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Summer tyres: Kelly

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Kelly Summer ST
I do not recommend, at 10,000 km, beating 4opony nierówne..mają
Opinion auto123: 2.0

The first season of super cool tire, if car glued to the road surface. Another, already a slight vibration on the steering wheel, auto weakly inhibits resistance to wet and high turnover, improved combustion, season 3 is a tragedy, you can not normally ride - Smash vibration suspension. How has 2,1atm (terribly hard) turn impossible, only 1.7 unbearable. Fly half 6N2, and such behavior will result in the exclusion of the tire. To assume a greater fear of the car. only what is pleasant look and feel a lot:-). Now I'm going to buy something from a higher class, though some opinions nor interesting:-). I suggest to pay extra, you can buy something better and avoid this brand. more »

Kelly HP
better think again and choose another manufacturer
Opinion szczepan: 1.4

tires purchased with the car I drive mostly in the city when it is over, and it is more 20stopni dry tire the tire, the problem occurs when moisture on the floor of lack of adhesion does not increase the speed is currently the tires do not stick in the wet, the wheels can even block the speed of 10-15 km / h during dotaczania junctions. the art of driving on these tires is reduced when driving on ice like this who can not spikes (hence probably the low price), I do not really recommend these tires if you decide to think buy 2 or more times, because there is not that the cost of running 15 or 20 zł and the difference in the behavior can be very different, more »

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Winter tyres: Kelly

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Kelly Winter ST
SNOW TIRES FOR excellent!
Opinion Spider: 4.2

Already mounted on different tires at different price levels and to be honest I have not counted the number of tires KELLY. I drove the car in a private Fuldach Kristall Montero 3 that were much more expensive than Kelly. The official Fabia was the same size, so I can clearly assess differences. On snow and ice are insurmountable KELLY! I rode in the snow kopnym high elevation in the mountains of the region Cisowa, and surprisingly, the car ran like a tank. Shock. Better be careful on wet braking! Fulda There are much better ... To dry the feeling that this is a typical winter tires (soft fins) - this is Polish time ;-) Why buy Michelin, which apparently, according to the manufacturer will give you advice to 240 km / h, when the Polish conditions begin? RECOMMENDED ;-) more »

Kelly Winter ST
ok dry in wet tragedy
Opinion antyfankelly: 2.0

I bought 4 tires. 1 season due to frost and snow were superbly. 2 and 3 season drama I have abdominal pain as I see moisture on the road. In the snow, I have no objection, but do not let God the road is still wet drama. Is about, and spend a wet excavation strongly inhibits both because I do not move [90HP not do enough to smoke rubber]. When driving sometimes rupture, in turn, do not add gas or inhibit because the chapel. Jażdże slowly sell everything from me because I was really scared! Never stack the budget cold tires. EVER. more »

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