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Continental VancoCamper

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106 / piece
Rating: Good 11110 2 reviews

Continental VancoCamper features

Type: summer tyre.

Class: premium - ensures maximum performance and top quality.

Intended use: camping cars.

Tread: symmetrical pattern - provides balanced performance on any type of surface.

Sizes: from 15 to 16 inches.

Continental VancoCamper is a modern, premium tyre designed for camping vehicles. The model has an asymmetric tread, which works perfectly both in dry and wet conditions. Wide grooves efficiently evacuate water, providing quick drying of the structure. They reduce the risk of aquaplaning, which is a high risk when driving on wet surfaces.[/pogrubienie]

The main objective of the tyre designers was to provide excellent driving safety and adequate load-carrying capacity typical for camping vehicles. The modern and robust materials used in the tyre have made the Continental VancoCamper more resistant to mechanical damage and rapid abrasion. This was also made possible due to the even distribution of forces acting within the tyre, making the tread wear more slowly and evenly. As a result, you may enjoy the full operational parameters of the Continental VancoCamper throughout its service life without having to worry about driving safety and comfort due to tyre age. The sides of the tyre are protected by a rigid structure providing strong support for heavy loaded axles. The rigid carcass and robust belt make the model highly resistant to overloads and abrasion. The Continental VancoCamper is a reliable and comfortable tyre for drivers of tourist cars.

Manufacturer Info:Continental is one of the largest tyre suppliers in the world. The company owns other brands, including Barum, Uniroyal, Semperit, General Tire and Viking. The company specialises in premium tyres with maximum performance on all types of surfaces, excellent quality and comfortable operation. The company offers a wide range of tyres for a variety of vehicles, both for summer and winter season. The company was established in 1871. Currently, it operates 22 production sites worldwide.

Continental VancoCamper reviews

Overall rating: 4.0 Overall rating: Overall rating is a weighted average of individual performance, not the arithmetic mean. Some of the tyre features have greater and some have smaller impact on the overall assessment. 2 reviews

  • Use costs: Tyre influence on car operating costs. 111120 4.2
  • Comfort: Tyre influence on driving comfort. 117000 2.7
  • Road properties: Tyre influence on driveability 111130 4.3

2 customers rated this tyre

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The information about this tyre are being collected for 3083 days. In that time we have collected 2 reviews.
Total distance covered by our customers is 30000 km.

The best rated parameter is: wet surface.

This tyre was reviewed by users driving usually outside the city.

This tyre was reviewed by drivers, who claim their driving style as moderate.

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  • Translation This review is a translation from another language and is awaiting a verification of a professional translator.

    Opinion from outside IE user: Pilote
    Rating: 4.3 111130

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    0 people 0 people

    Motorhome full driver s / Jumper-Ducato 2.8 Browsing the 51000 km on tires. AV is about 5000 km, AR worn 60%. Michelin used to replace the Conti may be a little bit more noisy (some coatings), but also much better in life (X2) and especially grip.
  • Translation This review is a translation from another language and is awaiting a verification of a professional translator.

    Opinion from outside IE user: kurier
    Rating: 3.7 111700

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    0 people 0 people

    I often overloaded car, so I bought these tires, I heard they are very strong and have confirmed this in August to 100%. Very tired urban

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Continental VancoCamper 195/75 R16 107 R CP 195/75 R16 107 R 106 Buy
Continental VancoCamper 225/65 R16 112 R CP 225/65 R16 112 R 167 Buy
Continental VancoCamper 215/70 R15 109 R CP 215/70 R15 109 R 127 Buy
Continental VancoCamper 235/65 R16 115 R CP 235/65 R16 115 R 156 Buy
Continental VancoCamper 225/75 R16 116 R CP 225/75 R16 116 R 161 Buy

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