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Summer tyres: Michelin

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Top quality tire, definitely recommend
Opinion TheYorkshireBiker93: 4.7

I bought these tires for the multiple bikes I own. A gixxer 1000, Z750, Panigale and R1M. I put these tires on all my bikes because the confidence I have in them is at another level. They warm up relatively quickly to give good adhesion in cold and wet conditions. I never felt them slip or jump during a ride. When the roads are dry, the tires warm up and give a fantastic feeling when cornering. The level of grip is very high, and if you manage to get those slips, then it can be controlled quite easily. If you're just a commuter in all weathers or drive, say "like crazy" then these tires will not let you down. and for the price, you can not beat them. the next best tires in my opinion would be the supercorsas and we all know how much they are more »

Michelin PILOT SPORT 3
Excellent tire for powerful cars and fast driving on winding roads, very good in wet conditions.
Opinion Orpheus : 4.1

Tyre Michelin PILOT SPORT 3 is in many respects better than the PS2. First of all, wet performance is better than any other summer tyre in this dimension. The tyre is exceptionally resistant to aquaplaning (with the dimension), which allows for much safer and more enthusiastic driving in the rain. Behavior on dry roads leaves nothing to complain about. The braking distance can be slightly shorter than the other tyres, however grip cornering and stability at fast speeds (above 260 km / h on German motorways) are at the highest level. The tyre rubs off faster, but it's a plus soft compound, providing such parameters. The tyre worth its price. I would recommend Michelin PILOT SPORT 3 to those who like fast driving a powerful car. more »

Winter tyres: Michelin

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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value for money
Opinion maki: 4.4

Excellent tire, it is not cheap but I think the value of money. I am a messenger, often go to small towns, where it is rare when the roads are plowed as it should. Never happened to me in August bury, even on snow steep uphill no problem, even if I had "rhythm" 500 700 kg. When it comes to comfort he did not notice the difference when it comes to noise compared to the summer (and I was also a Michelin Algis, factory mounted in ducato) of the tire truth gives a sense of security, you need some courage teeth lost his grip on the blade example. I recommend to everyone, and often many Drivin 'the back roads. Each year, the "doing" about 75 thousand miles. Peaceful settlement will do przejezdzic two seasons. Personally, I like buying are still Algis Alpin. more »

Michelin ALPIN 5
first round today :)
Opinion valdi: 4.9

I was wondering what tires to choose from. Continental did not have my size (850), so I chose the Michelin Alpin 5. I did a bit of soul on his shoulder because of the tests and examinations not heard (except for less ADAC). I do not know why there are still four alpine well. not many know, but today I did the first few hundred miles ..... and is stable and fairly quiet (I got up to 150 and the noise really a minimum, but the most important .. the burning of 400 km and average left me 4.9 / 100 where the tire I have been the same player 5.2-5.4 SURPRISE !!!! MORE horrible if someone can help, because few comments on the net :) I would personally recommend the course evaluation on snow and wet roads I wrote because I had to but I got barely dry. more »

All season tyres: Michelin

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

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