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Currently we do not have Dayton tyres in our warehouses, but we can offer products from over 100 other tyre manufacturers.
An American brand of economy tyres, producing summer tyres for passenger cars, light lorries and delivery vans. The Dayton Rubber Company started operations in 1905, founded by entrepreneur John C. Hooven. It is now owned by the Japanese company Bridgestone, the world's largest tyre manufacturer.

Key dates:

1905 — Foundation of the Dayton Rubber Company in Hamilton, Ohio

1906 — Start of production, including garden hoses, raincoats, valves and other goods made of rubber

1908 — Design of the first Dayton car tyres

1923 — The first low-pressure Dayton tyre, the Thorobred Cord model

1934 — The first Dayton production tyre made of synthetic rubber

1960 — Dayton Tire changes its name to Dayco and becomes part of Dayco Corporation

1961 — Firestone takes over Dayton Tire with Dayco; it returns back to the original name

1988 — Dayton, together with Firestone, is purchased by the Japanese company Bridgestone

1992 — The first Dayton tyres for lorries are produced

2015 — A new line of Dayton tyres, which becomes the most important Bridgestone brand in the economy segment.

Interesting facts:

The first Dayton passenger car tyres manufactured in the 1910s were advertised with the slogan "For the man who wants to get rid of his tire troubles".

Since 1973, Leon has been the Dayton brand's symbol and mascot; it was invented by an employee named Chick Noreau. Leon advertised Dayton tyres and became a highly recognised icon, comparable to Mickey Mouse, in the United States during the 1970s and 1980s.

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