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Summer tyres: Interstate

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Interstate Sport IXT-1
Super rubber great price, excellent traction, good feeling, and braking of the car. Recommend! because it's worth.
Opinion Jacek: 4.6

Super rubber sensational price. I have 2 sceniki are about 50,000 to 60,000 miles / km per year. These tires have spent my most oczekiwania.Świetne the dry, great in the rain, a good atmosphere and an aggressive attitude. First Scenik unirojalach is directional and can also recommend frequent braking but it works in the other, I have ABS and ABS interstate them since the film has not yet ruled on dry asphalt on wet and not even the end when it is. I have already 15000 km zurzucie minimum front sculpture back unnoticed. While these tires are sold to others not to buy. Driving style aggressive colleagues say that I tire of the wheel arches pozciąga. My friend bought a lesson and also to praise. Now I'm looking for winter tires and the company zapodam a scenikowi. Notable tires recommend the wheels look good. I rode on different rubbers, I allowed my 24 years, I have experienced many different situations on the road, and I know what I write. more »

Interstate Sport IXT-1
For the price most notable.
Opinion Qubixxx: 4.5

Everyone says that Chinese tires. Well, yes, the production takes place in China, but the company is Dutch. Switched to the Dunlop Sport SP01 (RunOnFlat). Honestly? It is quieter, more comfortable (RunFlaty is a failure). The great inequality removes tire performs well in the rain (do not break the handle faster traction, ABS braking or once does not have to work). Of course, I write this with new tires, I will not tell you how it is after 2 or 3 seasons, but do not expect a dramatic drop wydajności.Na my driving style, which I strongly pocisnąć but within the limits of common sense is a great tire and set costs less than 1000 zł. Same look and shape of the tread of the tires also very cool. The only thing missing pearl on the protection of the rim, not for money but you can not have everything. more »

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Winter tyres: Interstate

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

Popular models of winter tyres Interstate

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Interstate Winter Claw Extreme
The tire just in time for the car Opel Antara Chevrolet Captiva class or equivalent.
Opinion Romek: 3.8

I do not understand the negative feedback of the tires - for years I got to know lots of models with different shelf - it is not a premium class, but at this price really a good product. In the car, 4x4 fared well on all surfaces - that's what I recommend when driving on these tires of more than 30 thousand kilometers considering replacement tires for the summer a little earlier - in dry conditions when it is hotter the tire is harder - but this tip for users with sensitive ears. more »

Interstate Winter SUV IWT-3D
very good tires for the price
Opinion festerthegreat: 4.5

I work in the tire industry, but I have never used this brand before, very good in snow and ice more »

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