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Summer tyres: Gislaved

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Gislaved Urban Speed
Opinion KACPER7: 2.8

Inexpensive, it is worth buying something safer. The first two weeks in August rose high, then came a change of weather and only on deszzczu tires showed their true face. Avoid like the plague !! more »

Gislaved Urban Speed
I do not recommend
Opinion Roman Pilars: 2.6

Sculpture car tires looks promising but-not stety- is not predictable, through the overloads that affects the way a tire braking Generally poor worth it! more »

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Winter tyres: Gislaved

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Gislaved EURO*FROST 5
Super quiet with a strong grip.
Opinion TripleX: 4.6

The tire is great in the snow. In the mountains where there is plenty of snow is no problem climbing the steep slope. Out of town driving in the snow holding a very good road, like it was stuck, you can see they can do tyres Scandinavia. In dry conditions almost inaudible tired I can not say if Debice Fulda - shrot! Wet after saline tyre with elegance and efficiency drains water after wiechaniu in puddles, of course, is not to remove the wheel at normal speed ... In general tyre great. I bought it as new, and I am very happy. I highly recommend it! more »

Good on dry and wet, ice and snow leaves much to be desired. Very strong.
Opinion DDs54: 3.0

Riding on tires Gislaved Euro Frost 3 Silica in size 195/65 R15 second season, Skoda Octavia fitted (66 kW). So, like a car "uprising" average tires also pretty average. Evil on the road in winter conditions, the inhibition of this tragedy, the black car throws sides, car tires trzymją highly uncertain at the desired control on the circuit, the arcs are crossed, however, quite well. A drive the short distance (3/4 out of the city, 1/4 in), I think the average number of miles that the average is about 700-800 km / month. Strong Tire wyląda quite massive, moderate wear. Naturally price available (try it, because it is supposed to be the product derived from the recognized leader in the manufacture of tires). Certainly increases the traction and handling, but with deeper drifts can not deal with dig the car, you have to manually dig the wheels. I do not think I would recommend these tires. more »