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4x4 Tyres

4x4 Tyres


Check how the 4x4 tyres are rated by users. Our database of reviews about passenger car tyresis one of the largest in Internet. Are you looking for the best passenger car tyres? See our summer and winter tyre ratings. Here you will find our offer for winter and summer tyres with best reviews placed by users.

The most popular 4x4 tyres

We present the most popular summer and winter tyres of great quality and decent price for 4x4 cars. See, check and buy best selling items in our online shop.

4x4 summer tyres


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4x4 winter tyres


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Choosing 4x4 tyres

Choosing 4x4 tyres
When it comes to choosing moto tyres, there are many different bike tyres available, to suit the wide range of motorbikes that people ride. This includes classic bikes, racing bikes, scooters, quads, road bikes, sport and touring bikes, mopeds, choppers, enduro or cross street bikes and even cross off-road motorcycles. Needless to say, there are many different variants, so it&rsquo

The most popular tyre diameters

Latest Reviews

  • 4.3
    Nankang AS-2+ 245/35 R19 First impression was - aa Nankangs, but no joke pretty impressed. I am a guy whos driving style pissing off everyone, bad for them:) anyways, with my driving style I was always buying good brand good rating tyres. But this time I seen these with A rating on wet. And guess what, impressed. Good tyres, sharp cornering, just small slide when you going too fast in roundabouts. Recommend More >
  • 4.3
    Bridgestone Potenza S001 225/45 R17 Bought these for my work horse caddy 1.9 200bhp it's a van not a race car 😂 but iv had my fair share of crap tyres... So splashed out the cash for these I have to say I am impressed so far van is lowerd and I do drive it fairly hard tbh.... These tyres handle brilliantly in the dry as you would expect but what supprised me was in the wet most reviews on these tyres alot of people say there poor in the wet I haven't seen that I'd say there very very good in the wet.. Very low road noise and very comfortable considering the van is lowerd on coils.... As for wear to early to tell yet. They look nice very chunky looking tyre and a nice design.... I'd highly recommend these... And these are the More > second set iv orderd of oponeo great company and very fast at shipping
  • 4.6
    Continental SportContact 6 275/30 R20 Good handling, feeling safe with runflat, good grip but early wear. Maybe the car is too heavy and Irish road surface is very rough, however the wear is noticeable in front tyres and as it seems in 10-15.000km tyres will need to be changed and they are quite expensive. For that reason next time I may think of something different. More >
  • 4.3
    Paul C
    Mastersteel SUPERSPORT 235/45 R17 Driving 130 kilometres total a day for work, 5-6 days a week. Great value. Had Michelin premacy on the wheels from new( gen 10 wheel and tyre package for honda civic). These mastersteel are obviously much cheaper as a replacement but I'm happy with them so far, also had them on a 2006 Honda Civic and had no complaints in all weathers. Worth the money. More >
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