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Summer tyres: Bridgestone

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE002
excellent tire for high-speed corners
Opinion Marek: 4.6

very good tire system specifies the sporty characteristics of the car kierwoniczy complementary and suspension, cornering on dry / wet I drive without removing your foot from the accelerator, the whole fun than any price they want to keep the car on the track. Confirm speakers - hard but not dyskmofortem sides felt that as an advantage in the race, especially when cornering. Max speed above 200 kmh remain impassive. They are tough, well-elect inequalities but holes feel "evil" exactly go hand in hand with KYB suspension Ultra SR in this regard. Uwag.Trochę without braking hard. They are so good that make up the transition to a larger 17 ", for me there is no need that I recommend to everybody. - Individual those who like to" swallow "crossing at high speed. more »

Bridgestone BT 016 PRO
I'm glad I bought this tire
Opinion Stephen: 4.7

This review is for the rear tire. I bought a pair of Bridgestone BT 016 PRO to replace a worn part CT2s Michelin. The previous owner had installed the wrong section on the back. The transition to the recommended 190/55 and the non-circular profile has made a huge improvement to the handling of the bike. Wish I had assembled there for centuries. Improved grip is immediately noticeable, improved handling is due to the shape of the profile. All together Bridgestone BT 016 PRO transformed my bike in something I enjoy now riding a lot more than before. The depth of the rear tread wear seems a bit more with the old tire. However, I put it on the rubber being softer and grippier, and also because I now feel confident about using more than 170bhp under my right hand .....: o) more »

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Winter tyres: Bridgestone

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2
For all the bad winter conditions.
Opinion Maro: 5.0

Previously mounted predecessor, DMZ or 3. They were sensational in all winter conditions. Currently Blizak DM-V2 purchased premeditation and I know it was an excellent choice. TOYOTA LAND CRUISER for my 120 in winter there are no dead spots, even if the driver of a bulldozer at the top of my driveway to a crowded country house over 1.5 meter shaft compacted snow. I only had a little to disperse the obstacle to this break in the snow, then break for about 50 meters. Drift counter. It was a bit risky, because the only way I could look through the glass side, because the front przewalała a thick layer of snow. I had said that a small break from the bumper to the right wheel well, but the tires did not disappoint. more »

Bridgestone DMZ3
Opinion Marek: 4.2

Full of surprises! During a snowstorm, the two-lane road without stressu I gained up to 140 km / h. It was only when I looked at the clock to slow down to 120, because I woke up the imagination, but the car rolled on rails. On the ice, I have not felt so confident about the gum, and I checked a few and they are these recognized brands. At that time, the car was operated in virtually all conditions and was never close to the same situation that led to a small problem. In the mountains on a steep driveway shot zlodzonym unfortunate that devastated after many attempts, standing in the middle of the road. And even if the experience is not slowed down by hand, no problem all rolled up. more »

All season tyres: Bridgestone

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

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Bridgestone Weather Control A005
Author:Tomasz Nowak
Opinion Tomasz Nowak: 4.5

I bought these tyres due to past financial reasons and also due to curiosity, since I have never ridden all-season tyres, and I wanted to see how it really works. The tyres are still fresh so far, I only made 8 thousand km and I can’t complain. They have very good grip on dry and wet surfaces, as well as snow. I could write a full-fledged review after 2-3 seasons, because then it really turns out how these tyres perform. I drive the car without stalling on the lights, and in accordance with the speed limits ;P I am very pleased for now; you know, I would not put these on a sports car, but they’re ok for an energetic and smooth ride in an ordinary one. more »

Bridgestone Weather Control A005
Opinion Krzysztof: 5.0

These are my first all-season tyres and I am very satisfied so far. My full assessment will come after driving all year, but I can already say today that, on dry surfaces, these are no worse than factory-made Pirelli tyres. They provide good grip in tight corners, while also being more comfortable – they ride over irregularities better. On a wet road, the car behaves predictably, brakes well, drives quiet and there are no signs of wear so far. There is no winter here, so it is hard to say what will happen on a snowy road, though everything was fine on slush; recommended to all those, who are undecided, the tyres work very well, and seasonal replacement, waiting in queues, the need to keep two sets of tyres, are things of the past. I am quite surprised by the negative reviews about all-season tyres; these are probably written by those who have never used such tyres. more »

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