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Falken recommended tyres

Falken ZE 914

256 reviews

From 109 pcs.
Falken FK 453

42 reviews

From 102 pcs.
Falken SN 832 ECORUN

21 reviews

From 65 pcs.

In our offer, we have 44 Falken tyre models
priced from 59 € to 733 €.

Falken car tyres

Falken Sincera SN110
From 59 pcs.
Falken HS 435

13 reviews

From 60 pcs.
Falken Eurowinter HS01

4 reviews

From 61 pcs.
Falken SN 807

7 reviews

From 64 pcs.
Falken Eurowinter HS02
From 68 pcs.
Falken SN 832A
From 71 pcs.
Falken Ziex ZE310 Ecorun

4 reviews

From 72 pcs.
Falken Sincera SN110A
From 77 pcs.
Falken HS 437

20 reviews

From 81 pcs.
Falken Azenis FK520
From 82 pcs.
Falken SN 832B
No image
From 82 pcs.
Falken e.ZIEX
From 84 pcs.
Falken FK 07E
From 88 pcs.
Falken Ziex ZE010B
From 93 pcs.
Falken Euroall Season AS200

71 reviews

From 95 pcs.
Falken ZE 914A Ecorun
From 97 pcs.
Falken Azenis FK510

11 reviews

From 106 pcs.
Falken ZE 914A
From 111 pcs.
Falken Azenis FK510A
No image
From 112 pcs.
Falken ZE 914B
No image
From 114 pcs.
Falken Azenis RS820
From 153 pcs.

Falken 4x4 tyres

Falken LA/AT T110

3 reviews

From 91 pcs.
Falken Eurowinter HS01 SUV

1 review

From 113 pcs.
Falken Azenis FK510A SUV
From 118 pcs.
Falken WPAT01

6 reviews

From 118 pcs.
Falken Wildpeak H/T 01
No image
From 122 pcs.
Falken FK 453CC

4 reviews

From 129 pcs.
Falken Azenis FK510 SUV

2 reviews

From 132 pcs.
Falken Ziex ZE001A A/S
From 132 pcs.
Falken Wildpeak M/T 01
From 162 pcs.
Falken Wildpeak R/T RT01
From 212 pcs.

Falken Van tyres

Falken Linam VAN01
From 79 pcs.
Falken Eurowinter VAN01

1 review

From 93 pcs.
Falken Linam VAN01A
No image
From 118 pcs.
With a high sports performance and excellent driving in all conditions, there is no better way to describe Falken tyres. This manufacturer is known for producing high-class HP (High Performance) and UHP (Ultra High Performance) tyres for discerning drivers. If you like to use your car's full power and you want to enjoy dynamic driving regardless of the weather, these tyres are perfect for you!

In German, "Falken" means falcon. This powerful, predatory and valiant bird is a symbol of the uncompromising performance provided by the Japanese tyre brand, launched by Sumitomo Rubber Industries. By creating this new brand, the Asian company wanted its Ultra High Performance tyres to make it in the demanding US market. This includes providing a range of summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres.

These tyres' good reputation for performance doesn't come from nowhere. The company actively participates in prestigious races, including the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) and the Formula Drift Series Formula D. Falken also sponsors events such as the ALMS, Super Taikyu, the 24-hour Nürburgring race and various drift competitions (in which it has been one of the favourites for years): Formula D, D1 Grand Prix and the British Drift Championship.

Falken is referred to as a middle market segment tyre; however, this brand's favourable price does not mean sacrificing full performance and safety on the road.

Interesting facts:

The Falken Brand made its debut on the market in 1983.

Feminine beauty best accentuates the dynamics and design of fast cars. For several years, Falken tyres have been advertised by an elite group of beauties referred to as "Falken Models". The group includes Lindley Hanson, Mary J. Castillo and CJ Gibson.

In addition to UHP tyres, Falken provides the market with tyres for SUVs, delivery vans and lorries.

The nature of the brand is expressed by slogans such as: "Driving with the pleasure you like" and "Inspiration driving".

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Our customers' opinions on Falken tyres:

  • Greg 5.0

    Falken Ziex ZE310 Ecorun

    I chose the tyres based on very good tests results in one of the popular car magazines. Very good choice ! Very quiet and comfortable tyres with a great grip. I really recommend it. I do not judge the rolling resistance and wear yet. So far travelled 7,000 km, it is not enough to say whether they are fast or slow. Still looking brand new See more >
  • Krzysztof 4.2

    Falken Euroall Season AS200

    These are my first all-season tires, mounted on the car, that I drive relatively little. I am very happy with the purchase - in summer as in winter, the car runs with confidence. Tires behave predictably - they do not suddenly lose braking grip, they're not too soft and can handle passing through holes and unpaved roads. With this car I do not test the laws of physics, so I do not know how much they stick to the road in turns, and on the noise I can only say that I only hear the engine (which is not silent ). It is written on the tires that they were made in Japan. See more >
  • Paweł Pikus 4.3

    Falken ZE 914

    The tires I use the first year and the first time I ordered via Oponeo.fr. I am happy with the purchase and I will be happy to recommend to my friends the purchase of tires through Oponeo.fr. Falken ZE 914 tires are of good quality at a satisfactory price for the potential buyer, in this case me, where I evaluate the purchase as very successful. Do not let your tires spoil for better use. See more >
  • Włodek 4.4

    Falken SN 832 ECORUN

    I usually drive premium tyres. However, at the end of summer, the family found a second car, a bit old and on old, although unused winter tyres. I put on the Falkens, so at the end of the summer season, I only managed to ride them about 4,000 km, of which about half in urban conditions. After such a mileage, it is difficult to assess the failure rate of these tyres, as well as talk about any visible signs of tread wear. We will see what they will look like after the second season, which in my case is about 15,000 km. The tyres perform very well on wet surfaces. I can hardly see any difference between driving these Falkens and the summer Continental that I have on the other car. Almost, See more > because the Falkens are, however, more noisy and this is their only drawback so far.