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Yokohama BluEarth VAN RY55

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151 / pc.

Yokohama BluEarth VAN RY55 features

Yokohama BluEarth VAN RY55 is a premium tyre. The manufacturer dedicates it to commercial vehicles. Its most important advantage is the use of BluEarth technology, which contributes to lower fuel consumption.

The manufacturer claims that one of the most important features of the Van RY55 model is its resistance to wear. Further advantages of the tyre are better wet grip and lower fuel consumption. These two advantages are due to the specially designed tread and profile, thanks to which the contact pressure to the surface is more even.

But the ace in the sleeve is the use of BluEarth technology. The special compound is 50 percent more resistant to wear compared to the previous model: RY818. Space technology has reduced rolling resistance by 19 percent. Reducing braking distances on wet roads by 9 percent is a life-saving feature.

BlueEarth technology is a breakthrough for the entire tyre industry. Orange oil is used in the rubber mixture. The result is an energy-efficient, yet safe tyre. It is very important to maintain the right proportions between these two parameters. In practice, tyres with lower rolling resistance (energy-efficient) have a longer braking distance. Yokohama has managed to achieve an excellent ratio of these two parameters.


Yokohama is a premium tyre manufacturer that has been operating since 1917. Tyres manufactured by the Japanese are known for their innovation and durability. As early as 1921, Yokohama introduced cord tires on the market - much more durable than previous tires. Today, the company ranks second among the largest tyre suppliers in Japan. The company's tyres are used by some teams in the Le Mans 24 Hours race.

Yokohama BluEarth VAN RY55 reviews

Yokohama BluEarth VAN RY55 this year's new.

Tyres van Yokohama
summer has been rate
4.1 based on 4 reviews
Our customers have ridden on those tyres in total
39000 km
75% of users recommend the products of this brand Yokohama

The highest rated parameter is: tyre appearance. *

* Data based on reviews of Oponeo users

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195/75 R16 107 T 95 Buy
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235/65 R16 115 R 144 Buy
195/65 R16 104 T 106 Buy
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195/60 R16 99 H 119 Buy
195/80 R14 106 S 107 Buy
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