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Hankook Radial RA-18

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Choosing van tyres

Tires for vans and buses are subject to greater loads and more intensive use than passenger cars. Therefore, they should be matched with reinforced tires, i.e. tires with a higher load index.

Reinforced van tires are identified by one of three symbols: XL, C and LT.

XL Extra Load Indicates that it is adapted to higher loads
C Commercial
(Reinforced tyres)
Indicates load index higher than XL
LT Light Truck This symbol is used mainly in the USA, indicating its intended use for delivery and 4x4 passenger vehicles

Cargo tyres are dedicated to small vans, with a load capacity of up to 3.5T. These tyres are marked with a ‘C’ and have two load indexes, the first rating for a twin-wheel axle, the second for a single axle. Despite having similar sizing to some passenger cars, you should never be tempted to swap from one type to another - cargo tyres are more durable and have stronger sidewalls, which gives them excellent loading capacity at the cost of performance (speed and grip) – these tyres are designed to be hard wearing. Perhaps a little-known fact about these tyres is that road noise has been greatly reduced over standard car tyres, all in a bid to make the life of a commercial driver just that little better. Despite having a stiffer carcass, cargo tyres are designed to allow some flexibility over bumpy roads; this results in a smoother ride for the driver (and any goods being transported) and hence contributes to road safety. Manufacturers have been able to do this thanks to tyre technology and modern compounds to ensure a good driving experience.

Our customers van tyres reviews:

  • Tomas 4.1

    Nexen Roadian CT8

    I purchsed the Nexen Roadian CT8 tyres oa Oponeo. I drove on those tyresr 5000 miles and the pattern tread still looks very good . The tyres perform very well on dry conditions even outside the city. Maybe it could be a bit better on wet, but I value them as very good product in this price segment. . I will definitely buy another set in the future. I highly recommend those tyres to everyone! See more >
  • Tomasz Wiśniewski 4.2

    Nokian Tyres cLine Cargo

    For several years, I have been buying Nokian tires for for delivery vehicles with caissons (tarpaulins). Nokian tires have a relatively long service life, are virtually trouble free and work very well on wet and dry surfaces. The average mileage is 50,000 km in summer and 35,000 to 40,000 km in winter tires. A good tire for those who appreciate comfort, safety and durability. See more >
  • Jaro Bill 4.5

    Laufenn X Fit VAN

    I fought laufenami 3 busy blaszaki (summer and winter). On a car, I drove about 60,000 km on both cars, almost no sign of wear. Driving, I feel like in a passenger car, so calm. The tires are great, unfortunately after the introduction of the tires has a very good price, now it is much higher. In one way or another, the tires of the revel, recommendable. See more >
  • gutek 4.2

    Semperit VAN-LIFE 2

    Good tires, you can do up to 150,000 kilometers on them. Recently, however, another shot was fired on the new tire and it damaged the tire next to the twin. Unfortunately, newborns are dying, and I think it was a factory defect. I also hope that Oponeo will accept the warranties and replace the tires. See more >

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