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In our offer, we have 13 Nordexx tyre models
priced from 52 € to 187 €.

Nordexx car tyres

Nordexx NS3000
From 52 pcs.
Nordexx NS5000

1 review

From 56 pcs.
Nordexx NS9000
From 60 pcs.
Nordexx NA6000
No image
From 69 pcs.
Nordexx NS9100
No image
From 72 pcs.
Nordexx WinterSafe 2
From 72 pcs.
Nordexx NS9200
No image
From 87 pcs.

Nordexx 4x4 tyres

Nordexx NU7000
From 72 pcs.
Nordexx NC1100
From 74 pcs.
Nordexx NU7100
No image
From 124 pcs.

Nordexx Van tyres

Nordexx NC1000
From 77 pcs.
Nordexx WinterSafe Van 2
No image
From 89 pcs.
Nordexx NA6000 Van
No image
From 91 pcs.
Nordexx brand is a Dutch company owned by NDI group. The purpose of this group is to design solutions that support the technical development of the mother tyre market. Nordexx tyres created within this group are addressed to each, even the latest version of passenger and van cars. Nordexx tyres meet all required European and American standards. Nordexx tyres is a combination of low-cost purchase without sacrificing safety and quality. Many of these tyres is in offer prepared by our shop, see it and choose something for yourself.

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