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Falken ZE 914A

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91 / pc.

Falken ZE 914A features


Passenger cars


Falken ZE 914 A is a medium-class summer tyre with a technically developed tread. The tyre is equipped with an asymmetric tread, which means that its halves are not identical. The external part is responsible for driving stability at bends and on dry surfaces and the internal part mainly drains water from under the crown ply, which protects the tyre against aquaplaning. The tyre is stable on bends, even on wet surfaces, thanks to the its large tyre/road contact area. The tread consists of longitudinal grooves and a system of smaller drain grooves at the reinforced edge of the tyre.

Information on the technology:

Falken ZE 914 A is made of an advanced rubber compound enriched by elastic polymers and silica. With this, the tyre has adequate stability and grip, and the drive is silent and comfortable even at high speeds. What’s more, its reduced rolling resistance allows for lower fuel consumption. Therefore, travelling with ZE 914 A is economical.

It should be noted that the manufacturer supplies the tyre with a practical tread wear indicator. It’s easy to see when older tyres are becoming dangerous and should be replaced.

Despite the fact that Falken ZE 914 A is rated at medium-class, it will meet the expectations of demanding drivers. This comes not only from the composition of the compound used in the tread structure. The tyre was developed by engineers who made efforts to make it distinguished on the market.

Information on the manufacturer:

The tyre was manufactured by the Japanese Falken, a group that pays a lot of attention to product quality. Active on the market since 1983, the company has been constantly developing, implementing innovative solutions and modern production methods. Originally, the brand was created to dominate the American market with its UHP line, but today its tyres are used by vehicles all over the world.

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