User Tests Of 2016 Summer Motorcycle Tyres

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If you’re looking for the right tyres for your motorcycle this summer, we’re here to help! Here, you can find description and opinions from users within our portal, offering reviews of the most popular motorcycle summer tyres.

Our portal, which has over 100,000 reviews across a multitude of tyres, is a great way to gain insight into which models might be the best choice for you. If you’re looking for new motorcycle tyres for this summer, the driver’s opinions in our portal can offer unique, experienced insight.

Here, we will look at some of the best various motorcycle tyres available. Like cars, motorcycles tyres come in various different sizes, although the size number given is more complex - we previously wrote a guide to motorcycle tyre sizes - but here we are offering a compact, broad view of the current leading products.

The Best and Most Popular Summer Motorcycle Tyres:

Tyre model Score
1. Michelin Pilot Road 3 4.5
2. Metzeler Roadtec Z6 4.5
3. Bridgestone BT 45 4.4
4. Michelin Pilot Road 2 4.4
*as of April 18th 2016, Scores are on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most positive.


Michelin Pilot Road 3 (Score: 4.5)

This tyre is very much designed for motorcycle sport-touring, or for people with a dynamic driving style. One of the key features of this design is the tyre’s 2 compound technology. By having two different compounds, it can offer higher resistance on the tread’s centre, as well as improved grip along the sides thanks to a softer rubber mixture.
The Michelin Pilot Road 3 has received high praise from our users, with an average of 4.5 Many users praised the tyre’s ability to perform well in a variety of conditions. One user, MSie, has taken the tyres through dry, wet and sandy conditions, claiming that the “Wear [is] unnoticed.” Many uses also tried these tyres outside the city, applauding the high wear and tear the product offers. The best summary perhaps comes from Hopey, who said: “Will buy again. Simply great tyres for all weathers.”
Elsewhere, the tyres have received strong praise, including positive reviews from the likes of Web Bike World and Rider Magazine. Combined with our portal reviews, it’s clear the Michelin Pilot Road 3 is an excellent model that can handle the pressure faced by sporting tyres and deliver the quality that Michelin tyres are known for.

Metzeler Roadtec Z6 (Score: 4.5)

Designed for excellent performance in any and all weather conditions, the Metzeler Roadtec Z6 is designed for sport-touring. Thanks to its “fine carbon matrix” compound, this tyre offers excellent grip on dry surfaces, as well as exceptional wet performances. Overall, this is a tyre for motorcyclists looking for easy handling and some great mileage.
The user reviews from our drivers agree. The Metzeler Roadtec Z6 was highly praised for its ability to perform in various conditions. According to Tomasz: “These tires have [lasted] quite a long time and all the time I'm happy with them. Next certainly [I] will choose the same, because price and quality.” Other uses praised the strong grip and a great quality-to-price ratio. Mariusz commented: “They are superb tires. Super adherence to both dry and wet surfaces.”

Outside of our user portal, the Metzeler Roadtec Z6 has also received positive feedback. The tyre was well received by Rider Magazine and Motorcycle USA. They similarly praised the tyre for its high endurance, strong grip and ability to cope with both wet and dry surfaces.

Bridgestone BT 45 (Score: 4.4)

While well suited for sport touring motorcycles, the Bridgestone BT 45 is also designed with more typical motorcyclists in mind. This tyre offers good grip on the road and enhanced handling during sharp turns. The Bridgestone BT45 also uses a unique compound in its production to make the tyre more resistant to wear and tear, helping to improve the overall mileage of the product. Thanks to its directional grooves and design, this tyre copes well with wet surfaces, expelling water even when it is still raining.
From the user reviews in our portal, it’s clear that drivers also appreciate the ability to cope in wet conditions, as well as their durability. One user,  Michalina states the tyres are simple “ideal for tourist travel.” It’s ability to handle a dynamic driving style was also praised, with the tyre performing well during sharp turns and higher speeds. Jedd M commented: “I am very happy with the BT45 front tyre as it gives me great grip and confidence in the bikes handling. I will be fitting a BT45 on the rear as soon as it is needed.”

The Bridgestone BT 45 also performed well in other reviews and tests, including favourable results from both Total Motorcycle and Visor Down. Again, it’s long mileage and performance in wet conditions received high praise. The Bridgestone tyres company started in Japan and is one of the largest tyre names operating today.

Michelin Pilot Road 2 (Score: 4.4)

The previous successor to the Michelin Pilot Road 3, the Pilot Road 2 is still a very highly received tyre in our portal. At the heart of its design is its dual-compound technology, offering a sporting tyre that has increased durability in the middle and a softer compound on the shoulders. This offers excellent grip, especially when handling corners, and a stronger tread to handle wet surfaces and other difficult conditions.
In their reviews, our users praised this tyre for its strong grip and long mileage. One user, DB, simply states: “Excellent in every condition. I use the bike every day, and these tires offer me stability anywhere, in any conditions” Other motorcyclists praise the tyres versatility, both for city driving and for sport touring. Pawel “gacek” writes that “I would recommend [for] the city and frequent forays beyond.”
Outside of our portal, the Michelin Pilot Road 2 has also received numerous awards, including first place in comparison tests by both Moto Revue and Motorrad, as well as winning “best motorcycle tyre” by RIDE magazine’s readership. It also won awards from both Motorrad and Moto Revue for the specific size 180/55 ZR 17 tyre.

How to choose the best summer tyres

●     Before buying any tyres, it is always worth checking opinions from different sources. The drivers in our portal are invaluable, as they offer direct experience from using the product.
●     It is also good to check tests carried out by other motoring organisations and magazines. These will offer a great overview of the tyres capabilities and can be cross-referenced with our portal reviews.
●     Unlike EU labels for car tyres, there is no such requirement for motorcycles.
If you need any more help, please don’t hesitate to call our helpline. We will happily assist you in choosing the best motorcycle tyres for you.
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