to choose the right ones?

Just like lorry tyres, car transporter tyres need to be able to withstand heavy loads. These trailers, as well as beavertail lorries (i.e. cars with an integrated loading platform), are used to transport vehicles, which are very heavy loads. This requires the use of suitable tyres.

They must be made of abrasion-resistant compounds and have excellent grip. Under no circumstances should you choose tyres of unknown origin. Tyres from well-known brands can be used successfully to transport vehicles even over long distances. They have a much longer mileage and the technologies used in them, such as special tread patterns, allow safe and comfortable driving with a heavy load.

The role of the load index in car transporter tyres

It is essential that car transporter tyres – 10 inches, e.g. Security TR 603, as well as other sizes, have the correct load index. Only then will they be able to carry the weight of the loads being transported on the platform. Therefore, a completely different value will be optimal for those who only want to transport motorbikes, for example, and a different value for those who want to load a car onto the trailer.

It is important to remember that if you combine two tyres designed to carry, say, 900 kg each, they can carry a total of 1,800 kg. This is why two-axle car transporters with four wheels are used for heavier vehicles.

Car transporter tyres should be reinforced

Tyres for car transporters must have a robust structure to ensure safety. This is indicated by the tyre’s ‘C’ rating, which also indicates its suitability for use on vans. These products have higher load index values and lower speed index values. They can therefore carry heavy loads, but require the driver to drive more slowly.

However, this is not an inconvenience in the case of a car transporter, as the person driving such a trailer must also comply with the legal limits for trailers.

Buying used car transporter tyres is a big risk

It is not worth investing in used tyres. Although they may appear to be in very good condition, it is sometimes the case that the inner part is damaged in some way. This poses a considerable risk, especially in the case of a car transporter carrying heavy vehicles. It is not difficult to imagine what could happen if a tyre bursts while travelling on the motorway.

Car transporter tyres should be matched to road conditions

Many car transporter drivers rely mainly on all-season tyres. The idea is to save time and money. However, those who frequently transport cars, for example when importing cars from abroad, or who have to transport a vehicle over a long distance, should choose special summer or winter models. These guarantee the best possible handling characteristics, which means maximum safety, especially when driving in difficult conditions.

14C or 13 car transporter tyres – how to choose the right size?

Many people wonder which tyres they should choose for their car transporter to fit their rims. The principle is the same as for normal car tyres. You must strictly follow the guidelines given by the manufacturer of the car transporter. 

You must therefore use the rims and tyres specified in the owner’s manual. If the trailer was bought second-hand and the previous owner did not pass on all the instructions, you can look them up on the manufacturer’s website or contact the customer support.

As with other types of trailer, relatively small rim sizes and tyres are used on car transporters. It is very common to fit 13” car transporter tyres, such as the Journey WR068, as well as 14” versions. These may not seem like much, but they are perfectly adequate sizes.