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152 pcs.
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Tyre specifications
Vehicle type:
Speed index:
V = max 240 km/h
Load index:
93 = max 650 kg
5 years from the date of production details
EU label:
C A B 71 dB
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Product description
Product description

Bridgestone Blizzak LM005


The tyre meets the European Union's requirements for winter tyres

Carries the 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Flake) symbol, which is awarded after the model in question has been thoroughly tested for snow grip.

tyre tests Bridgestone Blizzak LM005:





ACE/ARBÖ/GTÜ 235/55 R18 highly recommended 1
ÖAMTC 205/60 R16 highly recommended -
Auto, Motor und Sport 255/45 R20 Winner of the test 1
TCS 205/60 R16 highly recommended -
ADAC 205/60 R16 good -
ÖAMTC 225/45 R17 recommended -
TCS 225/45 R17 recommended -
Auto Bild 225/40 R18 good -
ADAC 225/45 R17 satisfactory -
Auto Bild 225/45 R18 satisfactory -





Auto, Motor und Sport 245/45 R19 very good -
Auto Bild 245/40 R19 excellent 1
Auto Zeitung 225/45 R17 highly recommended 2
Auto Bild 225/45 R19 good -
Auto Bild 215/55 R17 good -
ADAC 185/65 R15 satisfactory -
ADAC 215/60 R16 satisfactory -





Auto, Motor und Sport 195/55 R16 very good 1
Auto Zeitung 235/55 R18 Winner of the test 1
ÖAMTC 225/50 R17 recommended -
TCS 225/50 R17 recommended -
ÖAMTC 195/65 R15 recommended -
TCS 195/65 R15 recommended -
Auto Bild Allrad 235/55 R18 good 3
Auto Bild Sportcars 225/45 R18 good -
Auto Bild Sportcars 245/40 R18 good -
Auto Bild 205/55 R16 good -
ADAC 225/50 R17 satisfactory -
ADAC 195/65 R15 satisfactory -





TCS 205/55 R16 highly recommended 1
Auto Bild 245/45 R18 excellent 2
GTÜ 225/50 R17 Highly recommended 1
ÖAMTC 205/55 R16 highly recommended 1
Auto, Motor und Sport 225/50 R17 very good 1
Auto Bild 225/55 R17 excellent 2
Auto Bild 225/40 R18 excellent 1
Auto Zeitung 205/55 R16 Winner of the test 1
Auto Bild Allrad 225/55 R17 excellent 2
ADAC 205/55 R16 good 1
TCS 235/55 R17 recommended -
ÖAMTC 235/55 R17 recommended -
ADAC 235/55 R17 satisfactory -





Auto Bild 225/45 R17 excellent -
Auto, Motor und Sport 215/55 R17 highly recommended 2
Auto Bild 215/60 R17 good 2

Scale of scores: Highest lowest

The Bridgestone Blizzak LM005 is a premium winter tyre from the flagship series of the Japanese company. With its outstanding grip, braking performance and full control during driving, it has not only won the hearts of motoring enthusiasts all over the world, but has also received an award from the Swiss TÜV institute for its outstanding grip, braking performance and control.

Choose Bridgestone's Blizzak LM005 tyres if you are looking for:

Safety - the tyres are equipped with two separate sipes systems which are located separately in the central zone and on the shoulders. They allow for efficient and controlled braking on an icy or snow-covered road.

Highest grip grade - specially prepared corrugated grooves provide additional edges to increase the contact surface between the tyre and the road. This translates into a much better grip, especially when driving on snow.

Phenomenal winter parameters - the nano-selective silica particle distribution technology in the Nano Pro-Tech rubber compound enhances the model's winter capabilities, providing even more safety on wet roads.


Bridgestone is a Japanese premium tyre and rubber brand manufacturing tyres and rubber products for all world markets. The concern also has other well-known brands under its wings, such as Firestone, Dayton or Seiberling. Bridgestone's tyres are manufactured in 178 plants around the world.

Technical data:

Bridgestone Blizzak LM005 winter tyre is considered Premium class class, that is, characterised by modern technology and maximum performance.

You are currently viewing a tyre in the size 205/50 R17. The tyre is currently available in sizes between 14 to 22 inch.

Tyre additionally:

  • Tyre is reinforced (is more resistant to heavier loads)
  • has a rim protector (the designation of this type of tyre depends on the tyre manufacturer).

The tyre has the following label parameters


class C - fuel efficiency


class A - braking distance on wet surfaces


classB - external noise

This is a tyre with indexes:

Speed index V - maximum speed you can go with this tyre is 240 km/h.

Load index 93 - the maximum load this tyre can take is 650 kg.

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Available options in size 205/50 R17
17" 1 available option
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C | A | B 72dB |
Audi Approval

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EU label
EU label
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Bridgestone Blizzak LM005 Tyre warranty

  • The manufacturer assures the highest quality of workmanship and materials of its products,
  • Warranty is provided for a period of 5 years from the date of manufacture,
  • The warranty covers any defects and damage that occurred through the fault of the manufacturer,
  • In the case of an accepted complaint, the tires will be repaired, replaced with new ones or you will receive an appropriate discount for the purchase of new ones (depending on the degree of wear of the advertised tires).
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