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ANZIO Split Black

ANZIO Split Black 5,50x14 4x100,00 ET35,00
Winter season
The wheels can be used in winter thanks to its paint finishing

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79 / pc.

ANZIO Split Black

ANZIO Split Black means attention to detail, high quality and expressive finishing. This model will be appreciated by the drivers who want to stand out on the road without excessive extravagance.

Wheels account for approximately 25% of the vehicle's side profile, so it is worth choosing rims that highlight its best features. ANZIO Split Black has a remarkable design that maintains the perfect balance between classic elegance and avant-garde finishing.

Five optimally spaced double spokes will visually enlarge the wheel. Additionally, the design uses a non-standard combination of a black paint and polished front side. Straight lines combined with the original diamond-black colours are very attractive when moving and give your car the look of a predator.

Advanced low-pressure casting technology guarantees a perfect fit, durability and optimum flexibility. The high-quality aluminium can't be crushed, and the coating is resistant to corrosion and UV radiation. By using proper solutions (and with the appropriate care), the product will maintain its properties for a long time.

This model fits most passenger cars and SUVs.

ANZIO Split Black has a highly balanced and, at the same time, intriguing design, distinguished by its excellent value for money ratio. These wheels will immediately draw the attention of others, and for you they will give the feeling of style, comfort and safety, without straining your budget.

Information on the manufacturer: Anzio is a brand that, for 10 years, has been proving that the use of modern technologies and unique design doesn’t have to be expensive. The brand belongs to Uniwheels, a Swiss group who are a leading manufacturer of aluminium wheels and one of the biggest suppliers to the automotive sector. The groups also owns such brands as ATS, Rial or Alutec and provides them all with full support in the field of technology and distribution.

Anzio production plants are located in Poland and Germany.

Sizes & Prices Of ANZIO Split Black

Offers per page:

Width Diameter PCD Offset Central bore Shipping date Quantity Price
  • 5.50″ 14″ 4x100 35.00 63.40 9 working days
  • 6.00″ 15″ 4x100 38.00 63.40 9 working days
  • 6.00″ 15″ 5x112 43.00 57.10 9 working days
  • 6.00″ 16″ 4x100 38.00 63.40 9 working days
  • 7.00″ 16″ 5x112 35.00 66.60 9 working days

Offers per page: