The winter season is a real challenge for all motorists. Frequent rainfall, snowfall and low temperatures require a perfectly matched set of tyres to ensure stable driving and road safety in all conditions. See what size 215/55 R16 tyres are recommended by our customers based on their own experiences. 

The best winter tyres 215/55 R16.

When is the best time to replace summer tyres with winter ones?

In some European countries the date of fitting winter tyres is determined by law, in others by weather conditions. Frankly speaking, we are not able to predict well in advance when weather conditions will become more demanding. Therefore, instead of setting a precise date, experts prefer to determine the winter season on the basis of weather conditions.

The transition point between the seasons is considered to be a temperature of 7*C. If the readings of the thermometer remain below this value during the day, it is worthwhile to fit a set of winter tyres. Of course, you should not regard this boundary very strictly. If you get up early to work or travel often after dark, you have to think about the change a little bit earlier. 

In which cars is the size 215/55 R16 used?

In most cases, tyres of this size are fitted in larger passenger cars, such as: Ford Mondeo, Vauxhall Signum, Vectra C, Audi A4 and A6, Citroen C4 and C5, VW Passat, Peugeot 308, 406, 5008 and Ford Focus.

For drivers who use these tyres, we have compiled reviews given from January 2018 to September 2019 to create a list that most closely reflects the current state of the tyre market. Let us see, which models you have rated the highest:

Tyre model
Firemax FM805+5,25
Nokian WR D35,05
Zeetex WH10005
Imperial Snowdragon UHP4,65
Imperial Snowdragon 34,6

Firemax FM805+

The presence of Firemax FM805+ at the top of the list of driver ratings is certainly a big surprise. However, if we take into account the modern, asymmetrical tread design, good mileage and high performance in winter conditions, the surprise effect starts to gradually disappear. When we also consider the very attractive price, we should not be surprised anymore by the presence of the model marked with the Firemax logo.

For drivers who prefer a moderate driving style, road safety and precise handling are of paramount importance. The asymmetric tread pattern of the FM805+ model has been designed with these two parameters in mind. Numerous sipes and deep grooves ensure decent manoeuvrability on winter surfaces, while the flexible rubber compound not only does not stiffen in the cold, but it also provides high driving comfort.

Our customers highly appreciated the Firemax FM805+ tyre, giving it in the considered period an overall rating of 5.25. This confirms the already good ratings for the model on our website. Here are some of your reviews:

  • I've been thinking for a long time about buying tyres for winter, whether to choose the more expensive, high-end ones or maybe the cheaper ones... Finally, I chose Firemax FM805+. Now I can say that it was a perfect choice. The tyres perform superbly, behave reliably in uncertain conditions, they cope with snowy road without any problems and ensure reliable grip on turnings. If someone is looking for a really good tyre, I can recommend Firemax to anyone with a clear conscience. Moreover, the purchase of tyres via is an excellent option and a trouble-free transaction. I fully recommend them once again. [Greg]

  • These are one of the best tyres I have ever had. I genuinely recommend them to anybody. Thanks to them, I feel safer on the road. In addition, they're at a very good price. [Steve]

Nokian WR D3

The second place in the summary of our customer reviews for size 215/55 R16 is retained, as in the previous year's ranking, by Nokian WR D3. The Finnish company can be called a true expert in winter conditions. By creating the next editions of the WR series, they use a database of comprehensive expertise and experience - after all, Nokian is the world's oldest winter tyre manufacturer.

Cutting-edge technologies applied in the tread, like a system of grooves ensuring grip named "Slush Blower" or an additional rubber compound called "Silent Sidewall", which absorbs vibrations of the sidewall, make travelling on the Nokian WE D3 model more secure and comfortable, even in the middle of the demanding winter season.

Nearly 1400 reviews given to the WR D3 model on our website since its launch prove that it enjoys huge popularity. Here are some of your reviews:

  • I have already ordered this tyre model several times and for various cars in our company - also with 4-wheel drive. In any case, they have received very positive feedback from people who drive even up to 20,000 km on winter tyres in one season. I had mainly used Goodyear tyres before, and I don't think Nokian falls behind in any way. They "bite" very well into snow. I also can't complain about their performance on wet roads at highway speeds (up to 180 km/h). I think the rolling resistance is similar to other winter tyres. [Nuvolari]

  • I highly recommend the tyre. I've already bought a second set for another car. In the previous one I drove about 15 k km, and in the current one about 6 k km, without any problems, mainly in the city and in the countryside but sometimes also on snow-covered mountain roads. The tyre has good grip, is quiet and comfortable on a daily basis, but only shows its full potential on fully snow-covered steep climbs in the mountains! I especially recommend it to those who, apart from driving in the city, want to safely and smoothly reach every ski lift during winter. [Pete]

Zeetex WH1000

The Zeetex WH1000 tyre has been featured in several tyre summaries with good reviews for different sizes. No wonder, especially since it is a unique model.

The WH1000 is based on a very modern asymmetric tread pattern, in which the inner and outer sides are responsible for different performance groups. A distinctive element of the design are the 3D sipes, located on shoulder blocks, which are responsible for improving grip when driving on snow. The aforementioned solutions are characteristic mainly for the highest premium class, so their presence in the budget project is definitely worth attention, and the total score for the model at the level of 5.0 is a confirmation of this.

  • This tyre model has been tested on Audi A3, a nice surprise, grip on dry, wet and snow. Seeing that the son was satisfied, the father also bought them for his Volvo. It wasn't a blind purchase, it was well thought out, the tyres are well proven. It's quiet also on Volvo s60 d5 185 hp, good traction on dry, wet and snow. A good purchase at a reasonable price. I made about 5 thousand km and the tread has no signs of wear. They will surely serve for several seasons. I recommend them to other drivers. [Chris]

  • I was rather skeptical about buying this company's tyres. How wrong I was! The tyres had to pass a real test during a skiing trip to the Czech Republic. Where other drivers were putting on snow chains, I was able to steadily go ahead. There was no problem with uphill and downhill stretches, regardless of whether there was snow or slush. I recommend the tyres because of their quality and price. [Sebastian]

Imperial Snowdragon UHP and Imperial Snowdragon 3

The next two places belong to the manufacturer, who, despite its short time on the market, has already won the hearts of many drivers. Imperial, because this is the brand in question, belongs to the group of the Belgian concern Deldo, which provides it with production and distribution support.

For many years, the products created by Imperial have been proving that there is no need to be afraid of Far Eastern products. Designed and created with the European market in mind, the Snowdragon series models are perfect for winter surfaces, offering modern workmanship, well-matched rubber compounds and treads adapted to harsh conditions. Although both models are designed for different vehicle segments, they have one thing in common - excellent winter performance.

Imperial Snowdragon 3

It is a project designed for passenger car drivers who are looking for reliable winter tyres at affordable prices. The modern, asymmetrical tread design performs well on both snowy and wet surfaces. The wide grooves are perfect for expelling water and mud, and the numerous sipes allow for more efficient starting, manoeuvring and braking on snow.

With more rigid shoulder zones, Imperial Snowdragon 3 will also allow you to enjoy a pleasant ride on sunny, warmer days. This is the aspect that was most highly praised by our customers, who assessed the tyre as fine to use on dry surfaces.

Here are some of the most interesting driver reviews about Imperial Snowdragon 3 tyres:

  • These my first Imperial tyres (economy class), but I am very positively surprised by their good handling characteristics. My main route is the city - especially in winter, but even then a critical situation, that makes it possible to establish an opinion about tyres, might occur. I've had to brake hard in the city many times this season, and not even once has the ABS system, which could indicate a lack of traction on winter tarmac, turned on. Even when negotiating sharp bends the car never loses contact with the surface. To sum up, the price/performance ratio is very good in this case. [Roman]

  • We travelled over 4,000 km on these tires on Scandinavian roads, mostly snow-covered (white road with compacted snow left by snowploughs). Also a little bit on winding, snowy roads in the Alps. The car feels secure when driving. It happened several times that the traction control system was activated (but only occasionally). The remaining part of the season was a Polish winter, that is mainly slush and wet road. I also had no complaints about these tyres in such conditions. The tread was over 8 mm after one season. In my opinion, these are very good tyres at a very reasonable price. [Rob]

Imperial Snowdragon UHP

The model is definitely meant for faster driving and stronger engines. Drivers, who do not want to limit themselves because of the winter season, will certainly appreciate this design. The directional tread with its massive shoulder zones provides excellent traction on all surfaces. Deep sipes and large grooves deal well with residual water or snow, minimising the risk of skidding when driving at high speed.

Thanks to reinforced sidewalls and a specially selected rubber compound, the tyre does not lose its properties during freezing weather.

As many as 96% of users recommend the tyres to other drivers. Here are some of their positive reviews:

  • The first season with Imperials is completed. I think that they performed very well. There are no signs of wear despite that they had to work in varying conditions due to weather anomalies. I recommend these tyres to all. [Dario]

  • I recommend them. As for me, they are better than the branded tyres which I used in previous seasons (they didn't make it on skiing trips). Imperials cause no problems on the same routes. [Paul]

What should be taken into consideration when choosing new tyres?

First of all, it's important to use multiple sources to ensure that the feedback on given tyres is accurate and consistent.

It is a good idea to start by reading the comments of Oponeo users, who share their thoughts about different tyres. Nothing translates better into a realistic assessment of a given model than the opinions of drivers who use it every day.

Another noteworthy source are specialist tests organised by magazines and automotive associations. Especially those carried out by experienced bodies, such as, for instance: ADAC, ACE or AutoZeitung.

We also encourage you to read the labels that come with tyres. Although they do not indicate the winter performance of your tyre, they do provide information on fuel efficiency, noise and braking on wet surfaces.

You can easily compare the parameters of tyres that interest you in our tyre comparison engine. Such a comparison will certainly help to make the final choice.