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Recommended tyres winter tyres Goodride

Goodride SW608

56 reviews

From 51 pcs.

In our offer, we have 5 Goodride tyre models
priced from 51 € to 263 €.

Goodride car tyres

Goodride SW618
No image
From 92 pcs.

Goodride 4x4 tyres

Goodride SW658
From 140 pcs.

Goodride Van tyres

Goodride SW612

2 reviews

From 68 pcs.

Our customers' opinions on Goodride tyres:

  • Fabio 4.1

    Goodride SW608

    I was skeptical about the choice, I thought wrong and I almost (before Michelin) Instead, I'm really satisfied. Compliance with the rules of the road are very good and you can afford to drive a little sport, keep well and I never felt in situations of non-compliance. Some difficulties in balancing a tire. Consumption in the middle of the other people I know. The will buy again, in fact I just ordered the summer of the same house. See more >
  • Ivo B. 4.7

    Goodride SW608

    I ride mostly in Prague, but I took a few longer trips (1500 km) of roads in Germany and Poland. The tires behave much better than I expected given the price. Excellent performance on dry roads, wet and snowy. Speed ​​of 170 km / h on a motorway in Germany during heavy rain, the snow was not a problem. Still, it was vile slush covered the floor, the car kept "as nailed." Also on snowy road keeps excellent. In the wet, they have a grip slightly lower during startup, but cornering and braking even keeps in situations where there is a collision at more speeds require a sharp evasive action. Increased noise, so typical of winter tires, I never noticed. Summer tires are Goodyear See more > EfficientGrip Performance, which were on the car when you buy it. Rv 2014 Opel Astra ST 1.7 TDCI 81 kilowatts travel 61,000 kilometers. Including about 15500 km in the winter on Goodride tires. I really recommend these winter tires.