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Summer tyres: Pirelli

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Pirelli P7 Cinturato
Highly recommend
Opinion adam: 4.8

I have Pirelli P7 Cinturato fitted on my Fiat Stilo. One of the best I have ever had. Very good on dry and wet surface as well. I drove on them over 16000 miles in winter and bit more than 40000 miles in summer. Perfect till the very end. Doesn't wear on the sidewalls which is huge advantage. Braking system is excellent. I use them on my home car which is mentioned Fiat but I also have these tyres fitted in my Subaru which is dedicated for sport driving. From this perspective they are fantastic as well. Great handling and driving comfort. Can't say anything bad about them. Maybe only small one - 205/55 R16 doesn’t have a rim protector but it is really nothing when it comes to the quality of the tyre in general. Highly recommended. more »

Pirelli P Zero Rosso
Superb traction
Opinion AR: 4.8

he tyre simply sticks to the road, and compared to e.g. the ecological Michelin tyres, I feel as if I had 4-wheel drive. It is difficult to break the grip, the car handles like a string and brakes literally on the spot. More than once I had the opportunity to test their grip in extreme situations and I was not disappointed. The downside of the tyres is their hardness, rolling resistance which translates into higher fuel consumption and faster wear of the tread (after 40,000 km there is about 4-5 mm left). However, it is worth it, for me safety is the priority and I am willing to pay a little extra for it. Overall, I can say that this is the best tyre I have had in terms of use. Despite the minor cost disadvantages, the value for money is excellent. more »

Winter tyres: Pirelli

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Opinion ARTI: 4.4

He recommended it to me friend "oponiarz". A horse Omega 2.0i Auto. training tył.Tylko ABS. All winter without any slippage. Tires sensational. Tread "Mean" helps driving on snow, mud. like going into the corner, but stressed during normal driving, it is difficult to put a side car and security means. Moving into the snow-covered parking, paths, paved roads and less inhibition at a very good level. bit high tires (on dry), but I do not mind. winter tyre to be functional and safe. drying the dry winter tyre and feel so soft tires, but as I wrote IS winter tyre. I think in the winter gas and a rockin leg in my class car tire 1. I recommend to all "tylnonapędowcom" without the systems. more »

Pirelli SottoZero
Opinion Kris: 3.4

I purchased the tyres in December and decided to share my opinion about them. The winter was rather mild. However, I had an opportunity to test these in all-weather conditions such as: snow, slush, ice, rain, wet roads and dry roads. In all conditions my car was very predictable. There were some issues in really deep snow so ABS had to activate but my car was always kept on the road. You feel safe having these tyres mounted on a car. They provide good grip, low rolling resistance, good adhesion. They are quiet (one of the quietest tyres I have ever had). What’s more, they look good when mounted on a vehicle. Sometimes you feel that you can drive faster than other drivers because it’s a pleasure to drive a car on the Pirelli SottoZero 2 tyres. After doing 7,000 miles they still look like they were new. I read on the Internet thay they are pretty durable. We will see. I have an impression that these winter tyres are better than my summer tyres. All models of SottoZero tyres from Pirelli are superb. I would like to recommend these tyres to everyone! more »

All season tyres: Pirelli

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

Popular models of all season tyres Pirelli

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Recently added reviews

Opinion wato: 4.2

The tires are working very well in the rain. Beautifully presented and have a relatively low level of abrasiveness. I bought a tire on the basis of surfers on this site and high evaluation of the tire. I must admit I was not disappointed. more »

I would recommend
Opinion Romet: 4.2

Wheel is now about 8000 km and I think it was a very successful purchase, attrition after this race does not exist. The tires held very well in the wet. In winter also pleasantly surprised me. I dug up more than one drifts. more »