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Summer tyres: Dunlop

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Dunlop SP SportMaxx RT
After a few months of use I bought the same set for a second car, and that means something :)
Opinion Nidhogg: 4.7

I have them on two cars - 2x noise (110mph + 150 hp + 400Nm and 350Nm) and... much better traction (the difference is even greater between dry and wet) than the factory Conti Sport. Of course, you can not fool that such a pair on wet asphalt has no problems with traction in the acute phase, adding gas to lower speeds, but we know that there are no miracles. It's very quiet inside, which is a big plus for me. Sustainable development? In the case of the unknown – I've done 18500 miles on one car, and 9000 miles on the other and I think that I even drive a little bit more on them. I really do not know what a failure is, but because there are no problems with them, I choose them. Is it worth buying them? In my opinion, yes. If you drive much, you probably buy them sooner or later or a successor... more »

Dunlop SP SportMaxx RT
Opinion mark: 5.0

So far, I've been driving on Bridgeston Potenza. It was an excellent tyre, but... once made 630 degrees on a wet coil, do not drive faster than usual. Maybe it was slippery asphalt, maybe something was knocked down, but I decided to check a different tyre. Dunlop convinced me as was one of the pilots' sport advisers. I recommend SP Sport Maxx RT for an aggressive person and very quick driving style. It is not cheap, there is not much tread, but the quality has to cost. Exceptionally rainy summer gave a lot of opportunity to try grip on wet turns. The car sticks to the road like glued and a great inhibits. What do you want from a sports tyre? Maybe a little less good shots (with the maximum use of engine power) in the wet, but no more than the competition. more »

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Winter tyres: Dunlop

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Dunlop Grandtrek SJ 5
I would recommend
Opinion Baca: 4.9

Very good tire mainly for winter and the roads where snow and slush. He did very well in the field. more »

Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D
Right tire of Germany
Opinion Michał G.: 4.2

Tires manufactured in Germany. Good tires wyważyły, weights used between 5 and 20 grams per wheel (195/65 R15) which is low compared to summer tires Kumho, where I stuck even after 60 g tire is doing well in Typical conditions on the road. In the second, the same car has an older version of 3D the same size. In the version of 4D estimated to improve the slip side, occasional effects, but you can get it. Rolling resistance typical of this category of tires or without reservations. I do not judge the sound because it has a diesel engine so he can hear. I do not judge the abrasion because it is overwritten by a small distance on the tires, but the old version of 3D I have a third season and quietly even two will do. Passing cars between 20 and 25 billion. miles. year. more »

All season tyres: Dunlop

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

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Dunlop Grandtrek Touring A/S
I recommend without a doubt!
Opinion Marek H.: 4.4

I used Dunlop tires in different cars, Skoda Octavia (Dunlop Winter Sport 3D), who held a fairytale winter, now I have these tires for SUVs and I am very happy. I changed the Goodyear Wrangler (for such a car was purchased, but the hard tires). But on the subject, Dunlopy are great on dry, very good in the wet (lateral support when cornering), winter and ice is scary. For this rolling resistance quiet ... :) I do not know if the merit of the car (Hyundai Tucson 4x4), but I'm not afraid to ride in deep snow or a lot of mud. Always I go, so with a clear conscience recommend the most. more »

Dunlop Grandtrek ST20
Decent all round tire Suv
Opinion Steve: 3.6

Decent tire for our Nissan Murano in terms of levels and grip in wet and dry sound. But a large SUV is not the type of car you tend to push any kind of tire adhesion limit order can be found in moderate driving levels. The noise levels and comfort and easier to judge and I will evaluate these Dunlops very strongly on this front. Highway driving is a beautiful experience with minimal noise tires. My only criticism is that the depth of the tread is shallow and therefore reach their wear indicators too quickly. After only 10,000 miles tires look like they are ready for new ones. The tread is very low and therefore many small stones wedged in the tread. Not the best drawing on a 4x4 tire I would have thought. However, overall a decent tire and I buy again. I bought online at £ 104 a tire. Do not think I would want to pay more for this brand considering the wear rate more »