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Summer tyres: Goodyear

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Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance
I recommend
Opinion Nolfum: 4.8

Hello, I bought the tyres in spring 2013, I had the opportunity to use them until October this year. Distance made at this time is about 25,000 km. Tyres are quiet and comfortable, even at highway speeds. I have not noticed the fuel savings, they are doing very well in the wet, even in winter conditions (I did not have such a good wet tyre), only deeper snow is a problem. As for durability, you can only see wear on the drive axle, but they should be able to handle 80,000 km. I recommend the tyre and probably I will decide again on this model. more »

Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance
Very good price vs quality (the expected and actual)
Opinion Michael: 5.0

I mainly use my car to city drive and somethimes on motorway.I was looking for tyres wich give me safety and comfort becouse drive with a child in the seat very often.It was most important thing for me. Other requirements were indicative, often based on opinion for durability, reliability, noise or structure of the tyre. I also received a lto o positives revievs from my friend wich tested Goodyear tyres during his trip to Europe. I think there were designed for more demanding drivers. They are very durable. They are resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage and abrasions.. The Goodyear - Efficientgrip Performance tyres provide a good grip and safety on a road in dry and wet condition and that is why I do recommend them to all who look for reliable and safty tyres. more »

Winter tyres: Goodyear

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Goodyear Ultra Grip 7+
I would recommend but not far
Opinion Rafał: 4.5

On snow and slush I had a bit of a surprise when braking, if the snow was icy understand, but some places inhibition was very poor. I do not know if it is really a matter of tires and the road was so slippery. more »

Goodyear Ultra Grip 8
Overall I would recommend
Opinion Piotr: 4.4

After reading the reviews on this tire gave up the purchase, despite the fact that many seasons przejeździłem its previous model and I was happy. After several hours of research I decided to take a chance and now I do not regret this decision. Immediately after taking the first impression was negative. As terribly "float" on the curves and angles. But when the temperature has zero problems in the area subsided. When starting and braking rain tires and slush sensational. Much better than previous Goodyear ahead and Nokia, ABS rarely załączał. On the snow until the confrontation strong spoken ASR and so when sudden braking worked ABS but it is probably normal. Overall, I would give very positive and I recommend it to all Voyager users. more »

All season tyres: Goodyear

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

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Goodyear Vector 4Seasons
Excellent tire, just buy the second set for a new car
Opinion gerth: 4.8

changed the car, in my Zafira I had the Goodyear 4Seasons and they performed excellently. In winter and summer without any problem. Even when I had to climb a steep hill covered with slippery snow they managed without a problem. (On the summer tyres it was really dangerous especially when cornering). The tyre defends itself very well against (water in the ruts - very stable. I have driven on these tyres for tens of thousands of kilometres, 1/3 of which with a trailer, and they were really durable - but it must be emphasised that my driving is smooth. If someone really wanted to find a flaw: The Continetal ContiPremiums were quieter and nicer - of course 4Seasons looks more like a winter tyre so it's not pretty. Regarding fuel consumption - I didn't notice a significant difference. I highly recommend them! more »

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons
The tire is really cool, and as a universal SIMPLY rocks!
Opinion Voytec 1: 4.6

Honestly I bought these tyres based on the opinions of other users, although I was a bit scared to have the all season tyres on my car and use them all the time. I don't regret this decision though as the tyres for me are champions! They really hold their own in different conditions. - Climbing yesterday on wheels covered in ice and snow is not a big problem for these tyres. The same goes for driving in water..... So if someone is still hesitating and if moreover he doesn't drive a lot and at the same time doesn't have the desire and the funds to change the tyres or the complete wheels it's really an ideal solution....!!! I recommend it! I am very happy with it, although the tyres are not at a good price.... -but Goodyear is really a great deal more »