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Summer tyres: Fulda

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Tire very cool.
Opinion wax: 4.2

Initially, they were really cool calm donuts. Unfortunately, after traveling thousands of miles away, have become stronger, but it is still good. May be a problem with the geometry of the rear suspension that slowly destroys (wyząbkowanie back). Very good drying behavior. Collection of wool, with high input a turn and I was convinced that we have made. Donuts maintained! Really big surprise. Wet, fortunately it was not an emergency, but holding fast corners and I include credit balance of the pool on the 5th No suspicious behavior strange, because I do not wieżyłęm in such things, but the consumption of fuel dropped about. 0.3-0,5l / 100 km. Generally hundereds hit purchase. :-) I think I will wear a little faster than what I had. And they were as Fulda. Health more »

Opinion Zweimall: 3.6

1 punciakiem mounted on the tires and my impression is. Great dry. It is fair to revel, good lateral and consume hamowanie.Wolno August. The biggest drawback is the behavior in the wet, or rather the absence of his behavior. You can leisurely ride in the wet but not madness, powerful braking may lose. Even driving on the periphery of 50 km / h rapid braking before the moderator was the cause of the loss of adhesion. The same is true with stronger start with the lights on a wet road and donuts could not catch a handle. For normal to behave properly. And perhaps this was due to the fact that punciak 1 was fairly light car. I recommend those donuts if someone wants to revel in the dry road. If someone, it is important to keep the wet advise against these tires. more »

Winter tyres: Fulda

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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A good product at a good price.
Opinion klavos: 4.0

Branded product at a good price. I should add that retreaded tires not give good reputed brands Similarly, it is especially when driving in the snow kopnym. Good quality tires, but already under jeżdżonych (5-6mm tread) use during the transition period, November, March and April. Last year, May 3rd such tires allowed me to free ride when 30cm of snow has fallen sharply and living in the Sudetenland, where the horse can be extreme at times. One very important thing is to choose the correct width and profile of the tire, which will allow us to make optimal use of our car on the road conditions. As my brother said, tires and brakes are not spared and is 100 per cent right. I greet and wish you a good trip. more »

Very good tires
Opinion Kamil: 4.2

I highly recommend these tires. Very good exercise in the snow, provide a very good grip and operate even in the car with rear wheel drive. Well stick it on dry asphalt road and moderate temperatures (10-15 degrees). Auto on these tires is performed with accuracy (even at high speeds), and winter tires are pretty quiet. Just a revelation as a class intermediate tire. In addition, they are beautifully Tires - size 175/70 R14 to 186 zł bought each and tires were "fresh", ie not in the store a few years. Upon taking these tires felt that the best car, quieter, and very comfortable. I am very happy and it is in the extent of summer tires, I bought a brand Fulda (EcoControl model). more »

All season tyres: Fulda

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

Popular models of all season tyres Fulda

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Fulda Multicontrol
Very good all season tyres for a reasonable price.
Opinion Michał Iwaniak: 4.3

I am a supporter of all-season tyres, because I move mainly in the city, that's why, following the advice of an Oponeo employee, I decided to buy Fulda Multicontrol tyres and I am very pleased. Not only that the tyres perform very well, they also pleasantly surprised me, with their winter driving conditions. I recommend them 100%. more »

Fulda Multicontrol
Tyres to recommend.
Opinion Marek P. Markiz: 4.5

The tyres have been in use since autumn 2017, through the winter in the rain and slush they perform very well. At higher temperatures and higher speeds on dry surfaces they are a little louder, other than that these tyres are SUPERB. more »

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