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Summer tyres: Accelera

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Accelera ALPHA
Not stimulating
Opinion Sevo75: 4.0

As always buy something unknown is risky When I bought it on the back because my brand drugs began puchnac.A notes as far as leads because Wstępna half Polish and a few hundred miles in Germany . But first advantage is comfortable and do not wear our ruts and are not desensitized ciche.Na Nothing specific dry driven by a storm on the road in the time taken on trust them. So buy with foam and rozsadku know that being back in Poland for the month also order a pair of shoes on the front and opinions Dodd how you exercise all babydoll especially after the ruts because the width of the 225/45 and a compact car feeling, for sure, but important not to have any assumptions when you have a set of new tires for 1000 PLN and even because of brand name drugs 800 will nowki more »

Accelera PHI
Impressive, is not worth paying too much for the brand.
Opinion Krzysiek z Wrocławia: 4.6

This is the third series of the summer in my aucie.Najpierw were dunlopy factory later bridgestony. For those that I have not seen large differences km.i 4500 with branded ones. Shortly after the founding of the first 50 km. creaked slightly on the corners, and then he disappeared. There were no problems with balance fit very quickly on the wheels and nothing disturbing is happening. To dry quickly drove 180 km / h on a wet 150 kmh And I'll tell you a revelation. Well disperse water during rains. They are a little harder than the previous (perhaps because I listen more now), but not very strong. If you ever have to buy might acquire. For the price you buy anything better, well I think that paying for overpriced brand tires manufacturer a scam. Cordially more »

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Winter tyres: Accelera

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Accelera X-Grip Snow
Very good tire for little money
Opinion NickZ: 3.6

Greetings, I must admit that I bought these tyres with some concern due to price for quality ratio, and the price was really low. I was pleasantly surprised. After driving all winter on Accelera X-Grip Snow that I got for almost 10000 kms, I have to admit that the tyre itself behaves exceptionally in winter conditions. It works well in the city and equally well outside of it. The downside here is noise, perhaps too heavy on the road, though not unbearable - it doesn't distract me. Braking on wet surface (especially after rain) at high speed is another advantage. Snow, sluch or ice - feels great. I recommend these tyres for all who are looking for chep tyres at good quality. more »

Accelera X-Grip Snow
Disastrously short life, I met with similar tires.
Opinion Jakub F.: 2.0

The tires have a very short lifetime. I used to use the tires at least two years. These tires were after a few months on the drive axle fully depreciated. I use a 4x4 BMW which occupies the rear axle and of course more on this me after some technical Axis thousand kilometers tires disappeared. Usually, checking the tires at random once or twice a year. In the case of tire down, I only discovered after default when a tire came through all-out down a layer of rubber ..nemluvím end of what remained vzorku..po or monument. These tires really consider dangerous. more »

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