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BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2

9 reviews

From 193 pcs.
Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015

1 review

From 92 pcs.
Kumho Road Venture AT52
From 126 pcs.
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Off-road tyres for every season

Find the perfect 4x4 or SUV tyres and travel safely in all weather conditions

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4x4 summer tyres

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4x4 winter tyres

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It is a guarantee of performance whatever the season and whatever the weather. Enjoy a comfortable ride whether it's a winter cold and snow, summer heat or autumn rainy weather.

What off-road 4x4 tyres should I choose?

The wide range of 4x4 tyres means that every driver can find a model that meets their individual needs. Depending on whether you drive more in the city or spend more time off-road, choose the tyre that meets your needs.

AT tyres

The AT, or All Terrain, models are all-terrain tyres (50% off-road-50% on-road) with universal use. Your 4x4 vehicle can easily handle both long distances on asphalt and light off-road. Despite its tread and off-the-road design, this type of tyre excels at meeting the expectations of drivers who also need a reliable option for everyday driving. These are just some of the advantages that AT tyres offer.

MT tyres

MT - Mud Terrain stands for off-road tyres that can cope with even the most extreme off-road terrain. They are much more suited to sandy or muddy terrain than to long journeys on tarmac. MT tyres are extremely durable and their traction is influenced by their specific construction and tread pattern, which is characterised by large blocks. If less than 20% of the routes you travel are on the road, then these offroad tyres are for you.

HT tyres

4x4 HT tyres are an excellent choice for drivers who occasionally get off the paved roads. You won't get stuck on a boggy forest path or stuck in mud on a dirt road with these tyres. They are also resistant to damage, thanks to their reinforced construction. The main use of HT models, however, is on roads (at least 80%), where you can travel safely in various conditions. HT tyres are quieter and more economical compared to models with typically off-road characteristics.

SUV tyres

SUVs are more and more often chosen by drivers. Due to the weight and power of these cars - especially the 4x4 versions - the selection of the right tyres is very important. The best tyres for an SUV must not only matche the size, but also to the load index and speed rating - consult the vehicle handbook for recommended ratings. Tyres for SUVs are ideal for use on paved roads and in a cityscape.

Off-road tyres calculator

Not sure which tyre size to choose? We have put together an off-road and SUV tyre converter that converts the metric size to inches. The metric notation gives the tyre width in millimetres, the profile-to-width ratio in percent and the rim diameter in inches. . Our 4x4 tyre calculator will help you make the righ choice!

Off-road tyres calculator

Standard marking: 29x9 R17
Total tyre height: 720 mm Total tyre width: 225 mm

4x4 tyre reviews from our clients:

  • Dayana Maltese 4.1

    Falken WPAT01

    Tyres don't look as impressive on pick up as on screen but they are good looking anyways. Handles well on the city, on wet road, on bunny roads too, just a couple of times have skid but the steep road is always very wet and slippery even with other more expensive tyres than this one. Overall is good, I wish treads were bigger for a more chunky looking. See more >
  • posti 4.6


    I tires nearly four years winter was non-stop. Driven almost 70,000. super-dry wet km area, too. In the field, I bothered recently invited on typical AT-surprising strength hands tires at 40 kmh drove over a curb tire fell off the rim but nothing in August did not happen. Also, if you are wondering about the oponką in this price range, it is worth. See more >
  • wojtfin 5.0

    Toyo Open Country A/T plus

    I did not notice the negatives of this tire. Everything is ok. I drive the fastest around 120km / h and the tire behaves well. When I get into a light area, there are no problems. Previously, I had tires 70% road, 30% off-road. They were too hard on the road. It was impossible to brake with the trailer. And they were also loud. Toyo are perfect for my needs, good for the road and able to cope in light terrain. They are also inexpensive. I will probably buy them again. See more >
  • Zibi 4.3


    Great MT for driving on any surface, they behave equally well in off-road and on paved roads. I drive at 1.2Pa pressure and it is even more comfortable, with almost zero tyre deflection. The tyres are relatively light, so despite the much larger size than the original, the car is not silted (low power). The tread is constructed in such a way that it does not bite as aggressively as, for example, Simex, but thanks to this it is really quiet on a normal road. Driving is confident and predictable. See more >

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