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Fullrun HP199
Chinese junk
Opinion bircov: 2.0

The use of these tires was sentenced to a short period of time due to their presence in the purchased car. In fact, I can not find one of their advantages, though, perhaps the low price and good appearance. However, if you buy tires from one size to a sports car just by looking at the price, it is simply grandfathers. In general, the biggest drawback is the noise. I have never met such strong tires, perhaps beyond typical terrain. Properties on dry asphalt acceptable, but only on a straight line. The turn is sometimes different. However, in the wet, you need to be careful - take lightly. Another important drawback is durability - 25000 km and exchange, despite moderate performance driving. As a consolation, I'll just add that I had no problem with them holding automatic. more »

Fullrun HP199
Caki Caki for money
Opinion Grzegorz: 3.8

I start with a big negative point, Tire mega strong! The noise starts howling at speeds greater than 80km/hi if not listen to music that you have not allowed cb przeszkadza.Jeszcze never really met as many as strong now praca.Do drove about 6000 km and consumption surprisingly low dry grip and good drainage mokrym.Jak Seriously good for the price really interesting tyre ... If this is not the sound that was ehhh great, especially in this cenie.Ogolnie the + PS-The owners ---> Why granting notes on a scale 1-6 kaecie assess the conditions of tires , "snow" I'm not suicidal, and even then the tire is not designed to be this .. Dale assessment 3 in winter conditions do not hurt ... more »

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