Choosing winter tyres is a hard nut to crack for many drivers. We decided to make it easier by compiling a list of models in size 205/55 R16 that are top-rated by drivers on Oponeo. We have already recorded almost 150,000 tyre reviews issued by our customers. Let the on-the-road experiences serve the future users.  

Winter conditions are not scary anymore when you use appropriate tyres.

The reviews cover all aspects that are crucial when driving, that is performance on dry and wet surfaces, travel costs and user comfort. Our ranking features five tyre models with the highest overall rating.

The summary includes top-rated winter tyres in size 205/55 R16. Models in this size can be found in the following cars: BMW 3, Ford Focus, Renault Megane, Skoda Octavia, VW Golf, Passat or Toyota Avensis.

You can find the right size for a particular car in our special size database.

Best 205/55 R16 tyres according to drivers*



1. Nokian WR D4


2. Dębica Frigo 2


3. Nokian WR D3


4. Hankook Winter i*cept RS2 W452 


5. Imperial Snowdragon HP


*As of September 2019.

The ranking is based on an average calculated on the basis of the ratings given by Oponeo customers between January 2018 and September 2019. A 1-6 rating scale was used. The summary includes models that received the minimum required number of reviews. The ratings shown in our online store may differ from those shown in the summary, as the ratings shown here are for size 205/55 R16 only.

Nokian WR D4

Nokian WR D4 is one of the most popular premium winter tyre models in Europe. Drivers value it mostly for its excellent "winter" parameters. Good performance is achieved thanks to a compound of silica, natural rubber and rapeseed oil, named Twin Trac Silica, and a progressive directional tread. Fusion of these two modern technologies ensures full safety even in the event of unexpected weather breakdowns.

The WR D4 model confirms that the Finnish manufacturer is an expert in snow tyres. This is confirmed by hundreds of positive reviews posted by drivers on our website. As many as 98% of users declare that they would recommend this tyre to other drivers.

  • Nokian's winter tyres made such an impression on me that I will definitely buy Nokian for another season. A rear-wheel drive car, but I felt very confident. Not only in the city on snow, but most surprisingly, on steep roads in the mountains - even in very low sub-zero temperatures. Most importantly, they outperform the competition with low noise levels ensured by the new noise reduction technology. (Gr3gorius)

  • I have these tyres for the first season. The car seems to be glued on to the road, especially since I still have Quattro. There's no way that you might skid. They perform excellently on slush. The car consumes 2-3 litres less gas, which is of great importance to me. The tyres are very quiet, which makes the ride more enjoyable. I highly recommend these tyres. (Martin)

Dębica Frigo 2

Dębica Frigo 2 proves that the economy-class tyres can also meet the demands of wintry weather conditions. The winter representative of the Polish manufacturer is coping with rain and snow, as it draws many solutions from other, more expensive projects of the Goodyear concern, of which Dębica is a part.

The model is made of a rubber compound that reacts well to sub-zero temperatures. The directional tread efficiently dries the tyre on the road, preventing the car from slipping and ensuring effective braking.

What do the drivers think about this tyre?

  • The tyre is great, I drive about 40,000 km a year and, to be honest, these tyres do a great job, even compared to more expensive and branded tyres! There's no point in paying more, as they are really worth recommending. I've already convinced some of my friends, and they're satisfied. I fully recommend them (Bas)

  • I've been driving on Debica Frigo 2 tyres since November, my car is Toyota Corolla (2004), and so far I haven't noticed any drawbacks, winter is quite mild, at least in the area in which I mainly move, the wear is also negligible because last month I did a car inspection at the service station and they found that the tread on them was as good as new. I should add that this is already the second set of tyres of this type that I use on another type of car (Peugeot 206), and I also had no complaints about the previous one. (R.D)

Nokian WR D3

Third place went to another model from Nokian, the "winter specialist" from cold Finland. WR D3 is one of the top rated premium tyres.

It performs perfectly in low temperatures, as its special rubber compound retains appropriate flexibility. The reinforced design and low rolling resistance make this tyre a popular choice for drivers.

Nokian WR D3 according to our customers:

  • I drive a lot (everyday 120 km to work), plus some trips with my family. The tyre performs great, virtually no wear, marvelous on snow - it was the first winter season when I didn't get stuck in snow. I recommend it with all my heart.  (Jack)

  • Excellent on snow – makes you enjoy the drive, and the car feels stable also on wet surfaces. The noticeably reduced fuel consumption is also a big advantage! This year I'm buying identical tyres for the other car. (Tom)

Hankook Winter i*cept RS2 W452

The Korean tyres Hankook Winter i*cept RS2 W452 can also boast high reputation among our customers. It is especially praised by drivers who primarily appreciate peaceful and safe driving.

The rigid design of this model makes the tyre well-responsive to steering movements, even during dynamic manoeuvres. The increased number of sipes, on the other hand, ensures that the car retains better grip on snow.

Here is what our customers write about the benefits of the Hankook Winter i*cept RS2 W452 model:

  • Great tyres, my car has a good grip on turnings. The tyre is quiet. It drains water away very well during rainfall for a winter tyre. It performs very well on snow. I frequently travel a lot of miles. I highly recommend it. (Tony)

  • I've tested the tyres on all surfaces and have no problem with them. I'm full of admiration, and my next tyres will certainly be of the same brand. I recommend these tyres with all my heart. No one will regret the purchase. (Will)

Imperial Snowdragon HP

The fifth and last tyre in size 205/55 R16 that has been distinguished on the basis of customer reviews. Imperial Snowdragon HP is an economy-class tyre that can meet the expectations of demanding drivers. All thanks to a modern design, equipped with directional tread pattern. The grooves remove water and slush efficiently, thus protecting the car from aquaplaning.

What do the Oponeo users value these tyres for? Most of all, for a very good price/quality ratio, i.e. effective parameters offered for little money. It is also one of the few winter budget models designed for more powerful cars.

According to drivers:

  • No drawbacks, very good tyres at a great price as compared to the competition. They're quiet and efficiently expel water and snow.  (Madeline M)

  • I strongly recommend them, even though I had concerns about the price - buy cheap, buy twice - but these tyres surprised me very pleasantly. I recommend them. (wolnydk)

How to choose tyres?

1. Learn what other drivers think about the models that interest you.

2. Check to see if your chosen tyres have been tested by a magazine or automotive organisation. You can conveniently view test results on our portal.

3. Read the label of a given tyre in size suited for your car. You will learn more about rolling resistance, noise and braking performance on wet roads.

4. If you are still not convinced, trust the specialists on our helpline.