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4x4 Tyres

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Check how the 4x4 tyres are rated by users. Our database of reviews about passenger car tyresis one of the largest in Internet. Are you looking for the best passenger car tyres? See our summer and winter tyre ratings. Here you will find our offer for winter and summer tyres with best reviews placed by users.

Winter season
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Winter season
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The most popular 4x4 tyres

We present the most popular summer and winter tyres of great quality and decent price for 4x4 cars. See, check and buy best selling items in our online shop.

4x4 summer tyres


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4x4 winter tyres


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Choosing 4x4 tyres

Choosing 4x4 tyres
When it comes to choosing moto tyres, there are many different bike tyres available, to suit the wide range of motorbikes that people ride. This includes classic bikes, racing bikes, scooters, quads, road bikes, sport and touring bikes, mopeds, choppers, enduro or cross street bikes and even cross off-road motorcycles. Needless to say, there are many different variants, so it&rsquo

The most popular tyre diameters

Latest Reviews

  • 4.2
    Opinion from outside IE user: TZ
    Continental ContiCrossContact LX Sport 235/50 R18 The tyre fully meets my expectations. I drive a Volvo XC70 and I expect nothing less than comfort and reliability from my car. With these tyres, it has never let me down, never lost grip or buried itself. I don't drive extremely fast on asphalt or over particularly difficult terrain, but in normal conditions the tyre is great. The tyre has a siped tread and the M+S label, so if you don't plan on going to the mountains in the winter, for example, you can safely use these tyres as all-season tyres. More >
  • 4.9
    Opinion from outside IE user: Paul
    Uniroyal RainExpert 3 225/65 R17 In my opinion the best tyre for SUV which I used so far. Uniroyal Rainexpert 3 is excellent, I would even say that it is the product from premium class. Traction provided is really good even during sudden braking. Rain and wet road is not a problem at all. Mentioned sudden braking happened actually on a dry surface but I am pretty sure that some water would not really bother these tyres. Even the tread pattern looks cool. Definitely recommended. More >
  • 4.8
    Opinion from outside IE user: Kamil W

    Translation This review has been automatically translated from another language and is awaiting verification by a professional translator.

    Uniroyal Rainsport 3 235/55 R17 To buy these tires colleague convinced me that already used previously and well, that he listened. The tire very well, standing on dry asphalt and wet. Speeds of 200+ do not make a big impression on them, even in the wet. What is important is shorter stopping distance felt in an emergency. I recommend and I wish you road safety. More >
  • 4.8
    Opinion from outside IE user: Tomasz Skolimowski.

    Translation This review has been automatically translated from another language and is awaiting verification by a professional translator.

    Yokohama G91A 225/65 R17 I highly recommend. I ride eleven years (the second set) with the tires and I think that their purchase is the only reasonable choice to changing weather conditions unexpectedly suddenly. And in our country is a fairly common phenomenon. With these tires do not slip in the summer after freezing at night and do not destroy too much tread in the winter, when there are summer temperatures. On the field, outside the city, they are also very good performances, when I have to go on a muddy or swampy ground, or kopnym of snow. Never to be disappointed. I recommend buying these tires for those who do not want to spend money on summer and winter tires, not lining up to replace them. Economy, comfort More > and security. What could you?
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