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Summer tyres: Fortuna

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Fortuna F3000
Good choice in budget class
Opinion Tom: 3.6

Tyres looks all right and surprisingly good performs after quite dynamic drive in to the pool. Excellent wet grip. External noise is better than I was expecting and surely better than some chinese products which I had to deal with. Major advantage is that there is a rim protection. Unfortunately I have to mention one disadvantage as well. Tyres are not completely round :) I can feel some small ronout when speed reachs about 30 mph. I checked this in two independent fitting stations and that was the result. Still, for this money, I prefer to have Fortuna F3000 than some second-hand, ten years old tyres even from top quality brands with 4-5 milimeters tread. more »

Fortuna F2900
Good value for money
Opinion Garrul: 4.2

My vehicle mounted on a continental "eco tec 5", or something like an expensive wheel. With 10,000 kilometers burst one of them, and I had to change both, I found out without spare wheel pk Zafira did not, and the only option was fortune or € 70 each climb and this wheel or familiar faces brands up to € 160. So I took a chance because of the bad experience with expensive wheels. The result is a wheel that make some noise compared to others, but not excessive. Something hard in potholes. But a proper outlet for both dry and wet. The next will be others to follow the echo test. And that my conduct is aggressive and I are hard bumpy which I hate. I am happy with them and recommend them value for money, especially if you move slightly normal driving. more »

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Winter tyres: Fortuna

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Fortuna Winter
As for the price, it is the OK
Opinion Grześ: 4.0

I bought winter and przejeździłem winter. The snow was not too much, but it happened to me and many sypnęło campaign - led in quite deep snow and went without problem - really gave advice. Wet I have the feeling that little slip through the puddles, but with considerable speed and leads directly launch beige - disperse well water. When starting on a damp trailer a bit, but I do not know if it can because of that I have a bit of a lead foot and the car more than 200 hp and despite the considerable weight porafi be zrywny . On a dry well go and maybe even very good - not squeak on bends. The fact that this may be a little stronger winter tires, but most are noisy. At the moment I bought it again. Consumption - almost nothing after this season. I recommend - quietly, you can buy and you'll be satisfied - especially with the price and then also use. more »

Fortuna Winter
Decent for a low price.
Opinion John: 4.2

I bought tyres for winter 2010/2011. The tyres are really soft, but they have no problems with performing in wet and snow conditions. What was interesting, Fortuna Winter had no problems with getting out of deep snow and with dealing with steep slopes. There were no problems with balancing and for this price I will definetely recommend them for people who consider buying something cheaper with no lack of quality. more »

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All season tyres: Fortuna

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

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Fortuna FV400
much quieter than similarly priced tires much.
Opinion stochu: 3.7

Most comments is drained from the finger! I recommend first testing the gum, and then make judgments. With four people in the car stable in spite of all, what is more, much quieter than the tires same price range a lot. more »

Fortuna FV400
Opinion Bartek: 4.2

Great tires, the car goes like clockwork operates globally in things such as noise and comfort urban cycle and are therefore foreign to me, if someone is looking for a really good price so very good tire I suggest that this is the model. more »

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