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Summer tyres: Riken

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Super tire had a great tour.
Opinion 4.8

My opinion is that sometimes, word of mouth is the best. Tires recommended to me by a colleague who uses in his Honda only with lower profile 55. Mon is "60", but admitted outside in dry and wet tires are really recommendable (Read who owns this company understand what ). An added plus is that it does not happen and the production of "China" it is worthwhile to pay attention. then you will be happy as eggs certainly stacked with the second series of the same without hesitation because I spent tires and comfort and safety are important to me. Minus jellies, but do not know how anyone does not change the tires on time. An asset "Beautifully tire has a" super shape of the tread. more »

For the price I got good tires. Previously, I mounted on brand stimulants (when the exchange was 10 years). I am positively surprised!
Opinion Gruszka: 3.7

Rikeny for me are really good. You really have to toil in dry conditions to enter the car into a skid. (A drift does not fit - unless you have under the hood with 600 ponies). As for driving on wet pavement is OK. Of course, as you want to force the car to slide it can, but for city driving (fast) manage. Even braking is ok for me. Yet I have not had a situation where I would not have slowed, and because sometimes driving dynamics (niedzielniak) may impose an emergency. So far I have not made too many kilometers, because a little over 2,000, but the price to quality that most so. A dynamically-cha does not mean like crazy! - Just be mixed without causing congestion for other drivers or unforeseen situation. NP. when a guy or a friend is waiting until the last minute not knowing how to assess the speed of an "ass" approach leaving car and light weapons and when they blow can show middle finger. Apparently I have to be careful and he / she can leave when they have the same desire. This also applies to the lane change. When he / she thinks that the tower defines as it can get on your belt and you have to give way to him / her, regardless of do it in the middle of your car and can still feel like I'll blow order not do it. In each situation the extent Rikeny proven. more »

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Winter tyres: Riken

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Very cool and cheap tires. If you do a lot of drivin ', you can really save a lot of
Opinion Driver: 4.3

When you buy tires just wondered if buying tires with a lower shelf, or choose something with multigrade. I said, however, that winter tires are what the winter and was tempted to Rikken tires. For a while we had a lot of snow pads and now I believe it was a good choice. There were no problems in nieodśnieżone highway driving. There was also surprised when the melting snow from the road. Maybe they are the best known to a much higher price brands. These tires 100% but does the job. And whereas the winter can lead to 30,000 men. km I believe that buying tires is a substantial savings, especially when replaced every two years. more »

Instead Riken recommends Dayton
Opinion Encelatus: 4.0

I these tires since the beginning of winter 2015/2016. Unfortunately, M + S means that only the band mix of rolling snow and not typical snow. There was not much opportunity to really test this season (not winter). These conditions gave the advice, unfortunately visible wear tires, tires and beauty undoubtedly the least. I believe that in a similar price you can buy Daytona with the same tray economy. For me, best used from 2012 in the second car of the new more »

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