Driving in winter involves many complications such as frost, ice, sleet, and snow covering the road. As well as taking extra care, especially at this time of year, drivers should also make sure that their four-wheelers are fitted with the right tyres. This will make it easier to drive on snow-covered roads and to get out of snowdrifts. If you're thinking about buying winter tyres in size 195/65R15 and you're not sure which one to choose, we've put together a special ranking of the best-rated models by our customers. Here you can see which products have been tried and tested and which have gained the highest praise.

In winter you have to be prepared for the most difficult conditions on the roads.

The tyre configurator on our website also makes it easy to choose the right tyre for your vehicle. It's easy to choose the tyres that best suit your vehicle, and based on feedback from satisfied customers, you'll be satisfied with your purchase. It is worth betting on proven solutions, as they will allow you to maintain proper grip and driving parameters in difficult conditions, which will translate into your and your family's safety.

The results are as follows:

Michelin Alpin 65,6
Bridgestone Blizzak LM005
Nokian WR Snowproof
Continental WinterContact TS 860
Nokian WR D4

* The ranking is based on ratings on a scale of 1 to 6, which were given by Oponeo customers between 01/01/2019 and 31/07/2021. The ratings shown are only for models size 195/65 R15 and may differ from the results shown in the shop.

Michelin Alpin 6

The undisputed winner of the ranking, like last year, is the Michelin Alpin 6. This tyre belongs to the premium segment. It is the ideal choice for the difficult winter period. Especially if you drive a lot.

The distinguishing features of this model are certainly excellent traction and high durability. The manufacturer has incorporated EverGrip technology, consisting of a special compound and a revolutionary tread pattern. These ensure reliable braking even on wet or snowy roads. This makes driving in winter not only safer but also more comfortable. The product wears down slowly, allowing you to use it for a long time.

The quality of the tyre is confirmed by the opinions of our customers:

The tyres are very quiet, great wet grip, wear quite slowly.  [JK]

The tyres have done a great job! I recommend them to everyone! It is very safe to drive on these tyres. They are great on dry roads, but I am also very impressed with how they perform on wet, snowy surfaces. I have been in them in the mountains and they did not let me down there either. Highly recommended! [Dominic S]

Bridgestone Blizzak LM005

Bridgestone is a Japanese brand that is the largest manufacturer of tyres and rubber products in the world. Its products are characterised by high-quality workmanship, so it's no wonder that the Blizzak LM005 came second in our ranking.

The model is distinguished by its unique technical characteristics. The tread features grooves with increased volume in the central part. This ensures better water drainage and traction in the snow. There is also a greater number of shoulder grooves, which improves handling in difficult conditions. The zigzag grooves, which increase friction, are also important. The manufacturer has also decided to combine 2D sipes in the centre with 3D sipes on the shoulders, which noticeably improves braking. The Blizzak LM005 significantly increases the smoothness and safety of the ride.

Let's see what our customers think of this model:

Perfect tyre for me and my driving style. Excellent grip in the wet and the dry. Quiet. Take a look at the test results of the ADAC for example. Excellent value for money. I recommend the tyres and Oponeo 😉 [Jack_KRK]

Super tyres, tested in the snow, on ice, and in the rain. The car now drives much better. The tyres are not slipping. The vulcaniser who fitted them also recommends them. [Adam]

Nokian WR Snowproof

The WR Snowproof from the Finnish company Nokian Tyres is another highly rated model. It belongs to the premium class, and the precision of manufacture and the high quality of materials used in its production leaves no doubt that we are dealing with a high-class product.

The tyre features innovative Snow Claws. These bite into the snow to provide excellent grip, good traction, and effortless starts. The sidewall has been soundproofed using Silent Sidewall technology. This ensures a comfortable and quiet ride. Nokian WR Snowproof is also distinguished by its proprietary Brake Boosters that increase braking efficiency even in difficult conditions.

What do our customers think of this model?

This is the first time I have bought Nokian Tyres winter tyres and I will stay with this company. The tyres perform superbly in the rain and slush, I just haven't had the opportunity to test them in freezing weather, which is a pity, but I think they will be fine. The car handles beautifully on the road surface, even in bends, and I don't drive slowly. They are not noisy on dry asphalt. I recommend them with a clear conscience. Even the previous Michelins are no match for the Nokians. [Robert]

Highly recommended tyres. Quiet. The car handles well and grips the road on all kinds of surfaces. This is my second set of tyres from this manufacturer and another shot in the bull's eye. [Magdalena]

Continental WinterContact TS 860

The Continental WinterContact TS 860 is another entry in our ranking. The quality of this premium tyre is demonstrated by the numerous awards it has received in tests carried out by automotive organisations and magazines. The model was also present in our ranking last year.

The tyres are characterised by excellent grip, thanks to an innovative water drainage system. This makes braking easier and more effective. The use of the special Cool Chili compound with a high content of silica and polymer components ensures that the tyre provides good traction even in demanding and unfriendly winter conditions.

This is what our customers say about the Continental WinterContact TS 860:

Super tyres, they keep the car on the road very well, they are very quiet, my summer tyres buzz more than these, my fuel burn has also gone down despite having so much grip. The tyres are well worth the price. Highly recommended. [Mark].

Perfect grip on both dry, wet, and snowy roads. Worth investing in premium tyres even for a compact car for maximum driving safety. [Michael]

Nokian WR D4

The Nokian WR D4 is fifth on our list. Like the model described above, it has been repeatedly recommended in independent tests. Its quality and excellent performance are thus verified and confirmed by specialised organisations.

The tyres feature an optimised directional tread adapted to European conditions. It disperses water effectively and quickly. The sipes located in the centre of the tyre increase driving comfort. The Nokian WR D4 offers excellent traction and cornering comfort thanks to the separate design of each groove and block. The Twin Trac Silica compound of silica, rapeseed oil, and natural rubber reduces rolling resistance and improves fuel economy.

What do our customers think about Nokian WR D4?

I purchased the tyres upon recommendation. They are really great for me. I've had a chance to test them on snow, they cut in nicely and carry the snow away sensationally. I have switched to Nokian Tyres as of this year.[Martin].

I recommend for places where the snow likes to drizzle. I have a steep and long driveway and there was no problem getting out despite 10cm of snow (it's not always cleared) - highly recommended! [Cheppie]

How do I choose good winter tyres?

As with any purchase, it is advisable to read the description, characteristics, and opinions of the model before buying. In this way, we buy a product with an awareness of its characteristics and we can decide on the one that best suits our needs. Statements of other drivers and various tests carried out by motoring organisations are a kind of guarantee that the tyre has been tested by many people and that its use and characteristics are satisfactory.

Remember also to choose the right tyre size! This is essential to ensure that the tyre performs to its full potential and provides you with a safe and enjoyable driving experience.