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Laufenn G Fit 4S

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All Season
65 / pc.

Laufenn G Fit 4S features

The dream choice of many passenger car drivers is a versatile tyre that provides very good performance and driving safety regardless of the prevailing road conditions or weather. The Laufenn G Fit 4S is an all-season economy class model that meets these requirements perfectly.

The Korean brand designers used wide circumferential grooves in this tyre, which are responsible for effective drainage of water, mud and snow, as well as an extremely rigid centre rib, which improves the vehicle's performance during dynamic driving on both dry and wet roads. As a result, the tyre guarantees optimum performance in all conditions encountered on the road. For improved safety, the tread of the G Fit 4S contains numerous additional grooves. They are characterized by different shapes and angles of intersection, which positively affects not only the grip in difficult conditions, but also the comfort of car maneuvering.

The advanced tread pattern alone is not enough to create a all-season universal tyre. You also need an innovative rubber compound that will retain its parameters at negative temperatures and will not wear off at a rapid pace in positive temperatures. The Laufenn G Fit 4S tyre's silica-enriched rubber and additives are flexible enough to maintain good grip on snowy surfaces and provide high comfort in summer.

Logo Laufen

Laufenn is a Korean economy tyre brand that offers drivers a compromise between price and performance and road safety. The brand is part of the Asian tyre giant, the Hankook concern.

Laufenn G Fit 4S reviews

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Sizes & Prices Of Laufenn G Fit 4S

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Tyre name: Size: LI/SI: Price: Quantity:
205/55 R16 94 V 65 Buy
225/40 R18 92 Y 93 Buy
225/45 R17 94 W 99 Buy
195/65 R15 95 H 58 Buy
195/65 R15 91 H 55 Buy
175/65 R14 82 T 49 Buy
185/65 R15 92 T 62 Buy
225/65 R17 106 H 96 Buy
215/60 R17 96 V 91 Buy
155/65 R14 75 T 48 Buy

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