Good quality tyres are essential for the safety and comfort of motorists. Responsible for both braking and acceleration, they are in constant contact with the surface of the road. They also take a lot of punishment from potholes, curbs, and all the daily mistakes drivers make.

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Summer tyres are designed to provide optimal performance in temperatures above 7° Celsius. We measure their quality by assessing four factors paramount for safety and comfort. Those are:

Usually, the more expensive a model is, the better performance it offers. However, some budget tyres stand out from the crowd. They provide remarkable value and are easy on the pocket. So, without further ado, let's have a look at the top five best budget tyres in the summer for your car.

#5 Nexen N'Fera SU1 (£57 per tyre)

The 5th prize goes to Nexen N'Fera SU1. This model, made of a carefully designedrubber/silica mixture, is widely praised by drivers and experts alike. It offers exceptional confidence in all weather conditions due to driving stability, precision and short braking distance. Its unique tread pattern provides drivers and passengers with acoustic comfort, which is especially relevant during longer drives. Customers are also satisfied with the durability of Nexen N'Fera SU1. This factor is of utmost importance as most of the affordable tyres wear fast.

We recommend Nexen tyres for both small city cars and larger vehicles that cover longer distances. With N'Fera SU1 you can enjoy fantastic value and peace of mind for a price that is more than reasonable.

#4 Nexen N'Blue HD Plus (£56 per tyre)

Nexen N'Blue HD Plus tyres, the latest version of the widely praised N`Blue HD model came fourth. Improvements include a new tyre grooves system, tasked with even more efficient water drainage and aquaplaning protection. A shorter braking distance on a wet surface is another great advantage here. Three independent tread ribs are responsible for increased tyre stiffness at high speeds, which translates to better handling and greater drivers' confidence. Lastly, reduced rolling resistance saves money as it contributes to overall fuel efficiency. 

Nexen N'Blue HD Plus have received great feedback from their users and are certainly worth recommending. They are excellent, affordable summer tyres for everyday use, commuting and long family journeys.

#3 Nankang NS 2 (£53 per tyre)

The third place goes to Nankang NS 2 summer tyres. While they are reliable under all circumstances, their main advantage is how well they perform on a wet surface. The grip and water dispersal they provide are exceptional, even in heavy rains or when making a sharp turn. Precision is paramount at higher speeds, and Nankang NS 2 deliver on their promises here as well. The unique design of the tread helps reduce both the noise and vibrations when driving.

Nankang NS 2 offers solid performance, safety and comfort. They are proof that budget tyres can be reliable and made to last. So, if you need to choose affordable tyres for your car, go for Nankang NS 2. Enjoy excellent branking, stable handling at low and high speeds, as well as comfort level on par with more expensive models.

#2 Imperial Ecosport 2 (£53 per tyre)

The next contestant in our ranking is the Imperial Ecosport 2. A well-deserved second place due to its high durability, excellent safety (regardless of the weather conditions) and exceptional comfort. They don't lose grip on either dry or wet surfaces and are reliable when it comes to fuel efficiency. The car users' comfort is another advantage as Imperial Ecosport 2 tyres aren't as noisy as most of their budget counterparts.

One feature which is very often praised is the look of these summer tyres. For many users, the fact that Imperial Ecosport 2 tyres look more like a premium brand is a nice bonus indeed. With no traction or handling issues, we can more than recommend Ecosport 2 to any regular car user.

#1 Zeetex HP2000 VFM (£48 per tyre)

And the winner is... (drum roll) Zeetex HP2000 VFM! Zeetex combines the performance of premium-class tyres with affordable prices of the budget segment. These tyres are recommended for both daily commute and long-range trips. For Sunday drivers and dynamic driving fans alike. Zeetex HP2000 VFM received high ratings for outstanding grip on the dry surface and its four wide water evacuation grooves that boost wet roads performance. Due to asymmetric tread design, these tyres improve car stability, even during high-speed manoeuvres. 

Zeetex HP2000 VFM tyres combine short braking distance on the wet and dry surface with exceptional control and comfort. Drivers and passengers alike will appreciate low noise and vibration levels. It seems almost impossible that these are affordable, budget tyres, and you will be delighted to see that premium performance does not always come with a premium price tag.

That concludes our top 5 of the best cheap summer tyres. To find cheap tyres online, make sure to check out all our tyres.