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Summer tyres: BFGoodrich

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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BFGoodrich G-Grip
tires are very good and I recommend it to everyone.
Opinion Tymitunieten: 4.5

At the beginning of improvement in some additional information :). I Opel Omega A 2.0 Drive to the rear, and the tires are mounted on the back. The driving style, like going alone, I want to go crazy: D Place of Use and the outskirts of the city, mainly the road. any surface. Tires at the beginning is strong enough, ie greater than 80 km / h to hum as hub bearing was replaced. This disadvantage somewhere after driving about 3000 km. I bought it in the winter and I have to say on the slippery surface of the handle well. emphasize that no tire will not be good for snow or ice on the insignificance drive speed :) :). Tires react the same on wet or dry surfaces. You are not yet happened to me on a skate. Sometimes feel some resistance, as might be going against the wind went. more »

BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM
Opinion nickspecjalny: 4.8

Tires very best on the course, in the x grinding clay moist, murszu, furniture / record April 4 sand, but the same back / but you must give them in. .. so it would be the centrifugal force throw you simply can not szosówki, and I'd say it's kompromisówki - AllTer, simply because the seals are. On asphalt: do not wear fast / good mix / do not throw the car into ruts with water after a thunderstorm, it is out of the water, but unfortunately I had a slip more Net brake just after the rain / probably because they do not conflict - are difficult;) /. There is also głośnawe - at 90 km / h can not listen to music because I do not have shafts with boxes, etc., and a long tiring walk noise, but 80 km can talk ;); ) and patiently overcome the 300 km, to revel in the moraines zaglinionych Pomerania ... and even look nice, aggressive more »

Winter tyres: BFGoodrich

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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BFGoodrich G-Force Winter
average tire for a reasonable price
Opinion ford: 3.2

has excellent tire for dry conditions, while the rain is not so sweet. during startup of the box with wheels braking ii often leaves much to be desired. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to check the behavior of the snow because in my area this winter has not fallen snowflake. Unfortunately, I noticed a big tire wear, but may be due to high temperatures and lack of snow this winter more »

BFGoodrich Winter 2 T/A
Author:Gregor, Gdańsk
Opinion Gregor, Gdańsk: 4.2

Excellent tires. Przejeździłem them one winter and I am very happy. Contributed significantly to a typical Polish climate, when to change and snow melts during the day of the mud and snow and puddles. Wide grooves properly absorb and disperse it all. The same is true of water puddles on the side of the road - do not hold back with the car when you drive by at 50 km / h - 70 km / h and do not complain. snow, especially fresh, not compacted, it gives an idea of ​​how such a good grip on wet roads. You can do it and revel in the snowy parking lot of the supermarket: D While it was a shame to change the summer, when spring came ;) But as winter tires are quite right in particular growing at rates above 100 km / h and feel no rolling resistance for the summer (although this year, I have the size 165, Goodyear GT3). Of course, it is associated with better traction softer tires. I highly recommend winter tires BFGoodrich winter2. Affordable too! more »

All season tyres: BFGoodrich

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

Popular models of all season tyres BFGoodrich

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BFGoodrich Urban Terrain T/A
A good tire for SUVs.
Opinion Paweł: 4.6

Very good and durable tire. It works very well in everyday everyday use as well as in situations where we can get out of the asphalt. The first time I bought them from the previous car, in which they served as summer tires (over 100,000 km). The current set of 235/55 R18 (used as a year) traveled with me - in a mixed cycle - over 40 000. km (also long distances from motorway). You can not see excessive wear after. The tire never surprised me with its failure, not the terrible snow and the changing weather conditions. more »

BFGoodrich G-Grip All Season 2
The product to recommend.
Opinion Paul: 4.5

As for all-season tyres are ok, I was afraid of the winter they could not cope with bad weather conditions but they surprised me many times and did not give up so far. March 19 and the layer of snow is about 25 cm and for example, yesterday I was able to leave without problems and calmly without major problems, drive about 30 km in hilly terrain and the only downside could be that these tyres may be a bit flexible on the curve of the road, but it still depends on the vehicle in which they are mounted, the paving road is certainly shorter on wet, as well as on dry surfaces. more »