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Cooper Zeon LTZ

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163 / piece
Rating: Brilliant! 111190 2 reviews

Cooper Zeon LTZ

Information on the tyre:

Cooper Zeon LTZ is summer middle-class tyre produced for 4x4’s . The model was developed as a hybrid between a sport truck tyre and an all-terrain tyre. The design solution allow for a smooth ride in both an off-road type car, as well as a luxury SUV.


The tyre has a symmetric tread pattern, which is best suited for very diverse and changing road conditions . This tread is ideal for driving in all-terrain, apart from maintaining proper traction, it is wear and tear resistant plus it is relatively quiet.


Cooper Zeon LTZ tread is designed with specific blocks, which significantly improves driving on mud and sand . The use of dual "Z"-shaped sipes on each tread lug helps provide for long, dependable traction in all-weather conditions while balancing tread element stiffness for tread wear and handling. With these tyres, you defeat many obstacles, and sudden bad weather will not be a cause for concern. This model will guarantee you calm travelling, regardless the terrain or weather.


The Cooper brand comes from the United States, precisely from the capital of the tyre industry - Akro in Ohio. The motto in their first year was: " Best Known for quality, fair profit and a good deal” , and the principles contained in it are valid to this day. Good quality combined with attractive prices. If you want to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride, without spending too much, these tyres are for you.

User reviews

Overall rating: 4.9 Overall rating: Overall rating is a weighted average of individual performance, not the arithmetic mean. Some of the tyre features have greater and some have smaller impact on the overall assessment. 2 reviews

  • Use costs: Tyre influence on car operating costs. 111120 4.2
  • Comfort: Tyre influence on driving comfort. 111190 4.9
  • Road properties: Tyre influence on driveability 11111 5.0
  • Off-road properties: Behaviour of the tyre during off-road driving. 111180 4.8

2 customers rated this tyre

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The information about this tyre are being collected for 831 days. In that time we have collected 2 reviews.
Total distance covered by our customers is 25000 km.

The best rated parameter is: road.

This tyre was reviewed by users driving in terrain + outside the city.

This tyre was reviewed by drivers, who claim their driving style as moderate.

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  • CookieMonster
    Rating: 4.9 111190

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    Great tires for a Range Rover that is used as a Range Rover rather than a Chelsea tractor.
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    Opinion from outside IE user: GT
    Rating: 4.8 111180

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    This is the fourth series of LTZ I had and have on average 70,000 km (50,000 miles) on each set. Never had a puncture (10 folds?). Never had a problem with them; they also perform well on dry asphalt, wet tarmac, ice, snow, wet grass and mud - and they look great. I do not drive like a hooligan who might have something to do with the city, but experience has shown that travel at or just below the speed limit, makes little difference in the arrival time . I pulled the following on tough conditions, no problem: 44 ton articulated truck (empty) on the wet grass - my 4x4 on the tarmac. A transport truck together with two horse trailer (both loaded) 600mm flood water. A van from Luton transit (loaded) in the wet grass - both in the wet grass. The grip of the tires is amazing and if you buy them, you will not be disappointed.

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Cooper Zeon LTZ 255/55 R19 111 H XL 255/55 R19 111 H 163 Buy
Cooper Zeon LTZ 275/45 R20 110 S 275/45 R20 110 S 238 Buy
Cooper Zeon LTZ 275/55 R20 117 S 275/55 R20 117 S 203 Buy

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