Winter is a time when the driver must always remain fully concentrated while driving. Sometimes, however, even this may not be enough in the face of the challenges this season involves. Increasingly frequent rain and snowfall, or the appearance of black ice require using the best winter tyres that will help ensure road safety regardless of the conditions. Check which winter models in size 215/55 R16 are recommended by our customers based on their own experience and choose the perfect solution for your needs.

a car going in winterThe winter period is a real test for tyres.

When to switch to winter tyres?

The time when the thermometer readings begin to remain below 7°C during the day is considered as the cut-off point between the seasons. In such case, it is worth getting a set of winter tyres. Of course, you should not regard this boundary very strictly; if you get up early to work or travel often after dark, you have to think about the change a little bit earlier.

Best winter tyres size 215/55 R16 according to drivers

Size 215/55 R16 is one of the most popular on the market. It is installed in the first equipment of such cars as: Ford Mondeo, Opel Signum, Vectra C, Audi A4 and A6, Citroen C4 and C5, VW Passat, Peugeot 308, 406, 5008 or Ford Focus. Therefore, its presence in our listings of models most recommended by drivers comes as no surprise. Which tyres in this size have been distinguished by our customers?

Tyre model:Average ratings by drivers*:      
Michelin Alpin 65,7
Nokian WR Snowproof5,5
Kormoran Snow5,45
Kleber Krisalp HP35,35
Nokian WR D45,3

* The rating was created based on scores given by Oponeo customers between January 2019 and October 2020. The scale was from 1 to 6. The list includes the models that received the minimum required number of opinions. The results visible on our store website may differ from those included in the summary, as the presented ratings concern only tyres in size 215/55 R16.

Michelin Alpin 6 – French quality in the fight against winter

The first place in the ranking based on the opinions of our customers was taken by the Michelin Alpin 6 model. The French premium manufacturer taking such a high position is certainly not a big surprise. After all, Michelin is one of the best and most innovative companies out there. Its products have more than once proven their worth in the most difficult conditions and the latest representative of the Alpine series is no different.

The new Traction Booster Compound provides the tyre with extremely satisfying performance and grip. Its task is to maintain driving parameters along with the wear of the rubber layer. As a result, regardless of the number of kilometers traveled, the tyres always guarantee control over the car while driving on snow-covered surfaces.

The Evergrip technology is certainly the major revolution in the Alpin 6 model. It is based on the use of unique grooves that gradually open with the natural wear of the tread. With this, you do not lose tire performance for a long time, despite the lowering of the rubber layer.

In our opinion, Michelin Alpin 6 is one of the most interesting options in the premium segment, offering very long tyre life and safety for the driver. But what do our customers think about it?

Your opinions:


I highly recommend Michelin tyres. My current tyres are already the second pair of winter tyres from this company in this car and I will not switch to another company.

With them, I feel safe on the road.


Finally, a tyre that provides perfect handling for such a large car; before that, I had the impression of a lack of control and comfort, and this tyre hugs the road beautifully.


The car is used in the city, as well as on routes and in the mountains. The tyres perform well on dry and wet surfaces. They behave perfectly in deep snow in the mountains. A bit worse on ice and slush. Despite that, they still perform very well. They absorb unevenness. Worth recommending.

See the Michelin Alpin 6 tyre:

Nokian WR Snowproof

The second place in the ranking was taken by a tyre from a manufacturer considered to be a true expert in the most difficult conditions. After all, Finnish Nokian is the brand responsible for the world's first winter tyre which, based on this vast experience, still provides drivers with some of the best products for this demanding season.

The WR Snowproof model is based on a completely new concept - the Alpin Sense Grip. Its purpose is to adapt the tyres to work in a wider temperature range. This is the Finnish manufacturer's response to the changing climate in Europe, where frosty days are often alternated with warmer, rainy periods. To this end, changes primarily involved the rubber compound and the arrangement of blocks and grooves of the tread, which now shows greater resistance to blocking.

The model also features solutions known and appreciated by drivers, such as Snow Claws protrusions - reliable in the fight against snow under the wheels - or the Silent Sidewall Technology, ensuring less noise while driving. All this means that the WR Snowproof will certainly not disappoint you and that it deserves such a high place in our ranking. Let's see what drivers think about it:

Your opinions


Very good and, above all, quiet winter tyres. I travel a lot on the highway and despite high speeds, the tyres do not make me tired with their noise. Previously, I had Dayton winter tyres that were louder, resulting in fatigue at the wheel and frequent stops. Nokian winter tyres are perfect for the highways in all weather conditions. They were also good at handling slush in the mountains. I have driven over 10,000 km on these tyres and I sincerely recommend them.


I am a happy owner of two Nokian sets in both my cars. After testing the WR D4 in a Citroen, I knew that with the upcoming replacement of winter tyres in Ford, I would only choose from the Nokian brand offer. The successor to the WRs, the Snowproof model, was chosen. Despite the mild winter, this season we managed to test it in a blizzard in the mountains and it passed with flying colors, 10/10. Short braking distances on both dry, wet and snow-covered surfaces. What surprised me the most was the traction in the turns, driving on a 5 cm layer of slush.


I opted for Nokian again and I was not disappointed. A tyre worth recommending.

See the Nokian Snowproof tyre:

Kormoran Snow

Kormoran Snow is the second option from the Michelin brand in this ranking, this one addressed to those looking for a slightly more budget-oriented solution. The Polish Kormoran brand draws abundantly from cooperation with the French giant, thanks to which its economy-class tyres are among the most frequently chosen by drivers in Europe. How does the model of a Polish producer win the hearts?

First of all, great workmanship and proven technological solutions. The Snow model uses a modern directional tread with widened, irregular circumferential channels. Such a profile is perfect for fighting water, snow and mud on the road. In addition, it allowed increasing the maximum number of edges on the tyre's surface, which helps to maintain traction on slippery surfaces.

The rubber compound based on natural rubber, soot and phenomenal silica, maintains its flexibility even at sub-zero temperatures. If you are looking for an economy-class solution that offers sustainable performance and driving confidence, you can trust the quality guaranteed by Kormoran and Michelin. Do drivers agree with this opinion?

Your opinions


The car drives well on these tyres. The tread profile is quite nice and functional. It works well both on wet surfaces and on snow.


The tyre is durable and robust, made of good quality plastic. It keeps the track and does not pull in any direction while braking. The product has good grip on snow and wet surfaces. I highly recommend it.


The tyres perfectly hold the car while driving, regardless of whether the road is dry or wet.


I recommend it, tested in winter conditions in the mountains, very good performance and reliable control.

Kleber Krisalp HP3

The Kleber Krisalp HP3 is another model from the Michelin family, this time representing the middle range. Although it has been available on the market for several seasons, it has invariably been receiving great reviews both from experts conducting professional tests and the users themselves. The French Kleber brand is renowned among drivers looking for the perfect balance between the price and quality of tyres, and this comparison is the best example.

The designers of the model primarily took care of the driver's safety in the most difficult conditions that can be encountered in the winter season. That's why they chose a directional tread with a special Toboggan gutter system. Such a pattern significantly reduces the risk of skidding when tyres come into contact with snow or mud, and at the same time effectively protects against aquaplaning. A rubber compound based on functional elastomers was also created with a view to travelling at low temperatures, which allows significantly shortening the braking distance on an icy surface.

The Kleber Krisalp HP3 is not only a safe tyre, but also very economical one. The new rubber compound and optimised tread pattern significantly reduce rolling resistance, which translates into fuel consumption. Do drivers' opinions confirm this?

Your opinions


I only drove 2,500 km, so some things are tricky to determine. However, I am definitely satisfied with the traction features and, moreover, they are quieter than any other.

Price to quality 6


These winter tyres perform well, both in snowy and snowless conditions. After the change, I went to mountain regions in Italy. I only have the best experience possible.


It drives well, the tyres are quiet. So far I have bought two tyres. Next winter I will buy two more of the same for the other axle. 100% recommended.

See the Kleber Krisalp HP3 tyres:

Nokian WR D4

The list is closed by the second model from the Finnish premium manufacturer. Upon entering the market, the Nokian WR D4 attracted the attention of almost all industry experts and drivers who were looking for reliable tyres for all winter conditions. There is a reason for it to be one of the most popular tyres in rankings based on our customers' opinions. What lies behind its great success?

A design refined in every detail, created with the European climate in mind. This means that no matter what conditions the driver has to face during the winter season, they can always feel confident that their tyres will not fail. They are equipped with a modern directional tread with a widened central rib and a very dense grid of snow sipes. Such a profile guarantees maintaining traction on typical winter surfaces.

The undoubted advantage of the WR D4 model is also the Twin Trac Silica rubber compound developed for its needs, containing natural rubber, silica and rapeseed oil. The perfectly matched proportions of ingredients ensure that it retains all its properties even in intense frost. Moreover, it also affects the service life of the tyres, which now serve much longer.

The silent sidewall technology, which is also used in the previously mentioned Snowproof model, is also worth mentioning.

Your opinions

 MiMad 89

This is not the first time I had used these tyres, since I already had them in each of my 4 cars, brand new, plus in about 4 cars in the family. I have never been disappointed with this brand and this model of tyres, no matter if I had them on 4x4 or two-wheel drive cars. They are currently fitted on a Subaru XV, Volvo V70, and Suzuki Ignis. In 4x4, they do great in all conditions, be it slush, snow, rain, etc. In Volvo, on the other hand, things are a bit worse, perhaps because of the front wheel drive and the car is quite worn out (almost 20 years old). Superb on dry surfaces; in other conditions, especially when starting, the wheels spin a little, they hold very well on corners, driving is confident while overtaking, although there's always this thought that you need to be careful at the back of your mind.

To sum up: grade B tyres normally, grade A in 4x4 cars.


I drove on these tyres for the entire winter season and they worked great in all weather conditions. I recommend it with all my heart.


I am very happy with my purchase. Oponeo sent them within the declared time. Great tyres. They grip the road very well. The drainage of water and snow is amazing. Very quiet.

See the Nokian WR D4 tyre:

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